The Fluoride Fiasco (The Iodine Rescue)

Simplified supplementation guidelines

Some readers have been confused by the supplementation guidelines above, so if you’ll forgive any redundancy, I will restate, with the intent of simplifying. Now, before we go at it again, let’s all acknowledge that being extremely precise is not necessary; in fact, that’s not even possible, because everyone is different, not just in size/weight, assimilation efficiency Etc., but each person is different today, than he was yesterday and will be tomorrow, so counting down to the single microgram is without rational bases and also may provide a false sense of precision; it’s too clinical, too mechanistic, not helpful, we are working with natural substances, let’s retain some expression of naturalness. What we are using are like concentrated foods, not pharmaceutical drugs. That is not to say that nutritional supplements are automatically innocuous. Not at all; in fact I can easily find much to question and criticize about thoughtless, poorly guided supplementation. Indeed, ingesting high concentrations of isolated chemicals does alter the chemistry of the body; that’s why we do it. Always, when people supplement, they are attempting to create balance where an imbalance exists, sometimes forgetting that supplementation can cause imbalance… On an iodine sufficiency program we are indeed attempting to bring (or restore) balance where an imbalance certainly exists.

Simplified basics of the iodine sufficiency program:
I will assume that that tablet form (Iodoral) will be used; it’s super easy, and you never taste it, but you can do the whole thing with liquid if you choose.
Start with about 1 mg per day. Do 1 mg/day for three days.
Go up to about 2 mg. Do 2 mg/day for 5-7 days. All in one dose is fine. Do not worry about being exact.
Now go up to about 6 mg. Just break a 12.5 mg tablet in half. If you want to divide the daily dose, just break (or bite) the half in half, to make two-3mg pieces. Doesn’t have to be divided exactly, just get the total (approx.) 6 mg in, each day. Yes, it’s OK to take the daily dose all at once, but divided dosing is preferred. Ideally, take one dose without food and another with food.
After about 7-10 days at 6mg/day (two-three weeks total), bump the daily dose up to 12.5mg. That’s one tablet of the lowest potency ‘Iodoral’. Iodoral does come in higher potencies; stick with the 12.5mg per tablet version. Again, divide the dosing into two (half a tab = 6.25mg), twice daily.
That will take care of the iodine part of the program, but using a liquid iodine is helpful too, (but not a typical iodine tincture off the drugstore shelf)… If it’s too much to deal with, just forget the liquid.

Liquid iodine
The preferred liquid is Lugol’s Solution. Lugol’s Solution comes in various concentrations. I suggest using the least concentrated version because it affords better dose control. The most dilute Lugol’s is the 2% solution at 2.5 mg per drop.
You don’t need a liquid iodine at all if you like the convenience of the tablet form, but;
~1. The liquid allows easy, small dosing at the lower levels that you may start the program with (for a 1mg dose, just put one drop in water, drink about 40%, and toss the rest)
~2. If you’re going to ‘iodize’ some water (as discussed earlier), you obviously want a liquid for that. If you are using some iodized water such that you are consuming a mg or two that way, once you’re up in the 6mg/day or more range, don’t even count the little bit that you get from homemade iodized water… And don’t do it at all if it’s confusing or too complicated.
~3. And a liquid is handy for topical application, oral applications, Etc.
~ Note. Iosol or one of the Nascent iodines (Magnascent, Detoxified, Atomic, Atomidine) or ‘white iodine’ from the Hulda Clark store can be used this way too, some come in approx. 1 mg/drop concentrations, and some come in sub-mg (mcg)/per drop concentrations. That’s all just FYI. It’s probably good to stick to the basics.
O.K., You have the iodine covered. If you do nothing else, do the iodine.

ATP Cofactors
ATP Cofactors may be required to make the process fully work for some folks. You may not know if your system requires this unless your being tested (or your intuition/body-talk informs you). I suggest that if you’re not sure, use the product, it’s reasonably priced, very easy and will help cover bases for optimal results.

Magnesium: preferably as magnesium malate supplement
During toxic halogen detox, which corresponds with iodine supplementation, magnesium intake should be generous; you may be covered by diet, but it’s doubtful, and there is a greater demand for it at this time. Probably best to supplement with magnesium malate. The ‘nerve-frying’ age that our race (human) is in eats up magnesium at a voracious rate anyway. Let your intuition or body feedback guide your intake (just from the supplementation) to a daily dose of at least between 400 and 800 mg; generally best with food. Actually, this reccomendation assumes a near 100% absorption, yet, from most dry (tablet or capsule) mag supplements, the rate is likely to be closer to15-30%, so most folks will need to kick it up. Much better absorption can be acheived with some of the ‘ionic’ forms.

Selenium: 100-200 mcg/day (micrograms, NOT milligrams). This can come from food (a few Brazil nuts). A supplement is easy (you can still eat nuts of course) and very inexpensive.

Vitamin C
Elevated C intake seems to support the effort. Use one that you like. Always demand GMO free (most is made from Monsanto poison corn). We are talking about amounts beyond what food will generally provide. Shoot for a minimum of 2 grams (2,000 mg) daily. Divided dosing is best. You can go much higher. If you get up to 6,8,10 grams, your stool may loosen, that’s fine, and that’s saturation, back off a little if you want. And take some days off of multi-gram V-C occasionally.
Here are some Non GMO Vitamin C products (tabs and powders) sourced from various materials and offered by several different retailers:

Source Naturals, Non-GMO C-1000

Cardiovascular Research Vitamin C Tapioca (2000 MG) 150 Grams Powder

Truly Natural™ Vitamin C

Organic by Nature, Pure Planet, Amla-C Plus, Vitamin C

Synergy Company, Pure Radiance C!

China-free Ultra-fine Vitamin C Powder

Since you will be detox-ing, though you might not notice, please keep sufficient water flowing through. Drink clean water (never cold); about ½ oz per pound of body weight.

1-1/2 teaspoons of live, unrefined salt/day, on food, take some with supplements, lightly salt your water (salted water hydrates better).

MegaH/MegaHydrate does represent the most essential of essential nutrients, and again [the idealist in me, and maybe in you thinks], we shouldn’t have to ‘take-a-pill for that’. But this primordial life-animator is the very foundation of the life process; and pretty much everything that we do to our food [supply] and the planet that we grow it on causes this crucially essential element to disappear, and if that’s not enough, the extreme way we are poisoning the environment puts hugely greater demands on this element. So what choice do we have? If you go raw, I mean a virtually 100% raw diet and take in tons of fresh, organic, raw, even wild plant food, and further make the effort to juice some of it to concentrate the element, than you will make up for some of the loss. In practical terms; there may be no other way to get the ‘H- ion’, the critical elemental electron nutrition that your body is designed to take generously every time you eat, in sufficient amounts. This is another of the negative blowbacks from our treating the Planet like a bottomless dump, and thinking of our food like it’s an inanimate thing.
MegaH/MegaHydrate is the number one LF/EF as discussed above. The product comes at the end of the list in this discussion because this article is about iodine, and well, fluoride, if you remember from way back about 90 minutes ago; and the supplements listed are those very specifically related, and clinically shown to be directly useful to the iodine replenishment / fluoride detoxing program. That said, for a somewhat different set of reasons; primarily the absolutely mindless dumping of fluoride and other toxic halogens into every nook of the choking Planet, iodine supplementation becomes absolutely necessary too. Considering the state of affairs on our polluted Planet, I’m sorry to say that we must make adjustments which deviate from the idyllic ‘natural existence’ in a pristine environment, just to maintain a baseline level of wellness, and have any chance of excelling.
I can conceive of no way around taking supplemental iodine, at least until one reaches sufficiency. So, if you are like me, and believe that nutrition should come from food, air, water and such, and not from pills and potions, let’s get over it, make up, as best we can, for our (and our forefathers’) mistakes and get on with enjoying life and figuring out how to ‘get real’ again.

Fine tuning / enhancing the supplementation program:

Along with the suggested iodine supplementation program, you may consider:
Ideally, one would have colon and kidneys functioning optimally (because toxic halogens will be pushed out, and we want to get ‘em all the way out) and the adrenals should be happy and strong before getting into the more meaningful doses (12 mg/day and more), but almost no one (in my experience) pays any particular attention to this, and does fine. Actually, for anyone not enjoying perfect health (who would that be?), just starting on an iodine program tends to noticeably improve digestive and eliminative function; if it doesn’t and the person has been historically constipated / sluggish, a good, natural colon cleanse is in order; maybe just a course of ‘triphala’, and if intuition suggests, possibly a week or two using plenty of parsley and/or dandelion leaf for urinary flushing.
As suggested, the other area which might benefit from extra attention is the adrenals. It’s a long story, and we can do that in another article, but the adrenals might be ‘asked’ to kick it up a notch as iodine becomes available to stimulate healthy thyroid function; it’s all about making more energy available. To that end, a period on an adrenal tonic might be considered. This (an adrenal tonic) is the type of thing that pretty much everyone should be doing periodically (or continuously) anyway, just because of the state of affairs. The adrenals (kidney-adrenal organ system) are/is stressed, and typically depleted by: over-work, chronically running hard (work or play), negative stress in general-psychological stress in particular, mentally being in any time but the present (chronic fantasizing), watching TV/movies which elevate ‘fight-or-flight’ hormones, over use of negative stimulants ( cocaine, caffeine, nicotine, amphetamines, hormone-rich food [meat / milk], refined sugar), a diet high in poor quality junk-food, failing to partake of recovery times, poor sleep habits, watching the news; you get the picture; basically, living in a dirty, noisy, hyper-busy – high stress world. Active soldiers, police, high-stakes businesspeople and others involved in ‘risky business’ represent a whole class whose adrenals deserve extra support. Let’s not forget parents of young children, oh yes, and teachers, busy doctors/nurses… Again, I think you get it.
Time honored and favorite rejuvenative adrenal tonics include: Eleuthero root (Siberian Ginseng) (best in combination with Licorice root), Magnesium, Ashwagandha, B Vitamins. There are numerous fine botanical compounds which can be used for adrenal tonification; for simplicity and reliable effect, I’ll stick with the recommendation of [at least] Eleuthero, Licorice and Magnesium; Ashwagandha and B Vitamins can be added to your benefit, and you can shop for additional adrenal tonics. With Eleuthero, Licorice and Magnesium you should have it covered. One recommendation for a high quality Eleuthero based compound is: ADRENAL SUPPORT TONIC, made in the U.S. by ‘Herb Pharm’. Use as directed or more, along with Magnesium.


