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Animal Communicator

Animal Communicator

In this wonderful mixed-up world there are 1001 empty justifications for animal abuse.

Interestingly, a great number of flimsy excuses are recited by self proclaimed “Animal Lovers“. Just the other day I overheard it again. I have heard numerous versions many times before. The conflicting statement generally stems from a discussion about the best diet for one’s pet. This time, per usual, the speaker was a thoughtful animal lover. Typically, but not always, the animal-lover/animal-abuser is intelligent, articulate, and a loving person. She/he may even be a devoted caregiver, and/or work with her/his healing hands in the health care field. This is a person who “Thinks” and “Cares”, albeit, selectively. This is a person who will do anything for the welfare of her companion.

The declaration usually proclaims something to the effect that; “I contacted such n’ such Animal Communicator” or “Over the years I have talked to many Animal Communicators…” The interaction with the ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR leaves the client feeling assured that the animals sacrificed [murdered] by humans for lunch-and-fashion are happy, even honored to serve the “Higher” beings in this way. The comforting assurance being based on the report(s) directly from the various non-human subjects through the psychically attuned medium are often just what the client was hoping for.

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