Potluck, or Guess Who Else is Coming to Dinner

Does this gem of a planet, which used to be blue-green and clean, and still could be a peaceful world, really need an industry that so shamefully pollutes and wastes natural resources, starves millions of people and abuses trillions of its other inhabitants, spreads old diseases and manufactures new ones, coerces governments to misrepresent the people and is literally built on lies?

Do we want an industry that weaves pain, suffering and mass execution into its operations model, and is so brutal that its activities lessen the shock and shame of geopolitical wars by comparison… and which is actually is the reason for some warring now and likely to be the most significant conflict initiator in the future, operating in our world and participating in our lives, feeding our kids?

Should we allow the existence of an industry which is obviously unsustainable but will not quit, unless we opt out as patrons, until every last drop of water and wisp of air is foul and poisoned, every grain of top soil is dead and blown away so that no food crops can grow?

Should there even be an industry conceived and managed by individuals who are so inhumane and shortsighted that they would willingly pull the life right out from under their own children and/or are too stupid to recognize what generates their salaries?

… As I listen to my words, it strikes me that the delivery comes across a bit harsh and condemning. But as I audit the thoughts driving the words, I notice that several emotions of genuine concern are attached, including:

Respect. I do, indeed, feel a sincere respect for all of my (Our) brothers and sisters… I can only believe that we are all doing our best.

A rage, because my friends are being deliberately deceived, misled and harmed for nothing more excusable than unholy greed.

A reverence for all life, and a natural, automatic and inborn drive to protect and preserve it.

An urgency aroused by the extreme severity of the problem, knowing that some of the damage cannot be undone and any more that we allow to occur may be very difficult, painful and costly to recover from.

An amazement that so many people would continually participate in such a twisted program… That leads me to the only workable assumption that fits, which is that the general public just doesn’t make the connection(s). No judgment here, but I don’t get that, because it seems like no special effort and only natural that we consider any significant spin-offs to our consumer choices. We all know that everything comes from somewhere and nothing is for free, and that cause-and-effect is always operational.

In the not too distant past everyone was keenly aware of where their food and other consumer items came from and what was required to produce them. The people and the items in their lives were generally much closer to the sources of what they ate and used. People gathered and grew food personally, and traded face to face. And no one relied on government agencies to tell them about ‘food groups’.
In present times, folks in the developed world assume [Mistakenly] that their government knows what is best and designs its recommendations based on what is actually good for them.

Many people still wrongly assume that the allopathic medical community is the ultimate, or the best, or even a reasonably reliable place to access information on dietary and ‘health’ matters. And I guess we are all just too damn busy to bother to make sense of the array of too much information. And when it comes to information, lots of folks rely exclusively on standard media to distil the gobs of info and miss-info into what they will believe. Big Mistake.

We have, operating near the top, the best brainwashing experts money can buy and political representatives (Who are only human); both paid handsomely by the very rich meat and dairy industry operatives. This devilish arrangement has been amazingly successful at programming intelligent people to think that their wares are safe to consume, even healthful and necessary components of a well designed diet.

The true purpose of producing meat and milk is of course, to generate income. It’s one of the world’s biggest businesses.
Enough time has now passed that new arrivals are being born into a world in which most people don’t remember a time before ‘excessive, commercial, factory-farm meat and milk’.

These polluting, poisoned, infected items are standard issue in most American homes.

I’m struggling to appreciate that, now we all get the programming from day one, and that the people all around me don’t really want to hurt others and ruin the planet, but how does one know what to believe even if he does consider the issue, especially when our own government, most of whose members hide from reality and run from decency, can only be counted on to support corporate interests preferentially over ours.

Well actually the science doesn’t lie, the math doesn’t lie, and the screams in the slaughterhouse speak volumes.

It is extremely clear. Growing animals for food doesn’t work. It can never work in a world with so many people who want to eat someone else’s body and drink someone else’s (Not Mom’s) milk.
I strongly appeal to everyone to start immediately to control this deadly addiction.

By the way. Yes, I do take it personally. You see God gave me children for whom I am responsible. And I care deeply also for all children everywhere, and for everyone. Of course who doesn’t? Don’t we all care about everyone?

But if you are eating and drinking factory farm animals, you are directly harming everyone everywhere. You are screwing up everything that is nice on our Earth and helping to create a future world that will be a much bigger mess than the one you were born into. Doesn’t seem fair does it. On behalf of myself, my wife, my children, my extended family, your children, ‘you’ and all the rest of our global family, I TAKE IT PERSONALLY.

I respectfully ask that you consider reducing your ‘blood footprint’ just as much as you can, just as quickly as you can. Every moment you delay represents a sizable step backwards. Really with all that is now known about this addiction and the severity of the problem there can be no more excuses. What the heck could a person be afraid of? Why would anyone not wish to be healthier, keep the kids healthier, clean up our only planet, prevent pain and enjoy the act of eating more than ever before?

Maybe you didn’t know that a plant based diet makes possible the most diverse, interesting, delicious and satisfying, nutritious, even healing (And obviously Humane) eating experiences you will ever have enjoyed.
What do you say we all cooperate on this problem, which can instead be treated as an opportunity. Let’s give the kids the best gift we can. They deserve no less.

Some think: …It is inevitable. All humans will become virtually vegan for
several undeniable reasons.

First, it is healthier / HEALTHIEST.

Second, it is compassionate.

Third, it is sustainable, the common alternative is not.

And eventually technology will create food alternatives
which duplicate those animal foods which we now eat.

It may take the human race 100 years to adopt a
totally plant-based diet. It may take one-thousand
years. It will one day happen because we continue to
evolve intellectually and spiritually. Today, we are
witnesses to the infancy of that lifestyle change.

By adopting a universally accepted plant-based diet,
the threat of animal diseases which now plague man
will one day be eliminated.

If we [humans] are truly evolving, if we are in fact not ‘De-volving” we must, however slowly, be moving towards a more humane relationship with non-human animals, with fellow ‘human animals’ and developing also a more responsible attitude with our Earth.
The Vegan way is the one way that avoids mean-hearted exploitation, arrests the worst pollution and resource waste, allows for everyone to be fed and live healthfully. It dramatically reduces the generation and transmission of infectious and degenerative diseases, thereby making everyone happier and saving us tons of money. Greater acceptance of the vegan way reduces and/or removes much of what we [will otherwise] fight about and makes possible the peace that is long overdue.


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