Really cutting to the chase…

The simplest way I can say it after several years of working with iodine sufficiency programs is; unless there is a good reason not to, start supplementing iodine yesterday, consider using some adjuncts (supportive supplements) if you are inclined; the benefits of, and reasons for using the adjuncts have already been explained. But start supplementing iodine.
Top recommendation for the iodine supplement is ‘Iodoral’. It’s now easy to find. I’ve listed several sources below.
Copy an address and paste it into your browser.



For those inclined to test for iodine sufficiency/deficiency, consider the following:
Short explanation of the recommended type of assessment:
Orthoiodosupplementation is the daily amount of the essential element iodine needed for whole body sufficiency. Whole body sufficiency for iodine may be best assessed by an iodine/iodide loading test. The test consists of ingesting a given amount iodine/iodide. Then urinary iodide levels are measured in the following 24 hr pee collection. The test is based on the concept that the normally functioning human body has a mechanism to retain ingested iodine until whole body sufficiency is achieved.
The body progressively adjusts the excretion of iodine to balance intake. As iodine richness increases, the percent of the iodine load retained decreases with a concomitant increase in the amount of iodide excreted in the urine. After whole body sufficiency for iodine is achieved, the absorbed iodine/iodide is quantitatively excreted as iodide in the urine. Whole body iodine sufficiency is [arbitrarily] defined as 90% or more of the iodine load excreted in the 24 hr urine collections. Adults typically retain approximately 1.5 gm of iodine after reaching sufficiency.
Listed below are three Laboratories performing the iodine/iodide loading test:
Doctor’s Data, Inc. in St. Charles, IL.
St. Charles, IL. 60174-2420
Phone: 1 (630) 377-8139
Toll Free: 1 (800) 323-2784
Fax: 1 (630 587-7860

FFP Laboratories in Flat Rock, NC.
FFP Laboratories
576 Upward Rd. Suite 8
Flat Rock, NC 28731
Toll Free: 877-900-5556
Fax: 828-697-9020


Labrix Clinical Services Inc. in Oregon City, OR.
16255 SE 130th. Avenue
Clackamas, OR. 97015
Phone: 1 (503) 656-9596
Toll Free: 1 (877) 656-9596 Fax: 1 (877) 656-9756
All three labs supply their own protocol and details on collection of urine samples.

The direct source for this testing information is:
P.O. Box 3378 Torrance, CA 90510-3378
(800) 223-1601



The information in this article:

The information in this article results from careful, broadly sourced extensive research and experience, starting from a non-biased perspective and is presented with the reminder that each individual must be responsible for her own decisions and actions.

Suggestions and guidelines herein presented are not to be received as precise recommendations for any individual, or a cure for any condition.

With regards to medicines, nutraceuticals/supplements; the idea that “more is better” is irrational. As with anything; good health relies on balance, and balance demands “the right amount”. Balance allows no room for extremes. Frankly, ‘supplementing’, though arguably necessary in today’s imbalanced world and a denatured food supply, is sometimes risky business. High concentrations of isolated elements or compounds (a typical nutritional supplement and some pharma drugs), which occur naturally in a complex matrix of co-factors which balance, buffer, regulate and so on, should be expected to behave differently than a whole food which happens to be rich in the certain vitamin, mineral, Etc. We should strive to access our nutrition and our medicine as much as reasonable, through food (and other natural elements). This is in accordance our evolutionary design.

There is another common mistake often made when supplementating or medicating; and I’ve probably witnessed this more times than most. Many times, when a system imbalance (illness, syndrome, deficiency, excess, dysfunction) is recognized, a corrective agent or therapy is employed. This may be, or include a nutraceutical, a pharmaceutical, a dietary adjustment, an exercise regimen, an effort to limit exposure to problematic environmental toxins, Etc. If indicated, that’s well and good. Some such adjustments are appropriate in the same dose as initially employed, long term. If the adjustment is: Substituting a daily apple for the daily Twinkie, it should probably be a change for life. But many, maybe most corrective interventions are appropriate to use for a period of time, till the imbalance has been corrected, then a reevaluation may be appropriate, and the intervention adjusted in some way, and often suspended. One way that people get into trouble is when a temporary corrective adjustment is continued beyond the point at which balance is restored and (importantly) the body, stabilized. You don’t need it, but I’ll offer an analogy anyway: Living in a body is an endeavor of ‘constant correction’, corrections mostly initiated autonomically and sometimes consciously directed. Driving a car is likewise an endeavor of ‘constant correction’. If, when driving, a right turn is required in order to stay on course, and the wheel is turned right, but is held in that position beyond the point of course-correction, the car will just go in circles, or worse.,

As any individual considers any ‘direction’ or advice from any source, it is generally wise to consider all relevant opinions carefully. Important also, is to look carefully at the funding source behind all ‘studies’, and to investigate motivations, possible special interest and conflict-of-interest components.

The addition of anything to a living system, in this case a human body, must initiate chemical changes. With every sip of water, with every inhalation of air; in reality, even every visual, auditory, tactile input; cascading chemo-electrical activity is generated; each ‘thought’ likewise effects the body/mind.

The substance which, in this discussion, is presented as a likely agent of assistance where there may exist a profound system imbalance, is rightly recognized as a rather powerful substance.

The leading villain in this story is also a very powerful chemical; one which causes frightfully dramatic alterations to the host. Regrettably, this chemical is often misrepresented and accepted as benign, and even healthful.

Of the two; iodine is an essential nutrient, with an extensive history of providing beneficial results in nutrition and in healing. Iodine, as a commodity, does not produce huge profits in the marketplace. The many and consequential benefits offered by the intelligent application of iodine are actively suppressed, its proponents typically discredited.

Conversely; fluoride is considered non-essential as a nutrient, with a well documented extensive history of causing great harm to human animals, non-human animals and to the environment broadly, and various aspects of our one and only biosphere more specifically. Information regarding the insult(s) to the well-being of Earthly living systems (humans, other animals, plants Etc., and the whole of our life-sustaining environment) is aggressively suppressed, and those challenging the whitewashing of fluoride are discredited and blacklisted.

Fluoride is liberated and released as a byproduct of numerous industrial activities. These industries, generally speaking, operate primarily to produce profit for top corporate executives and other influential parties. Secondarily, that is to say, as a means of generating revenue, a useful product (aluminum, for example) may be produced. These industries exercise tremendous lobbying power and undue influence over governmental representatives and regulatory agencies; and are subsidized by taxpayers ta boot.

It should be understood that fluoride’s dirty fingers are ubiquitous throughout our one-and-only environment. It forms the elementary basis for toxic chemical compounds of many and varied sorts, including the classes referred to as the ‘forever chemicals’. In fact, if the production of such poisons stopped today, they would still be all around us, in practical terms, forever, as the term suggests. And it’s not for any good reason; this has been done in order to enrich a few, but at high cost the many.

The pushing (marketing) and normalizing of fluori-stuff, ultra-processed foods, electromagnetically-polluting gadgetry, unnecessary and inappropriate pharmaceuticals, and some of the other modern wonders is not to our benefit, to put it mildly. The costs to societies and their members (in terms of vitality, longevity, health care expenditures, happiness, contentment, productivity, Etc.) are impossible to calculate; and baseline control groups for the sake of comparison are disappearing rapidly, as populations worldwide are methodically lured into adopting the worst aspects of the modern western lifestyle, utilizing lavishly budgeted time tested physiological trickery.

Please don’t misinterpret this observation; the suggestion is not to shun modernity but to embrace wisdom. Our relatively highly evolved scientific expertise and well developed IT can well be employed to help with the design of modern AND SAFE tools, toys and biological and therapeutic agents; but is used mostly to design and market the stuff, and even to design into it, two important traits; profitability and addictiveness, but not to determine its safety profile and worthiness in terms of its non-monetary cost / benefit ratio. Since it’s not ‘the law’ per se, the indispensable ‘precautionary principle’ is typically ignored (not utilized); and skipping this step makes guinea pigs / lab rats of the citizens of the world, and the planet herself. One might believe that the ‘trials’ used to (allegedly) prove the safety and efficacy of a new pharmaceutical agent would function as the precautionary principle, but, sadly, history and, well, just a look around, should dismiss the fallacy.


In commenting on the often irresponsible misbehavior of the military, I’m certainly not faulting ‘the people’ of the military, in fact:
It is a sad fact that some members of our military have been very directly poisoned with compounds of fluorite and other toxic halogens in the course of their duties.
Nothing new there; chemical defoliants, scores of deadly inoculations, steroids in their food, carcinogenic solvents, ionizing-and electromagnetic radiation, radioactive particulates (depleted uranium dust), heavy metal exposure, anti-social mental programming, and on and on. These selfless defenders sign away all God given rights and ‘give’ their body/minds over to the Commander-in Chief upon induction; and from that point, the military complex does treat its own (the lower-rankers particularly) like disposable ‘cannon fodder’ by polluting individual bodies with a despicable lack of respect and dignity akin to the disgraceful abuse reaped on the environment in conflict zones and the sites of the over 1,000 bases ‘round the world, disgraceful.
Obviously there is a problem here, a big one, a MULTI-TRILLION DOLLAR problem. It is the problem famously identified and strongly warned about by President Ike, it’s the out of control Military Industrial Complex. This problem is one of ‘the system’, not the individual.
Again, we must demand better!


