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Miracle Berry

Miracle Fruit
Synsepalum dulcificum a.k.a. Miracle Berry

A relatively tasteless berry with an amazing side effect.

After eating one miracle fruit, sour things will instantly taste sweet. Eating even the sourest of lemons, one will taste only sugary sweetness. The effect lasts an hour or two. The miracle fruit is a remarkable natural sweetener that is virtually unknown to much of the world.

Berries are eaten fresh. Africans sometimes use the fruits to improve the taste of stale food. Fruits are being investigated as a possible source for a natural food sweetener.

The miracle fruit cannot be grown outside in the United States except Southern Florida, but it makes an easy houseplant. Fruit is produced throughout the year and hundreds of berries can be harvested from a single plant.

Miracle Fruit is native to tropical West Africa.
Scientific names: Synsepalum dulcificum, Synsepalum subcordatum
Family: Sapotaceae
Common name: Miracle Fruit
Origin: Ghana (Tropical West Africa)

…It is one of the strangest fruits in the world. The most unusual thing about it is the effect it has on one’s taste after this miraculous berry has been consumed. The “miracle” is that if lemon or other sour food is eaten after the miracle fruit, the sour tastes sweet, as if sugar has been added.
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