Real Almonds in Our Future

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Real Almonds in Our Future, Almond news, August, 2010

For the past several years, ever since the USDA sold out to monopolizing middle-men corporate nut traders, virtually all U.S. grown almonds have been either poisoned with Propylene oxide (a highly toxic flammable chemical compound) or heated to death. The law made it almost impossible to purchase Raw, Organic almonds grown in the U.S.

At the time prior to the implementation of the non-sense rule, we told our readers where to legally obtain the real thing, D & S Ranches but most people don’t bother to mail order their staple foods and really, most people never knew about the regulation that forced the poisoning and lethal heating of ‘The King of Nuts’.

Since 2007 most almonds purchased in the U.S. have been poisoned with Propylene oxide and most almonds labeled ‘raw’ have actually been cooked (Un-Raw), a blatant label-lie mandated by the U.S. government’s department of agriculture.

BUT. There may be some delicious, nutritious raw-organic almond milk at the bottom of the glass.

A move in the right direction has been realized recently which may lead to an overturning of the insane prohibition of ‘live-clean’ almonds.

You can see the details here: Alliance for Natural Health USA

and here: The Cornucopia Institute

You can see what the U.S. government says about the poison that the same U.S. government demands we pollute our food with here: Save Raw Food and Real Almonds… It’s your right!

And you can see our original alerts about the issue here: Save Raw Food and Real Almonds… It’s your right!

And here: Un-Raw California Almonds..

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