More Tea
Up to 98% of the fluoride content in the tea plant resides in the leaves; the old ones contain the most. Fluoride concentration can be used as an indicator of plant maturity and possibly as an inverse indicator of quality relating to beneficial compounds (the higher the fluoride: the lower the beneficial polyphenols).

A bit more about Tea:
Just to clearly distinguish the plant that people generally refer to as ‘tea’, and know as the products; green tea, black tea, Etc., from the endless other plants which people brew into beverage teas (herb teas), we can refer to it as ‘Camellia’ or ‘Camellia tea’.
I think that it’s important to understand that the reason for Camellia tea’s fall from a valuable ‘health food beverage’ to a toxic brew.
The reason(s) that I can’t defend the casual drinking of tea (Camellia) is entirely because of the sloppiness of industry and the crookedness of our government.
Up until the 1940s, simple [Camellia] tea was a veritable super-food; a particularly healthful beverage. Back then, and for ages before, we can assume, tea offered the many health promoting phyto-chemicals that it does today, but with only a fraction of the poison fluoride (and accompanying aluminum), the exception being relatively rare instances in which the plants were grown in soil with naturally high concentrations of fluoride. Magmatic fluorine is responsible for most natural soil-fluoride-availability; numerous fluorine compounds can be liberated during the explosive events when volcanoes erupt dramatically and during venting. A naturally produced fluoride release can also be triggered by very large meteorite impacts. These are very rare; the only such event that I’m aware of took place in Canada, where a meteorite which struck down almost a quarter-billion years ago, created the 25-mile-wide Lake Martin impact crater. The impact shattered the granitic crust such that extraordinary amounts of fluoride still taint the well water…. I’m just sayin’… Not all the fluoride taken up by tea (or whatever) plants can be blamed on nuclear insanity, aluminium smelting, coal burning, phosphate fertilizer manufacturing, fluorine refrigerants, aerosols and the manufacture and discarding of the endless fluoride-containing consumer products, and the lying government supporting such nonsense and covering up the facts, Etc., Just to be fair; not all of the fluori-poisoning can be blamed on these practices, only 99.99% of it. The rest we can blame on (mostly) volcanoes.

Remember, if you give up, or ease off on tea (Camellia sinensis), there is no reason to be left thirsty, under-stimulated or undernourished. The Earth grows literally thousands of plants yielding leaves, roots, barks Etc which can be brewed into wonderful beverages… Truly thousands; but that’s just to make the point; in common use, hundreds, and in familiar common use, easily dozens. A nearly endless supply of plants offer a wide array of properties, such that one can choose to take in lots of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants; phytochemicals, and all kinds of natural compounds, offering a very broad spectrum of nutritive, healing, preventive, strengthening, mind-tipping, and many other options. By choosing specific ‘herb teas’ one can elect to be stimulated/sence-hightened/energized, calmed/relaxed/soothed – in body and/or mind, you get the picture. Choices can be made based simply on flavor and aroma. There’s a heck of a lot more out there than just green/black tea and coffee. Cutting down on Camellia tea to lower your fluoride/aluminum burden can be a great opportunity to find new herbal friends.
Because caffeine- induced stimulation and certain health-promoting benefits have long been satisfying (Camellia) tea drinkers, I’m inclined to suggest traditional Yerba Mate as a replacement. Yerba Mate has been used probably as long as Camellia, and has likewise been used ceremonially and revered for its significant health benefits. Yerba Mate may have some fluoride, but according to broad plant sample assays, it’s likely to contain a pittance compared with Camellia. (As methods and equipment for identifying constituents and contaminants become more refined, we will discover ‘all kinds of things’ in ‘all kinds of things’.)
Yerba Mate is a member of the holly family and grows mainly on the Atlantic side of South America. Its caffeine concentration is generally somewhere between that of black tea and green tea. There is something different about the caffeine and related compounds in Yerba Mate from the mix of constituents in coffee and Camellia teas. The stimulation is there but generally with no jitters, no insomnia and no hyperactivity. It does tend to induce mental clarity, sustained energy/stamina and decrease fatigue. Also, I believe Yerba Mate is highly nutritious and a rich source of antioxidants. It’s good stuff. One authority puts it this way; Yerba Mate has the “strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate” all in one beverage.

Nuke tea:
Well, something which was easily predictable as of March 11th 2011, and should be no surprise, is that [some] samples of tea grown in Japan are already testing positive for radioactive contamination. 11 March 2011was the beginning of the multiple nuclear meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility. (It’s more accurate to say that the beginning of that disaster was the day some genius conceived of building six reactors right on the unstable coast and on top of numerous seismic faults; or truer still the day some corporate criminal floated the idea of building any such guaranteed disasters-waiting to-happen, anywhere.) Radioactive contamination in many of our favorite things is just something we’ll have to get used to.


~ The National Academy Of Sciences (NAS) stated in 1977 that, for the average individual, a retention of 2mg fluoride/day would result in crippling skeletal fluorosis after 40 years. Is that what you get just from drinking water and brushing your teeth; faster if you drink tea (all those things are good for you, right), and still faster if you take drugs?
~ When a pea-size amount of toothpaste (as suggested on the label) is used, you can absorb 0.5 mg of fluoride per day; more if you brush very thoroughly, use more than the pea sized dab, or like the taste and voluntarily swallow some.
You may have noticed that the smiling people on toothpaste commercials cover the entire head of the brush with fluori-paste (10-20 pea-sized dabs, which might pump in several milligrams).
Think – The kids now have toothpastes in the most appetizing flavors, and typically eat the stuff; the fluoride poisoning leads to behavioral problems (and worse), so they put the tyke on fluori-drugs… The mad industry has just created a lifelong drug addict and loyal customer for Big Pharma out of a virgin-minded, pure-bodied five year old mini human. Come-on Tom’s of Maine (a green-washed Colgate-Palmolive division), if you insist on continuing to market fluori-paste after all these years and in the face of all the science, why not make it Brussels sprout flavored…


2nd Generation Fluoridated Water
Although, we retain most [at least half] of the fluoride ingested; because fluori-drugs are now so common, (and some are so rich in the poison) and because drugging is so widely practiced (fluori-drugs are the first thing ingested in the morning and the last thing taken at night for many folks) the fluoride load in both wild waterways and municipal waters has increased measurably from that which is peed out into the waste-stream.


Circles of Madness

Quite literally ‘madness’ in this first example:
~ Currently, many – if not most pharmaceuticals prescribed for mental-emotional-behavioral issues are fluoride containing drugs (fluori-drugs). Fluoride has a deranging effect on the psyche (and of course the physical self). Fluoride exposure; most certainly, direct ingestion of fluoride, is immediately poisoning, but very importantly causes iodine deficiency, and iodine deficiency negatively effects psychological, mental and emotional status, resulting in lowered I.Q., depressed cognitive function, ADHD, Etc… A diagnosis of such conditions will typically compel the doctor to prescribe… You guessed it; fluori-drugs… The fluoride intake (while it may temporarily mask symptoms: zombie-fy the mind) ‘harms the head’ directly, and further depletes iodine; and the iodine deficiency was a key part of the problem to begin with.

~ Hypothyroidism is typically addressed with a prescription for thyroid hormones. The artificially introduced hormones increase the need for iodine and worsen the iodine deficiency. The worse the iodine deficiency, the worse the hypothyroid condition. Vicious cycle – positive feedback loop. Bummer. Iodine sufficiency would many times bring thyroid function to normal without foreign hormones.

~ Eating excessive cholesterol can create serious problems going far beyond any cardiovascular issues ([our own] cholesterol is essential) (another story); typically, instead of controlling intake, people use drugs in an attempt to make foreign cholesterol less problematic (many of these drugs [statins] are no less than deadly; another story). Common cholesterol drugs increase the need for (demand on) iodine. This exacerbates the (almost certainly preexisting) iodine deficiency. Some clinicians are starting to realize that the iodine deficiency can be the underlying reason that cholesterol is so problematic to the cardio system (this is NOT to say that eating someone else’s cholesterol is healthful). An iodine deficiency makes cholesterol a bigger problem; the drug may make the iodine deficiency worse; around and around. Some doctors now use iodine to control cholesterol instead of phamaceuticals. We are not prescribing here, just observing sometimes poor treatment choices and crazy, vicious cycles. Getting dizzy yet?

Within the amazing world of chemical halogens; these are some examples of what science refers to as positive feedback loops (self perpetuating and exaggerating stimuli/result – stimuli/result). These particular positive feedback loops induce very negative influences on the human body/mind.

Positive feedback loop simply defined:

A system exhibiting positive (reinforcing) feedback, in response to perturbation, which acts to increase the magnitude of the perturbation.
Like so; A produces more of B which in turn produces more of A, which again produces more of B, and so on…


Clarification on Goitrogens:

In the simplest [accepted] terms, Goitrogens are substances that interfere with the uptake of iodine by the thyroid gland, and in the rest of the body. Obviously the term stems from the fact that a damaged, or iodine deficient thyroid, when the condition is severe, may result in a visible goiter.
Goitrogens are most often cited as ‘foods’ with a Goitrogenic effect on the body.
Some of the more common and potent Goitrogens include the following vegetables, fruits and other foods:
African cassava
Bok choy
Brussels sprouts
Chinese Broccoli
Daikon radish
Millet (grasses)
Pine nuts
Radishes (common)
There is no research evidence to suggest that, in the absence of thyroid problems, Goitrogenic foods will negatively impact health. In fact, for the most part, the opposite is true: for instance cruciferous vegetables (which make up much of the list above) have unique and very valuable nutritional profiles: these are particularly healthful, even curative foods.

