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Recalls over 100 Million Pounds of Beef

USDA Recalls over 100 Million Pounds of Beef Products

Of the 143 million pounds recalled, some 37 million pounds of the beef had already been sent to school lunch programs by the time of the recall, most of which has already been eaten by schoolchildren!

In reaction to pressure stemming from a secret video shot by the Humane Society, the USDA has issued the largest recall in the history of the United States, a massive recall of 143 million pounds of frozen beef.

One bite can turn a happy human into a “Mad Cow-Human”.

There is no known cure for the condition, and you can’t cook or irradiate the disease causing “Prion” out of the product.

It takes years for the consumer’s brain and spinal nerve tissue to turn into a spongy mass of slime, but that is the eventual reward which results from a bite or two of “Mad Cow Meat”.

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