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Photon Sound Beam Testimonials

The following are a few of the many unsolicited testimonials we have received over the years:

I have used the Photon Machine to smooth out cellulite on my legs; it had an almost immediate effect. I used it every other day for about 20 minutes. After about five weeks, the varicose veins in my calves lost their dark color, the small ones eventually disappeared and the big ones got smaller.
My daughter originally bought the Photon Machine for her kids’ reoccurring ear infections, she loves it, but I don’t want to give it back. I feel better in every way and have more energy when I use the machine. Thank you
Mary Ann, Sacramento CA


The doctors could not do anything for my fibromyalgia. I tried everything for 11 years, I even lost 35 pounds. Dr Billy suggested the light machine and silica hydrate. In three days I was a new woman. That was 6 years ago. Following Dr Billy’s plan I feel better now, at 51 than I did at 20.
Thank you for ever!
Pricilla, St. Paul MN

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