The degree is different for each food of course, but cooking seems to help inactivate the Goitrogenic compounds found in food, so for folks with deficient thyroid hormone production, steaming (or, otherwise cooking) cruciferous vegetables, and also soy products, can be used as a means to access goodies from favorite foods while negating or reducing any Goitrogenic effect. Reasonably, a small dose of iodine taken with broccoli or cabbage for instance, seems to make good sense, this is generally unnecessary overkill but worth considering if one has such concerns.

It would not be accurate/fair to label these foods as bad foods (with the possible exception of un-cultured soy).

In fact, and we may be splitting definition hairs, but the foods generally considered Goitrogens, are actually not themselves Goitrogens; they are in fact, in most cases, healthful foods which contain, in addition to numerous health-promoting bio-chemicals, a compound which can have a Goitrogenic effect in weakened, predisposed or otherwise susceptible individuals. (The way to remedy this sensitivity of course would normally be to become iodine sufficient).

According to this simple definition, foods are not actually Goitrogens, but may contain Goitrogenic substances; some common foods, as well as some drugs contain compounds which can produce a ‘Goitrogenic effect’ and some poison pollutants are themselves Goitrogenic, or contain substances which can produce powerful Goitrogenic effects.

More than one branch of related research, now more than 50 years ongoing, puts the issue of ‘Goitrogenic foods’ something like this: “No healthful foods contain any such universally negative chemicals; but relatively rare sensitivities may exist in some people due to nutritional imbalances, such as deficiencies of tyrosine, iodine, or selenium for instance, or because of an overload of toxic chemicals”.

Quite interestingly, some science suggests that a minor percentage of the population may demonstrate a genetic disposition to avoid/shun certain so-called Goitrogenic foods. Something which may be related is the suggestion that certain individuals are born with a peculiar distaste for some sulfur-rich foods, broccoli, for instance. I cannot speak knowledgably about that, I just find it interesting.

All foods contain ‘stressors’, many foods contain natural ‘pseudo-poisons’; and all human-appropriate, whole, natural foods are loaded with valuable nutrients.

Likely the most offensive Goitrogenic-ly active common food, which you may never find listed with so-called Goitrogenic foods, and I hate to say it, is tea (which we know is loaded with healthful goodies), because tea leaves tend to be rich in fluoride. Many people who drink tea, do so regularly. You might want to think about that.

From the pharmaceutical and the poison chemicals categories, the Goitrogenic effect can be quite reliably dramatic.

Generally speaking, those influences from the food category are more variable, weaker, easier to buffer and counter, and generally not problematic for relatively well people.

Very importantly; in today’s world the insult upon the body from any Goitrogenic substances in a food, pales in comparison to the Goitrogenic effect from our polluted air and water.

Who would have predicted; the worst and most dangerous Goitrogenic influence is our very environment! Sad, but true.

Thanks to unfettered, irresponsible commercial/industrial/corporate polluting and the government sanctioned use of the commons as a toxic waste dump, our one and only Home Planet is now the largest known Goitrogen in the universe. Again, what that requires most immediately, is that we get very involved in governance and that we become iodine sufficient!


Bless the healers

Should the reader sense any lack of appreciation or respect on my part for doctors (who may prescribe fluori-drugs to the detriment of clients), dentists (who may dispense fluori-treatments which always causes harm) Etc., perish the thought.
Medical Doctors and Dentists alike, by-and-large, are dedicated professionals, who work through years of intense education and internships, during which they are expected to absorb more information than is realistically possible, and then take on the huge responsibility of person-to-person health care; they typically pay high business overheads and bear expensive insurance rates and often juggle the demands of hectic schedules, all the while having to try and keep up with the latest developments in the field.
If this article suggests any negatives regarding these dedicated professionals, let’s keep in mind that the problem stems from the somewhat sour system which educates and gives direction to the providers. Again, the fluoride nonsense exemplifies the overall problem. It is crystal clear, and has been for decades; that there is no safe level of exposure to fluoride; it does harm all aspects of the human organism, and certainly can create problems in the same facets of a person for which fluori-drugs are typically prescribed; (e.g. destabilizes the mental-emotional-cognitive faculties even though it is given for the same… and has time and again turned tooth enamel brittle, spotted and easier to damage even though it is applied to ‘strengthen’ the teeth). As I said, we’ve known of the extremely toxic nature of fluoride, and that it offers no net redeeming properties, for decades. Its use in whole-body medicine is irresponsible and its use in dentistry has no standing… The science does not support its use (except possibly in very rare-extreme cases), and can’t be realistically defended. Any ‘studies’ sited to support fluoride’s use, in or on the body, as a healing or preventative agent are bogus, purposely misrepresented or completely made up. Actually there are almost no studies that even suggest fluoride can be used efficaciously in this regard (and it’s easy to see through those) and none that demonstrate safety, yet, at best, these are what the medical-dental industry relies on when challenged. And the whole propaganda campaign is so locked-up that the practitioners generally see it only one way. They often repeat the party-line generated by the teaching institutions, the AMA, ADA and the drug companies; that anyone suggesting other than the status quo is a quack. This attitude makes it hard to evolve and makes learning unlikely; all of which risks the welfare of the clients, sure, but additionally harms everyone-everywhere because fluoride is so powerfully toxic, and because some portion of fluoride ingested, injected, applied, brushed or rinsed, soon enters (and later more enters) the broad environment. At the same time, as the overseers of medicine and dentistry connive to keep their practitioners narrowly tunnel visioned about treatment protocols, alternatives are effectively knocked out, and in fact, many times, vehemently suppressed. Operating a system in such a way does a disservice to the doctors and dentists too; they can be most effective only when all appropriate tools are available and knowledge is openly shared.
To base recommendations, prescriptions, treatment plans Etc. on unfounded myths is problematic. And to perpetuate harmful intervention based on such myths is not helpful; but the blame must go to the top. With regards to fluoride, lies have been presented as facts, and believe me, the guys and gals in the field are overworked as it is, and while they really need to check the validity of everything coming down from the top, there simply isn’t enough time or energy. Doctors/dentists are ill-supported by a broken system. Tremendous potential for harm exists when education and support is one-sided. As the system is forced to consider the human person as an integrated whole, and all of us as connected aspects of the larger whole(s) a closer adherence to the Hippocratic Oath will hopefully prevail. Then if society can ever understand that we all share the same island in space; and that whatever poisons we dump into the Earth’s air, water, land and our food, doesn’t disappear, it poisons all of us and our children… the sooner we face this reality, the sooner poisons will no longer be mistaken as ‘medicine’ and the greater will be an appreciation for keeping poisons out of our environment, our food and our bodies.

Bless the healers



Support the Legislators

Regarding what may sound like unfair belligerent swipes at our representatives on Capitol Hill and State Houses; please understand, the criticism is not directed at individuals, (although some could use a refresher course on ethics and integrity) but on the system.

For those who think we’re better off living NOT under the rule of a King/Queen, Monarch or oligarch; but rather, in cooperative harmony with a representative government, let us keep in mind that ‘democracy’ is NOT a spectator sport, and that WE ARE (supposed to be) the government, and then resolve to take seriously our personal responsibility to participate. Our representatives in Washington (and State and local) are just people; people come is many shades. Whether corrupt, benevolent or somewhere in between, these mere humans holding positions of power must be guided by, and often pushed by We The People.

You didn’t ask; but I will say that it is clear to me that the injustices discussed in this article have been facilitated in part by people more than willing to pollute, poison, and even steal the future from your children, my children and even from their own prodigy. This demonstrates a mind pathology, a moral pathology, a sickness which we have shown to be profoundly disruptive to the [supposedly] self-evident rights regarding “Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness”.

As with health care, the military, polluting corporate activity Etc, so it is with the legislative arm of our government; the problem is not (so much) the people, but the system(s).

We have all witnessed that there are despicable ‘sell-outs’ engaged in the creation of suffering, in exchange for money and power, operating in all corners of the world. Here at home, I’m convinced that there exists, some people of conscience – true humanitarians (as well as some seriously deranged sickos); in the House and Senate, working on behalf of ‘the people’. All 535 of them are under tremendous pressure to spend, literally, five hours each day, ‘dialing-for-dollars’; in pursuance of the funding necessary to run again. In between the begging sessions, they must do what looks more like the work of the people, show up in the chambers and ride the impossibly narrow line between voting in service to their (common people) constituents, and fulfilling the selfish demands (complete with threats) of their big donors; those with power via wealth, and of the soulless polluting, poisoning, warring corporations.


Our children are relying on us to be educated and active. In that effort, we must support a well informed society.

Ideally, one’s personal well-being is in his own hands. Yet, to the degree that we fail to participate; that is, know what changes to our world are being proposed, find out who actually wrote a proposed bill (very often it’s a non-governmental, special interest team working on behalf of a corporate entity from the extractive/energy industry, pharmaceutical industry, the tele-com, transportation, media industries, war-profiteer corporations and the military Etc.), carefully consider all imaginable short and long term consequences, seek input from others if helpful, communicate our opinion to our representatives… To the degree we fail to participate, our well-being is in the hands of someone else.

It is the lack of awareness which brought us to this sad state of The Fluoride Fiasco and has held us poisoned and captive within, for decades. Ultimately, the blame of course, belongs to the industry/government machine which intentionally lied, covered up, cheated, bribed Etc., and continues to.

I know; people are busy; building families, pursuing education and careers. All family members already engaged full-time in managing life. Our ‘full plate’ works to the great advantage of the cheaters.

