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Potluck, or Guess Who Else is Coming to Dinner

Potluck, or Guess Who Else is Coming to Dinner

What’s not to like about potlucks?

Many of my SAD (Standard American Diet) friends seem to have trouble understanding why some of my CAD (Compassion Affirming Diet) friends sometimes shy away from full participation in potluck functions.

Most CAD people that I know love to eat. Typically we very much appreciate the preparation, presentation, arrangement, color-play, aroma, texture, flavor etc. of a good meal, we even find it fulfilling to contemplate where all of the ingredients came from; the apples in the cobbler starting from a seed, growing into a tree, the tree sprouting fragrant blossoms, blossoms giving way to tiny sour apples, the growing apples drawing nutrients up through the structure of the tree, while swinging in the breeze, basking in the sun and bathing in the rain.

We think about, and give thanks for the nature-given orbs getting juicier and sweeter everyday until their weight demands picking. We are generally delighted at the beauty; aroma, color array and creativity displayed, and appreciate the care and laboring of love that brings such healthful layouts to the party.

The friendly, generous and well-meaning SAD folks in attendance generally offer a distinctly different type of presentation.

The first sensory experience that usually hits me when arriving at the party is a powerful and often nauseating olfactory sensation. This sensation immediately triggers a certain sadness.

Just as the scent of progressively rotting body parts that permeates the ‘common air’ near the meat counter in a supermarket, and most regrettably in many pseudo-natural food stores as well, sickens the sensitivities of the inhaler, so is the scent of ‘heat-treated’ cadavers on display at the party a bit challenging to handle even for the heartiest of plant eating folks who understand what is represented by the sometimes cleverly disguised meaty dishes.

It is well to keep in mind that the ‘scent’ or ‘smell’ results from actual physical particles of the stuff behind the glass or on the table coming into intimate contact with receptors in the scull. The scent of rotting flesh may be experienced as mildly offensive, horrendously objectionable, or even pleasurable, I am told, depending on the mindset, programming, culture affiliation or ‘source-knowledge’ of the person having the experience. So, while some, passing by the bloody counter/table will be powerfully repulsed, many will think nothing of it. It will, in fact smell just like the interior of the refrigerator at home.

But for the oblivious and the aware alike, there is no sensation of smell, no activation of the olfactory mechanism, unless, as stated, particles, millions of them, actually come into contact with living tissue in the head of the person doing the smelling. Along with the particles of flesh, blood and bone, Etc., are also millions of disease-producing microorganisms, mostly bacteria. Everyone breathing that air gets the little bugs, and takes them home, now circulating throughout the bloodstream, for free, like it or not… No purchase required.

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