Starve or Feed,.. Easy choice,.. Simple Solution

Starve or Feed,.. Easy choice,.. Simple Solution

…At this point there is sufficient land, water and available energy to feed well over twice our current human population, plus our over 300, Million pets.

Feeding more than twice the folks currently living here (Earth), and feeding us “Well” is actually a rather conservative estimation. However,

Starve or Feed,.. Easy choice,.. Simple Solution

I shutter to imagine a world the size of ours with 13 Billion humans bouncing off of each other, especially if we don’t learn how to act responsibly and get along.

At any rate, at this point there is sufficient land, water and available energy to feed well over twice our current human population, plus our over 300, Million pets.

Feeding more than twice the folks currently living here (Earth), and feeding us “Well” is actually a rather conservative estimation. A realistic look at the way we have been wasting and polluting resources makes it look more like three times our current number could eat well every day, and even more. But only if we begin to function in a responsible manner in some of the, areas where we have been making fools of ourselves, areas where we have acted not at all like thoughtful “Stewards”. Please do not take that statement as a vote to churn out unsustainable numbers of more hungry mouths. That’s not the point… Anything but!

Food, horn of plenty, 1

Food, horn of plenty, 1

Here is the point. People are starving (100,000 per day, 4,200 per hour, 70 per minute, more than one person every second).

Meanwhile, people who eat animals are supporting the system which feeds well over half of the grain that Earthlings grow, to livestock (I Hate to Refer to Animals With Perfectly Good Names as LIVESTOCK…),

…while millions of men, women and children would give an eye tooth for a spoonful of rice.

In the time it takes to pollute your mind with one 30 second “Beef, it’s what’s for Whatever” TV commercial, 35 people take their last breath, victims of PREVENTABLE starvation in a plentiful world.

Case-in-inexcusable-point; In 1984, when THOUSANDS of human beings in Ethiopia were STARVING to death each WEEK during the headline making famine, the guys running the show were growing millions of dollars worth of perfectly delicious grains, but shipping them to fat-ass factory farms in various European countries.

Why would a nation support or allow such insanity?

Call me when you figure it out. That is only one of far too many examples of reducing life sustaining nutrient value down to a tiny fraction of what it started out as, by cycling food through livestock animals before eating it.

That same thing is happening every day on some scale.

Factory farm operations in the U.S., the world leaders in the Techno-Insanity, starve children every minute, to feed the greed of their pockets and the gluttony of their customers. I’m not blaming anyone, I don’t believe in blaming… But if you were to blame someone, who would it be? I tread that sensitive path only to remind you of who ultimately holds the fate of the hurting people (And Other Animals).

I am reminding us of who really has the power to fix the problem, to heal (Feed) the people, to stop the CRIME.

It is estimated that if just Americans (People in the U.S.) reduced their meat intake by a puny little 10%, the land water and energy liberated from the factory farm waste machine would provide food to feed 100 Million humans.

So, if just 5% (One Twentieth) of us on Earth ate just 10% smarter, 100 Million (That’s 100,000,000) people could eat instead of starve.

That is of course if the short sighted, money worshipping multinational corporations didn’t use the valuable food in some other wasteful scheme before we could stop them.

Based on those statistics it could be extrapolated that just a 10% degrading in the diet quality (Eating Just a Little More Factory Flesh) of Americans would in effect kill 100 Million more people.

I am not condemning anyone or any society or any country. I’m just sharing something that lots of folks haven’t thought about and some definitely don’t want to think about. This is some of the rest of the story.

This is some of the important information that didn’t make it onto the colorful, laminated posters provided by the meat and dairy marketing people and prominently hung in classrooms around the country. But it’s the truth.

So imagine that if the meat mongers have their way, and we keep eating the way we have been and, in fact increase our factory flesh intake how “Deadly” it will be.

I mean, if on average, America escalates from a regular burger-a-day to a Big Mackish-burger-day, even if the big burger is only 20% heavier, you could say that it costs 200 Million humans very dearly.

You could say that if every American neighborhood (100 People) added one new carnivorous resident (I% of the neighborhood), Ten Million (10, 000,000) people would starve.

Conversely, we realize that in effect, as America adds one new Vegan person to a 100 person neighborhood on average, Ten Million (10,000,000) humans are saved…

Food, grain field, 5

Food, grain field, 5






happy faces, 1

happy faces, 1

Close to home;

If the average American (U.S. Resident) ate about one fewer meat based meals per week, the saved grain could feed 25–30, Million (30,000,000).

That many people go to bed painfully hungry each night right here in what we like to call the most advanced nation on Earth, The U.S.

World View;

If the 700, Million (700,000,000) tons of the world’s grain that is fed to livestock were reduced by just 10%, the recovered food could feed 236, Million (236,000,000) people

Worldwide, over 100 Thousand (100,000) humans die of starvation on this planet every day.

Virtually every case is preventable!

Who’s up for a burger?

Easy choice,.. Simple Solution Thanks for your thoughtful consideration.


See how many land animals have been killed for the meat, dairy, and egg industries since you opened this web page…

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