Unless and until clean ethics rule the halls of Congress and corporate board rooms, we have to face the reality that the ‘profit motive’ is apparently irresistibly seductive to many holding positions of power. I submit that this refers more to people of industry (corporate crooks) than to people in government. The unholy union of course, is the arrangement which pretty much runs the show. Industries do as they please to maximize profit; generally speaking, they self-regulate, they contribute to (pay – bribe) representatives, regulatory agencies Etc., and purchase advertising (INFLUENCE) from media; in effect, disallowing exposure of their dirty deeds.

It seems reasonable, and it is urgent that we support movements which will



Iodine, one heck of a universal healing agent, a historical account:

Iodine, Civil War, Colonel John B. and Fanny Gordon.

Iodine dermal application therapy saved a mortally wounded officer in the American Civil War.

As the well-documented story goes…

“On September 29, 1862, Colonel John B. Gordon held the center of General Lee’s army at the battle of Antietam, or Sharpsburg. The first volley from the northern lines sent a ball through the calf of Gordon’s right leg; soon after, another went through the muscles of his thigh; a third pierced his left arm, tearing asunder the tendons and mangling the flesh; a forth ripped through his shoulder leaving a wad of clothing embedded in its track. Still, no bones were broken; but, while Gordon lingered in the firing line, “with”, as he says himself, “but little of my usual strength”, a fifth ball struck him squarely in the face.

Dr. Weatherly of the 6th Alabama Regiment, in charge of medical arrangements, had the Colonel removed to a base hospital, and prescribed tincture of iodine to be painted on the wounds three or four times a day. The case was unpromising to say the least, the man was mangled severely. Gordon’s eyelids were greatly swollen; one eye was completely closed, the other almost so; his jaw was immovably clenched, and, to make matters worse, erysipelas (staphylococcus infection of skin) had set in on the left arm.

Mrs. Fanny Gordon, his wife, who nursed him, was then a beautiful girl of 25 – put a liberal interpretation on her instructions and painted the wounds, not three or four times a day, but, as Gordon himself says: “I think three to four hundred time a day.” Fanny’s diligence and devotion were rewarded. Her husband survived, outlived the war, became the Governor of Georgia, a General, and Commander-in-Chief of the United Confederate Veterans.

Apparently, Fanny knew iodine applied very frequently was a more effective way to deliver iodine to the body especially applied on multiple sites. Likely Gordon’s iodine blood levels and tissue levels rose throughout his body. As iodine is by far the best antibiotic, antiviral and antiseptic of all time, the colonel’s body defenses were able to gain control of the infections. At the same time local repeated application to the wound sites caused the skin to grow up from its bottom where all the cells that generate normal skin are residing. Likely this minimized or eliminated scar formation.

For many decades in the 1800s people carried around little bottles of iodine around their necks to use on all occasions.


Negative Externalities (fluoride is a classic externality):

Because we have correctly identified the ubiquitous distribution of fluoride as an externality, an explanation of the claim may be helpful…
A negative externality may be defined as: A cost, born by society (the people), which is produced by a private [business] or corporate entity, and then charged to (dumped on) the people. The externality, instead of being properly channeled, is ‘externalized’ by the business and/or governmental entity, thus reducing operating/production costs and increasing profits for the business. The tab is then unavoidably paid by the people, starting with the present generation, and in the case of the most significant externalities, by many (in some cases, endless) future generations.
Sometimes it’s the pollutants themselves which are referred to as the externalities (CO2, methane, nitrous oxide and other greenhouse gases); and sometimes it’s the effects of a commercial activity (such as CCD – Colony Collapse Disorder, tied to pollen expressed from GMO plants and exposure to the relatively new class of pesticide called neonicotinoids, such as Bayer’s insecticide imidacloprid, which are killing Earth’s pollinators; honey bees, bumblebees, hummingbirds and butterflies at an alarming rate. That’s rather serious considering that these pollinators are key in the production of most of the [healthful] food which feeds humans).

Just a few general examples of other negative externalities offered for clarification:
~ Air and water pollution (which sickens and kills people and embeds the serious side effects of catastrophic climate change deeper into the kids’ reality with every particle of soot released) from the mining, processing and burning of fossil fuels. (The Mauna Loa carbon dioxide counter just registered 400 parts per million, that’s way over the edge…) All of the CEOs presently profiting from poisoning our Planet will be gone when the worst of catastrophic climate change really kicks in.
~ CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). Two or three selfish corporations manufacture the poisons likely most responsible for CCD; but zillions of bees die and the food supply for all of humanity is jeopardized.
~ Actually, even noise pollution which may be mentally and psychologically disruptive can be considered a significant negative externality.
~ Factory farm (CAFO) animal production, which increases the pool of antibiotic-resistant bacteria because of the extreme overuse of antibiotics; air quality problems; the contamination of rivers, streams, and coastal waters with concentrated animal waste; animal welfare issues, tremendous waste of resources because of the loosing ratio of food value input to food value yield, and the generation of infectious diseases (all influenzas and virtually all emerging infectious diseases) Etc. This single activity enriches only a few giant corporations and feeds only those who choose to partake; but the entire Planet and all her beings must bear consequences of the unparalleled pollution and disease generation, and also pay dearly for the unmatched resource waste… in a world already ignoring over a billion starving humans.
~ Antibiotic use/abuse/over-prescribing which contributes to antibiotic resistance and the genesis of Super-Bugs. Many doctors over-prescribe, many people over-use, everyone gets exposed to drug-resistant super-bugs and must pay the resulting higher health insurance rates.
~ Radioactive releases and the cost of storing and protecting nuclear waste from nuclear plants for ever. Only a few people gain short-term riches from operating nukes and manufacturing nuke weapons; but everyone and everything is radiologically poisoned, and everyone must pay for pseudo-clean up and waste storage forever. Chernobyl, TMI, and Fukushima illustrate explosively visible and very long lasting negative externalities (one million humans killed so far from the Chernobyl meltdown [“Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment,” Volume 1181 of Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences]; everyone on Earth got/gets some of Russia’s isotopes and huge swaths of Europe remain hot [Turkey, grower of fine organic foods and herbs has highly radioactive soil from Chernobyl fallout]; but the ‘events’ that make the news are only the tip of the radioactive iceberg, and we are now only in the infancy of everlasting atomic negative externalities; but what the heck; G.E., Raytheon and Areva make a bundle.

People in Pennsylvania, New York Etc. who have been enjoying crystal clear well water for generations, graphically experience the heat of negative externalities when they open the faucet and find that the stuff coming out is FLAMABLE! This, thanks to the freaking fracking craze.
And folks in Bangladeshi or Indonesian garment factories intimately feel the pain of negative externalities when a fire or crumbling building graphically demonstrates that human slavery is alive and well. Modern slavery is a deathly shameful externality saving dollars for the CEOs of the brands you love.

Why, in the 21st century, is slavery, often resulting in murder-by-negligence, still wholeheartedly supported by the consumer choices of modern, intelligent members of a highly advanced western society; when paying a living-wage and providing safe conditions would add a nickel to the price of a t-shirt and a quarter to a pair of shoes?
One reason is because apathy and distraction are epidemic and productive activism has long been on the wane, and is often not recognized as a responsibility. So life goes on, nothing changes, consumers don’t know or care where their goodies come from or how much abuse is imbedded within. The terrible conditions do not represent jobs for hungry Indians, but miserable, dangerous internments for hungry Indians. The externalities that are (sometimes lethal) slavery, generating I-Phones, clothing and most of the stuff of western consumption, could be transformed into a small business cost and/or a small price increase, resulting, of course in a happier, healthier world. A little productive activism, hell, just some conscientious, passive boycotting can turn such horrors around. The same effort can get deadly fluorite out of our water.

Note: Sulfuryl fluoride (also spelled sulphuryl fluoride) starts out obviously, as the prime negative externality, fluoride. The new compound is used as a fumigant (we already have a zillion highly toxic fumigants, but still need more ways to externalize fluoride at no cost to the producer, so… Enter the compound, Sulfuryl fluoride). The chemical has a lifetime of up to 40 years, and is a super-potent greenhouse gas which is about 5,000 times (FIVE THOUSAND TIMES) more efficient at trapping infrared radiation than the most famous greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide.

Profiting from the externalizing of ‘business waste’ is an integral ingredient of the typical corporate business model.
Interesting (but not surprising) is that most of the biggest, meanest and deadliest negative externalities come from monstrous corporate endeavors which are subsidized with taxpayer money, and which in EVERY case could be done much more responsibly, or simply, not done at all, and we’d be fine – better off .


The pro-corporate, anti-environment, anti-life congressional fraternity, whole-heartedly supports the business model which actually rewards polluters for the generation and release of toxic and lethal externalities; the system puts the biggest polluters/killers in charge of regulating their own activities (self-regulation is no-regulation where profit motive rules), such that Massey Energy’s Don Blankenship directly kills 29 people while laying waste to West Virginia, B.P. / Transocean / Halliburton directly kills 11 people (15 others a few years earlier) while greasing The Gulf ; these deaths resulted from forewarned negligence, making the deaths murder, and no one goes to jail. With the big polluters, (as with Wall Street Banksters) the way it works is that, even when grievous crimes are noticed (usually, no one is looking), a no-cost acknowledgment is issued, or at the most, a fine is levied, which generally is lighter than a single day’s profit for the corporation. Even though the law shamefully allows extreme polluting and the free release of deadly externalities, the corporate crooks can shave off a few more units of their cost, by cheating even beyond the laughable law, knowing that if caught and wrist-slapped, no one on the board will do time, and the fine will be microscopic compared to what the cheating saved. The mantra, fully supported by (98% of) our faithful representatives is: “internalize profits – socialize (externalize) costs”. This practice is a disease which infects over 300 Million at home and over 7 Billion ‘round the world today (and that’s just the humans), it infects the very blood and lungs of our only Home Planet (which IS the economy, stupid) and pulls the future right out from under our kids! This is where FLUORIDE fits perfectly.
This is where FLUORIDE fits perfectly.

