The Fluoride Fiasco (The Iodine Rescue)

I wrote most of this long-winded article several years ago, but what I perceived as some of the most revealing studies relating to the iodine component of the story (yes, this story is very much about iodine) were still ‘out there’ (not yet completed), so I held off. The turn of 2012-2013 wrapped up much of the verification I awaited. Nothing much changed, except that the need to supplement now looks even greater, the degree and pervasiveness of our iodine deficiency looks more pronounced and the dosage recommendations have moved in only one direction; up.

A skimming of the following report indicates that there is something in here to offend everyone; I’ve only honestly answered questions that people ask.
God knows, we all should be offended by the cursory drugging and relentless, premeditated poisoning of people and planet, often disguised as being good for us…


The Fluoride Fiasco (and The Iodine rescue)

The fluoride story has many long and crooked fingers, and a few sore thumbs… The fluoride nonsense originally comes from several different avenues and then splits off to pollute and poison in many different ways; and it’s kind a’ interesting.

The problem:
Fluoride is the problem; better said, the ubiquitous distribution of fluoride throughout the environment is the problem.
The fact is that fluoride is added to municipal water and thereby delivered to the tap in most U.S. homes, and because of the water fluoridation program, fluoridated water is usually used in food production too. Now, even many sources of un-fluoridated water actually contain ‘pseudo-naturally occurring’ fluoride (contamination fluoride; runoff and precipitation fluoride), again because industry/ government has so relentlessly saturated the air, water and land.
Additionally, it is purposely added to oral hygiene, body care and pharmaceutical products.
And due to wide spread fluoride pollution and the use of fluoride-contaminated water for irrigation, it is found in unnaturally high concentrations in foods as compared to historical amounts.

Why that’s a problem:
Obviously if fluoride were a nutrient, or even a benign element, casual exposure to – or ingestion of it might not be problematic.



Fluoride, Relative-Toxicity

Fluoride, Relative-Toxicity

Fluoride is not a nutrient. Fluoride is a controlled substance, it is a dangerous drug. Fluoride is a highly toxic industrial waste product, one which has been being generated in huge amounts over the past 70 years and for which no sensible method of disposal has been found. The toxicity of fluoride, in fact, is officially listed right up there with arsenic and lead.
Lead cannot be legally added to paint or gasoline, both of which are poison already and no one drinks gas or paint, BUT dumping fluoride into the baby’s water is supposed to be a good thing. (?)

Science knows that fluoride is among the most toxic elements on Earth and that ‘nature’ did not distribute it in high concentrations throughout the environment. As a result it is never found free in nature but only combined with other elements (thus, we are protected by the matrix configuration). These compounds are called fluorides. Fluorine readily forms compounds with all elements except two: helium and neon. Despite being the thirteenth most abundant element in the earth’s crust, extreme fluoride/ fluorite exposures don’t generally happen in a primitive [natural] environment, and it is not an essential nutrient for any living thing; yet, in today’s world it pollutes the planet and finds its way into our homes and our bodies through many avenues.

Why would this happen?

To those who may still think that the dentist, doctor or government would never allow any real harm to come to the people by way of popular, accepted and approved ‘whatever’, may I remind us all that there is a long list of examples which our leaders sign off on, and ‘too-big-to-trust’ corporations profit from, that do indeed sometimes cause great harm to people and planet, and which, at the very least should raise red flags; more meaningfully should send the people to the streets.

For instance:

~ Supporting the advertizing of Pharma drugs on television (only allowed in The U.S. and her wanna’be, New Zealand), radio, magazines Etc., where ‘conditions’ are ‘invented out of thin air’ such that all normal sensations of life will be medicated (where no condition actually existed), with fistfuls of a rainbow amalgamation of pills swallowed, of course, with fluoride spiked water.
~ Promoting, funding, insuring, marketing and covering-up the truth about the most costly, deadly, and dirtiest energy production technology imaginable, Nuclear Insanity.
~ Promoting, funding the development of, and totally NOT regulating or labeling the most ridiculous, deadly food production technologies ever conceived; the invasive, destructive, planet-poisoning, people killing, anti-life technologies that render food, un-food; raise food prices, and literally, yes literally/actually threaten the ability of the Planet to produce food at all, GMOs.
~ Promoting and legally demanding child abuse through cursory vaccination programs, and likewise employing scare tactics to coerce all citizens into accepting poisonous and useless seasonal, and other vaccinations/inoculations.
~ Shoving/sneaking, fun but unnecessary electronic toys into the lives of trusting or naive citizens with such deceptive and unrelentingly aggressive marketing tactics that virtually everyone living today accepts the entire suite of unsafe electronic gadgets as absolutely necessary extensions of ‘self’; not just as accessories, but as fingers, eyes, ears and brains/minds. Could some of these ‘indispensables’ be manufactured in way which would make them less harmful to the user, made without slave-labor, ‘blood-minerals’ Etc., and come with the authentic data regarding health hazards and with sensible user instructions? Hell yes.
~ Endless, invasive, inventive, creatively barbaric, profoundly harmful and extremely expensive medical procedures which are designed to ‘manage’, but never cure, false and real conditions resulting from un-healthful living and exposure to the very government supported, corporate mandated nonsense listed above.

There are many more examples of course. Above is a fractional, yet consequential list jotted down simply to illustrate the sad state of affairs which results from allowing the corporate machine, mandated by narcissistic charter guidelines, to maximize [short-term] profits, to run the show and animate the very governing bodies which are supposed to be ‘for the people’. Modern corporate monsters are, sadly, in many cases, extremely proficient at internalizing profits while socializing/externalizing actual costs. The costs are too often a downgrading of the health of people and planet, sometimes to the degree of poisoning patrons, even outright murder, and one could argue – so fouling the natural world that what we now have to offer the children is, well, I’m stuck for a way to finish the sentence….

The ridiculous and deadly ‘fluoridation of the masses’ scheme belongs high up on this list. It expressly exemplifies why people must pay close attention and take nothing for granted as long as the short-sighted, self-serving profit motive exists; until we can teach those who will operate business and populate government that first and foremost, reasonable ethical standards must rule. The bodies and minds of the population and the purity of the environment, (the commons), are invaded and assaulted 24/7 by what is a highly toxic byproduct of already ill-practiced industrial activities; fluoride. The people, (especially infants and young children) and the entire biosphere are poisoned and drugged for no good reason, and everyone pays dearly; economically and with regards to quality of life and longevity.

Why make a big deal out of it?

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