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The Fluoride Fiasco (The Iodine Rescue)

I wrote most of this long-winded article several years ago, but what I perceived as some of the most revealing studies relating to the iodine component of the story (yes, this story is very much about iodine) were still ‘out there’ (not yet completed), so I held off. The turn of 2012-2013 wrapped up much of the verification I awaited. Nothing much changed, except that the need to supplement now looks even greater, the degree and pervasiveness of our iodine deficiency looks more pronounced and the dosage recommendations have moved in only one direction; up.

A skimming of the following report indicates that there is something in here to offend everyone; I’ve only honestly answered questions that people ask.
God knows, we all should be offended by the cursory drugging and relentless, premeditated poisoning of people and planet, often disguised as being good for us…


The Fluoride Fiasco (and The Iodine rescue)

The fluoride story has many long and crooked fingers, and a few sore thumbs… The fluoride nonsense originally comes from several different avenues and then splits off to pollute and poison in many different ways; and it’s kind a’ interesting.

The problem:
Fluoride is the problem; better said, the ubiquitous distribution of fluoride throughout the environment is the problem.
The fact is that fluoride is added to municipal water and thereby delivered to the tap in most U.S. homes, and because of the water fluoridation program, fluoridated water is usually used in food production too. Now, even many sources of un-fluoridated water actually contain ‘pseudo-naturally occurring’ fluoride (contamination fluoride; runoff and precipitation fluoride), again because industry/ government has so relentlessly saturated the air, water and land.
Additionally, it is purposely added to oral hygiene, body care and pharmaceutical products.
And due to wide spread fluoride pollution and the use of fluoride-contaminated water for irrigation, it is found in unnaturally high concentrations in foods as compared to historical amounts.

Why that’s a problem:
Obviously if fluoride were a nutrient, or even a benign element, casual exposure to – or ingestion of it might not be problematic.


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