By way of further explanation, consider:

The TEEB for Business Coalition has just released a new report, ‘Natural Capital at Risk – The Top 100 Externalities of Business’
TEEB is The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) initiative, hosted by the United Nations Environment Program.

The report explains that the primary production (agriculture, forestry, fisheries, mining, oil and gas exploration, utilities) and primary processing (cement, steel, pulp and paper, petrochemicals) sectors analyzed, are estimated to have externality costs totaling US$7.3 trillion, which equates to 13% of global economic output in 2009. The value of just the Top 100 externalities is estimated at US$4.7 trillion or 65% of the total primary sector impacts identified.
As stated earlier, and driven home by the TEEB report; the prevailing policy of; failing to identity, realistically value, and charge for (including them in the cost of doing business) the externalities, costs the people, present and future greatly!
Fluoride is a textbook negative externality; it is mostly a byproduct of commercial/industrial activities that a smarter race would not be practicing anyway. Even if we end up with something desirable (helpful to humanity) from the manufacture of something which generates fluoride in the process, the trade-off is far too great.


Water, Fluoride, You’re the DUMP:

Are you doing your part, your patriotic duty, in cycling the industrial externality, FLUORIDE through your home and body?
The following is based on Based on the United Nations Report “Livestock’s Long Shadow” and other pertinent U.S. and U.N. reports:
Americans use about 400 Liters (100 gallons) of water per person per day. Some research clocks it at about 150 gal / person / day. That’s just what we flush and rinse down the drain.
In terms of all freshwater usage in the United States, including that for irrigation of feedcrops for livestock (the big carrier of ‘imbedded water’) and other crops, about 6,000 L of water is used per person per day (1,500 gallons a day).
Much of the water cycled through our lives is fluoridated.
1,500 gallons a day x 320 million people (U.S. population) = 480 Billion gallons a day x 365.25 days/yr = 175,320,000,000,000 (175 Trillion).
175,320,000,000,000 (175 Trillion) gallons of water cycled through people and homes in the U.S. every year.
Some of this is not fluoridated of course, but these calculations do not even count non-agricultural – industrial water, some of which is fluoridated, so let’s just say; a sea of water WITH ADDED FLUORIDE cycles through our lives each and every year.
So the corporate do-bad-ers avoid paying for proper disposal of the fluoride that their activities generate, by spiking hundreds-of-trillions of gallons, per year of our water with up to 4 PPM of that particular toxic waste. Treating that one deadly waste product as an externality saves the CEOs a bundle of bundles; I don’t know how to calculate it. My gripe, my concern is the enormous cost to the people.
This single negative externality makes everyone sick, cripples some, kills some, absolutely shortens the healthy lifespan of everyone; it poisons every nook-and-cranny, every aspect of this once blue-green gem, this beautiful home Planet; the only inheritance we have to offer our grandchildren. Seems like a pretty raw deal for the people, yet there are still cities being added to the list of fluoridated municipalities every year and unnecessary, grossly polluting industrial activities, aided by Washington continue, unabated.
In fact, such large percentages of the fluoride ingested is retained in humans’ bodies that, in light of the ‘life extension’ technologies just around the corner, the science regarding fluoride retention, particularly for people not supplementing iodine, says that the bones of the 120+ crowd will be as brittle as un-fired clay pottery. Actually, with the terrible things fluoride does to the brain and the hormonal system, mature people, who might otherwise be fit, will be loony and hormonally unstable anyway. Fluoride exposure, which is at this point unavoidable, may be the major limiting factor to significant life extension.
The water numbers are just for effect; while the water use numbers are real enough, and we know that much of the water is indeed fluoridated, heck, even much of the water which comes right up out of the ground or off the surface is poisoned with fluoride before being used agriculturally and commercially, we cannot precisely establish just what percentage of the 175 Trillion gallons per year (U.S.) plus the percentage of additional commercial draw is fluoridated (a lot is), surely it is still a fifteen digit total (in gallons annually).
And just how much of the fluoride generated by commercial / industrial / corporate / governmental entities is disposed of via tap water and consumer products; how much is disposed of responsibly (none that I’m aware of); and how much is dumped directly into the environment is not known in exact terms. Obviously, the tap water and ‘consumer goods’ share carries a lot (we did the numbers), and the third category (direct dumping) still hides most of the amount that can’t yet be cycled through the population. The direct dumping happens basically in two ways:
1~ Certain sectors are simply exempt from having to deal with their poisons responsibly (most notably the Nuke industries), and the military of course is famous for ‘just dumping’ or ‘leaving behind’ any and all toxic crap that it uses.
2~ And the other rout to direct dumping is; unapproved releases (nobody is really looking) and clandestine disposal, where a disposal company is paid to ‘stabilize’ the stuff, but flushes it into any hole or river under cover.

The water which government, industry and municipalities poison with fluoride belongs to you. Surface and aquifer water is the liquid component of ‘the commons’ (that which belongs to the people). It is not legitimate for government/industry to electively add poisons that serve no useful purpose, to utility water. Period! Remember too, that after your water is fluori-poisoned and you and the kids drink it, and much of the poison gets locked away in the body long-term, causing degeneration from within, the remainder is flushed back (from our bodies) into our commons again. You can see that ‘the powers’ contaminate the commons – poison the people – and contaminate the commons again with each addition of fluoride to the PUBLIC utility water supply; oh yeah, don’t forget, we all pay for the poison too (it costs taxpayers millions-per-year in a typical American city).
Admittedly, it is something of a marvel, that water relatively low in live infectious agents can be conveniently delivered right to the tap, especially considering that the water in your coffee maker was just flushed down toilets last week. Clearly there are smarter ways to disinfect utility water than with highly poisonous and reactive chlorine; and we can fix that too, through positive activism and meaningful participation in the political process. Back to fluoride… First, we must get the fluoride out. You can stop the automatic poisoning of the children by participating in the process. On the local level, you needn’t even join the city council; simply attend meetings, bring up the issue and educate the others (some states actually mandate the fluori-poisoning by local utilities). Anyway, when the science is considered (not perverted by special-interest generated myths), only one conclusion can be drawn. Fluoride is more toxic than lead and offers no redeeming properties; it is not a nutrient; it can only poison the body.

If you are pro-life, pro-good health, pro-safe environment and pro-healthy kids, you must be anti-fluoride.
Please share the truth about fluoride with everyone you know. Please for your own sake, get off the fluoride and replenish your iodine (if you are allergic to iodine, which is very rare, and you probably know by now, find a health care assistant to help you clear the allergy), and together, let’s get on, and relentlessly stay on our representatives about the broad fluoride issue and openly/vocally boycott companies involved in fluoridating our bodies and our one and only Earth.


Additional points on the many twisted spokes of the Fluoride Wheel:

The poisoning of tap water (and body-care products Etc.) as a means of illegitimate disposal cannot keep up with the mountains of waste-fluoride generated by industry/government; even the nefarious ‘midnight dumpings’ don’t pick up all the slack, so the selfish polluters continue to search for additional avenues to sweep their toxic waste under the preverbal rug. The tremendous lobbying power and huge pay-off budgets (bribery budgets) of short-sighted, anti-life corporate connive-ers, and government itself get all the right people to ‘look the other way’ as RAT POISON (highly toxic fluoride) is sneaked into additional nooks and crannies of our lives and into the very body of our beloved Mother Earth… Creative? In some case, quite. Unconscionable? Absolutely.

Here is an example:

Fracking (Hydraulic fracturing): thanks to a governing body with no concern for the future, and dirty policies like the [Dick] ‘Cheney loophole’ (Halliburton loophole), companies extracting gas and oil by means of hydraulic fracturing don’t have to, and generally don’t, disclose what chemicals are injected into the Earth.

As it turns out; since ‘frackers’ don’t report what (besides water and sand), they are pumping, under high pressure, into our Earth’s interior, those who would [do] sell their own grandchildren’s life-support for more tainted dollars, have discovered a way to hide unmentionables right under our feet by slipping highly toxic fluoride (generated mostly by industrial endeavors which are planet / people killing even without the fluoride component anyway), into the injection mix. Some percentage of the secret chemicals injected into ‘Mother’, is recovered (some of which is minimally/meaninglessly treated), but very much remains in our Earth’s body and can migrate great distances underground. The poisons in the secret injection cocktails regularly pollute private water wells, community wells and aquifers. The EPA’s own report reveals that “10 of 11 gas production areas are located within underground drinking water sources”. I repeat; “10 of 11 gas production areas are located within underground drinking water sources”.

Obviously, injecting Methanol, BTEX compounds (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene), Diesel fuel, Lead, Naphthalene, Formaldehyde Etc. into the ground under high pressure and fracturing the rock will deliver the mix far and wide.

But here is the fluoride-ish part of the Fracking non-sense:

Injecting Hydrogen fluoride (Hydrogen fluoride made ‘The 10 Scariest Chemicals Used In Hydraulic Fracking’ list) will effectively fluoridate the water of otherwise clean well waters. Remember, at least half of the poison injected, is not recovered (the industry says about half, investigators say “easily up to 80% is not recovered”). It’s even crazier than that; one of the approved methods of ‘disposal’ for the recovered (the small percentage which comes back up) toxic cocktail is UNDERGROUND INJECTION (laugh!), so even the poison fluoride and assorted deadly goops that come back up during the Fracking process can be, and often are, pumped right back into the ground… I couldn’t make this stuff up. Spraying the regurgitated mix of over 650 different chemicals on roads is an approved ‘disposal’ method too (now the kids can breathe fluoridated dust raised by auto traffic as they play outside).

Please consider the following extreme irony:

Many folks choose to live in rural settings, in part to minimize exposure to modern industrial poisons which permeate the dirty world we’ve created; more concentrated, of course, where populations are dense. Part of the benefit is clean well or spring water, with no added chemicals, (no industrial waste FLUORIDE); pure water is an invaluable and rapidly diminishing resource. Now, thanks to the unregulated Fracking frenzy, families who have made the extra effort to live beyond the suburbs for the various benefits, including ready access to water not polluted with fluoride, have wells gushing water replete with toxic fluoride compounds after all… As I stated early on, the fluoride story radiates many spokes; Fracking is one of them.

The really monstrous skeleton in the Fracking closet is that this extreme technique for accessing gas and oil is promoted so relentlessly, not just because it yields more non-renewable, carbon-rich fossil fuel, but (because of the unregulated lawlessness built into the system), it is the best damn thing the Earth-killers have ever come up with to save bundles on dumping various super-toxic industrial wastes, one of which is fluoride. They call it ‘injecting proprietary Fracking fluid’; when it is often actually, ‘DUMPING highly toxic industrial waste for free’. See, unchallenged by the regulatory system, industrial polluters generate a hell-of-a-lot of powerful poison, much of which is quite costly to dispose of in a reasonably responsible manner; in fact some of these unmentionables can cost $2,000.00 per pound to ‘down-toxify’, reliably contain or otherwise deal with appropriately. Since the big polluters always follow the ‘internalize profits / externalize costs’ business model, they are not about to act responsibly just because it would save lives or preserve the integrity of the planet that their grandchildren will try to live on, so; Fracking to the rescue. The law allows the injection of anything they choose, into the body of the Earth without any disclosure what-so-ever, as long as the polluters can swallow their conscience, and that has never been a problem.

So now, the companies who would, in a more sane world, do the right thing and accept the cost, simply generate all to poison that their production processes create, and instead of spending a dime on proper disposal, just have it funneled into our Home Planet; sometimes they even make a little, actually selling the stuff to the frackers. Yes, it has really gotten out of hand.
Poisoning your Mother, especially if She is, well, your sole source of everything to sustain life, is not the behavior of a wise CEO, at least not one who can think beyond his own lifespan or his own back yard.

Fracking and the Cheney Loophole explanation:

Most of the natural gas drilled in the US uses hydraulic fracturing because it is the cheapest (in the short-term and for the corporate scoundrels) and easiest way to get it out of the ground. The chemicals used in the Fracking fluid that is pumped underground are exempt from the Clean Water Act, making it a lot easier to ignore environmental responsibility and restrictions.

In 2005, at the insistence of Vice President Cheney, Fracking fluids were exempted from the Clean Water Act because the companies that own the patents on the process didn’t want to reveal the chemical composition, fill out reports, give a crap about the environment or bother with having to meet the regulations that protect the nation’s freshwater supply… Fair enough; NOT. Just another political deal which again pampered industry and corporate board members, such as the notorious Halliburton and its chairman Dick Cheney.
So why are people finding that their tap water a fire hazard? The gas companies can deny that it’s their fault, and because of this Halliburton loophole, it is difficult to prove otherwise (no reporting of specifics). Never mind; the waters were clean before Fracking and flammable since. Not only are some well waters literally flammable, but there are now many examples of previously pristine wells producing torrid, funky, weird colored, stinky water since Fracking has taken off in many states; and water is sometimes so saturated with methane that people have fainted when showering in water tainted by freaking Fracking. Fracking not only pollutes aquifers with known carcinogens and hundreds of undocumented chemicals, but it wastes sinful amounts of water such that Texas, which has endured a severe draught, has ignored the bone-dry reservoirs and has been Fracking it’s butt off and draining ancient aquifers to supply the enormous amounts of water needed for the Fracking operations that enrich a very few oil and gas bosses, while dehydrating the people and the farms. In fact, and this is really nuts; Fracking represents a negative return economically and in terms of energy units; that is:
~ It requires, on average, more of the peoples’ money (by way of subsidies and investment) than the value of the resource recovered.
~ And, on average, more units of energy go into the Fracking process than what comes out as oil and gas (as with tar sands oil). Petrochemical developers are still generously enriched because their congressional friends see to it that ‘The People Pay’.

To sum up this important point, “Fracking is unsustainable, both economically and environmentally!” But it is a fantastically creative way to illegitimately dump toxic fluoride and numerous other murderous chemicals.

Out of that dark period (A few years on either side of 2005), and because of planet/people killing tradeoffs, the planet now labors under legislation which exempts Fracking, used in 90 percent of U.S. natural gas wells, from both the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act. Pertinent to this discussion is, that because of such lawless laws, morally deficient entities can hide endless tankers-full of toxic fluoride into the ground under parks, houses, playgrounds, croplands and into subterranean fissures connecting to rivers, lakes and wells everywhere.

ProPublica investigations found Fracking to be the common thread in more than 1,000 cases of water contamination across seven states.
A 2011 congressional report on the chemicals used in hydraulic Fracking, states that the 14 leading hydraulic fracturing companies in the U.S. injected 10.2 million gallons of more than 650 products that contained chemicals that are known or possible human carcinogens, regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act, or listed as hazardous air pollutants.

Hydrogen fluoride is one of the hundreds of chemicals mainlined into our Mother.
Hydrogen fluoride is:
Found in rust removers, aluminum brighteners and heavy duty cleaners, and now, thanks to Cheney’s ‘hole’ and a corporatized government, in previously clean water sources and in food crops sprouting from the skin a maliciously raped Earth.
Listed as a hazardous air pollutant in the Clean Air Act.

Hydrogen fluoride:
Its fumes are highly irritating, corrosive, and poisonous. Repeated ingestion can lead to brittle-ization of the bones, contact with liquid can produce severe burns. A lethal dose is 1.5 grams (1.5 grams; for comparison, that’s the weight of one and a half vitamin C pills).
Absorption of substantial amounts of hydrogen fluoride by any route may be fatal.
Just one of the hydraulic fracturing companies used 67,222 gallons of two products containing hydrogen fluoride in 2008 and 2009. That’s only what was reported.
Sources: ProPublica; U.S. Energy and Commerce Committee Hydraulic Fracturing Report
Read more:

Interesting Note:
Fluoride, usually in the form of one of two compounds is an indispensible ingredient in the (much talked about lately) deadly nerve gas; S—n. (I have neutered the spelling of the word to help keep the feds at bay… They take down sites that report truth all the time, they consider it their job). The compounds are:

Sodium fluoride and potassium fluoride.
The elements in the formula for the deadly nerve gas are:

We probably shouldn’t be painting fluoride on the kids’ teeth…

Poison the water at the treatment plant with fluoride. Poison the oceans, rivers and lakes with animal agriculture wastes, perpetual radioactive ‘releases’, spills and leaks, petrochemical extraction, all manner of industrial/commercial cheating, pharmaceuticals cycled through hyper-medicated humans Etc. Waste this very limited, irreplaceable, life-essential resource through feedlot prison activities, freaking Fracking techniques and assorted illegitimate human activities…
The situation begs the question; what kind of species (or what hyper-corrupt nut cases within the species) dreams up, designs and supports systems which poison and squander the planet’s water?

While all the well-groomed yappers on corporate mainstream media are arguing about ‘peak oil’ and misleading the sheeple about freaking ‘Fracking’, no one seems to notice that we have already reached ‘PEAK WATER’ and that most of the ‘too big’ and ‘extremely profitable (for the few)’ industrial practices that their sponsors engage in, gulp our few remaining drops as if there is an endless supply.

It has been observed in virtually all non-human land-animals, that they do not deposit their waste where they live (unless caged). The species which considers itself the most intelligent, the highest life-form, ignores this basic instinct, and fouls all environmental life-support resources and systems as if we don’t really need clean air, water and food… Could it be that we have, some time ago, actually reached ‘PEAK EVOLUTION’ as a species, and are now on a trajectory of DE-VOLUTION? Clearly, the leaders of the first world countries have been practicing what can be called ‘the economics of extinction’… Everything which the workers make and the traders trade, starts with raw materials from Planet Earth; and in order for these endless creations to be consumed, there must be ‘living’ people to purchase them… In order for people to be ‘living’ (alive); air, water and food, below a critical threshold of contamination and above a certain threshold of availability must be accessible…

It has also been observed in many animal species that the flock, brood or herd will instinctively not consume all of its resources, which would cause its own extinction. These are animals which humans’ science assumes, have no concept of ‘future’ and who can’t even intellectually plan ahead. Surely, if viewed from another place by a more intelligent race, it would appear that the society of Earth’s humans is unable or unwilling to just, simply, plan for the future; while they instead; pollute, poison, waste, consume, deplete, trivialize and apathetically snore themselves into extinction.
Does this mean that I am from another planet? Thanks Goddess!

So, this ‘F’ lie has been repeated now for over 2/3 of a century (yes, ‘F’ stands for a vulgar word ‘Fluoride’), and while repetition certainly doesn’t make it true, it does tend to make it believable, or assumed by the masses, to be accurate. Repetition (rote) is a proven tactic of mental programming – propaganda – brainwashing. To illustrate just how ridiculous, sickening, even deadly it has become, consider this:
Think about what humans (actually all species, as far as we know) value above all else, and protect and defend to the end; their young’ns, their offspring, the babies. And yet, look at this one example of poisoning, mind-numbing, illness-producing child abuse that millions of loving parents, with the very best of intentions, participate in (commit) because of the virulently powerful way that this particular lie has infected the population.
This, the genesis of early-onset dementia, the key ingredient of brittle bones/skeletal deformity, the perfect recipe for ADHD, the set-up for dramatic hormonal imbalance, the seeds of cancer for God’s sake; all these ‘side effects, initiated within days (or months) of holy birth is a crime to be sure. The ‘system’, not the dedicated parent, is tainting Creation’s perfection from the very start. Theoretically, the human that develops from an infant who is chronically poisoned with Fluoride Poisoned water will not, cannot, achieve full and perfect potential. Even parents who try to act responsibly are routinely snookered by corporate/government marketing techniques which convince them to put things like vaccines, cows’ milk and fluoride into young virgin bodies.

The poison, Sodium Fluoride, is added to special drinking waters marketed for infants and babies. An example is a product called Nursery Water that’s “enriched” with extra sodium fluoride; you can see this for yourself at

Fluoride Action Network investigations demonstrate that Fluoridated drinking water contains up to 200 times more fluoride than breast milk. As a result, babies consuming formula made with fluoridated tap water are exposed to much, much higher levels of fluoride than a breast-fed infant. “(A baby drinking fluoridated formula receives the highest dosage of fluoride among all age groups in the population (0.1-0.2+ mg/kg/day), whereas a breast-fed infant receives the lowest)”.
This ratio is obviously extreme, and indicates something critically important.
Mother’s milk; measuring 200 times less potent in fluoride than the stuff your government, and likely your doctor tells you to drink, even though virtually all American moms are harboring vast stores of fluoride (because of the fluoride polluted world and sometimes following poor advice which leads moms to consume fluoridated water themselves) shows that the intelligence of the body takes measures to filter this powerful poison out of ‘nature’s perfect food’ for young humans.

Was nature consulted, or even a modicum of good sense used in the design of a ‘fluoride enhanced’ water product (reportedly made from distilled water which readily absorbs poisons from the soft plastic container that holds the water for months) marketed for clean, pure, precious young humans? I don’t have to answer that do I?

As you can see, children are a favorite target when it comes to Fluoride Poisoning. Case in point (yet another). Some one-dozen towns in the UK are feeding FLUORIDATED MILK to students in their primary schools.
Child abuse? You bet it is; feeding fluoride, which is proven to cause brain damage, to young people in a setting where they are supposed to be ‘developing’ their minds is criminal and damn stupid.

This particular poison is dubbed ‘Dental Milk’, owing to the popular ‘cavity prevention’ lie.
This incarnation of ‘fluoride-infected, un-food’ is a real doozie. It represents a dynamically deadly duo since it is cows’ milk (strike one), spiked with fluoride (strike two). Actually, in most versions, it is a deadly trio because the milks pushed on school kids are usually flavored and sweetened. I’m not even counting the flavoring additives, but the sweeteners are generally the artificial ones; definitely strike three.

Strike one: Milk, and the many ill conditions it causes
Strike three: Sugars and Sweeteners

You know, kids really catch heck when parents try to give them all the best, but are lied to by trusted authorities.
Earlier I mentioned that chemical pushers sell special drinking waters (infant water, baby water) marketed for infants and babies containing the added poison, Sodium Fluoride. I don’t remember when that legal drug pushing started but I remember very well, a fluoride-enriched baby food from way back; Pablum.


The baby food Pablums contained carbohydrate-rich foods, good for providing energy for a growing tyke and also contained ‘bone meal’, a not so savory ingredient. The entire Pablum formula may well have been designed in good faith, with the best of intentions; even the bone meal component may have been thought to be of benefit; bone meal used to be a big seller in the old health food stores. Never-the-less, in addition to numerous other objectionable aspects of bone meal, which we understand today, its addition to baby food, or any food would hopefully have been discouraged if the lies of fluoride’s safety and ‘value’ had not been integrated into most people’s minds.
This serious mistake well demonstrates how a big-business/government (corporate-government) lie set into place an outrageous fallacy which made a thoughtfully designed baby food highly poisonous so that loving, devoted, trusting parents would deliver, via silver spoon, a poison concoction disguised as science-inspired, natural, fortified starter food to young Jane and Johnny on a daily bases.
Bone Meal (can contain well over 1,000 ppm – fluoride); as you know fluoride has a strong affinity for bone material and becomes part of the matrix, basically, for life.
Infants on milk formula diets show retention of fluorine (from cows’ milk), and the amount retained goes up dramatically for infants whose diets include baby food containing bone meal.
Bone substance readily absorbs and tenaciously retains fluoride. The ratio of fluoride in bone material is a function of exposure/intake and duration/ time. For this reason bones and bone meal made from dairy cows will be particularly high, as dairy moms are allowed to live until early adulthood or at least adolescence (like six years), whereas steers and the other animals that humans eat are slaughtered in their childhood.
Bones having even higher fluoride content are, of course the ones providing structure to the human frame, because we allow humans to live much longer.


And even more toxic halogen pollution / exposure via the GMO invasion

We cannot leave this discussion without making the link between GMOs (which are ruining people’s bodies and poisoning our Planet in many terrible ways) and the mounting toxic halogen pollution.

GMOs and increased exposure to and ingestion of toxic halogens (fluoride,..)
Even GMOs fit into the fluoride story.
GMOs are killing people and Planet and even ultimately threatening our ability to grow anything edible, as you should know; that’s mostly another story (, but we are now beginning to understand some of the ways that growing and eating GM foods, pump more toxic halogens into people’s bodies directly, and spread a bunch more of these poisons around the common environment.
Emerging information from independent medical researcher, Nonnie Chrystal, is most helpful in this regard, as she unravels some of the hidden web, and precisely connects the GMO invasion with iodine deficiency and birth defects.
Companies/industries that are so ethically imbalanced as to conspire only for profit and put zero emphasis on providing a helpful product or service (the biotech food industry being the best example of such an industry and Monsanto the best example of such a company) use many sneaky tricks to brand harmful as benign, poison as inert and literally, bad as good.
We know, thanks to the work of whistle-blowers, investigative reporters and researchers like Nonnie Chrystal, there are hidden ‘inactive’ ingredients sometimes deemed ‘inert’ (therefore undisclosed) as well as additives in GE foods including toxic halogens called ‘salts.’


Monsanto’s infamous herbicide, Glyphosate, commonly known as Roundup, according to Ms. Chrystal is typically formulated as a salt of the deprotonated acid of Glyphosate and a cation, e.g., isopropylamine or trimethylsulfonium. Don’t let the polysyllabic tongue-twisters bother you.
First of all, keep in mind that Agra-biz operations (the monstrous industrial mono-cropping dust-generators wrongly referred to as farms, which produce most food) typically apply up to 15 TIMES more of this popular poison on GM crops than is used on regular conventional crops (the GM crops are genetically perverted to tolerate this particular poison)… It’s a heck of a lot of poison; and application rates continually rise, as weeds increasingly evolve more tolerance to the stuff (the creation of Super-Weeds). So, there are mountains of the poison Glyphosate (Roundup) applied to GM crops all over the country. Most other countries don’t allow such nonsense.
Second, those hard to pronounce compounds (salts) contain toxic halogens, but are listed as “inactive” ingredients, “inert” ingredients, or not listed at all, because the [toxic] salt does not aid the weed control function as the ‘active ingredients’ do, so they don’t have to be disclosed. It’s another very sneaky way to release the toxic halogens; bromide and chloride into the environment and directly into the bodies of people eating GMO foods… plenty of the poison ‘goes systemic’ and is absorbed into the food in the field. Large quantities of fluoride, bromide and chloride can be fused into food (you can’t wash it off) and spread all around our common environment and saturate our bodies in this way.

Thanks again!


P.S. Iodine deficiency weight gain:

At this point, 2/3 of Americans over age 20 are overweight and 1/3 are obese. This matters for many reasons and costs the individuals and the whole of society plenty.
Many folks struggle earnestly with overweight and obesity. Some meaningfully reduce refined food intake, replacing it with whole food and add supplemental exercise to their lifestyle. A smaller percentage are even able to think their way around the poor advice propagandized about artificial sweeteners (poison), diet pills, fad diets and so on and still hold too much fat. One usually overlooked reason for the condition of intractable overweight is IODINE DEFICIENCY AND TOXIC HALOGEN OVERLOAD; two sides of the same coin, they almost always go hand in hand, and almost everyone in the developed world suffers from this particular imbalance. So, many times, even a person with an otherwise healthy lifestyle will pack on extra weight, or a person, already overweight will be unsuccessful getting it off or keeping it off because the halogen imbalance with its iodine deficiency component so disrupts the glandular system (the hormone system) that nothing works right; internal signals regarding energy input (Food intake), hormone generation/circulation, energy distribution/utilization, cell respiration and so on are chronically confused. The typically diagnosed ‘hypothyroid’ condition – slow/weak metabolism is a common example. In a typical case, iodine supplementation might be recommended (usually in meaninglessly tiny doses), and a more enlightened / Wholistic practitioner might address the certain toxic halogen (fluoride, chlorine, bromine) overload also. Far too many doctors will jump right to thyroid hormone supplementation (grunge medicine).
Depending on a zillion internal factors, the iodine deficiency manifests in different ways, at different times, in different people; but it always screws-up the entire hormonal system to the degree that no system in the body can operate with full intelligence or in harmony. This is quite important indeed with regards to the body-weight issue. Efforts toward establishing ideal weight are (at least to some degree) in vain without the establishment of ‘ideal halogen balance’ (dumping fluoride, Ch, Br and bringing iodine to sufficiency).



So yes, iodine saturation/sufficiency is a good remedy for fluoride (and bromide and chlorine) intoxication/poisoning; but flooding our bodies with toxic halogens, then detoxing with the help of the nutrient iodine, is not nearly so good a scenario as NOT POLLUTING the world (and inevitably our bodies) with fluoride (and B and C) in the first place. Not nearly.
I truly wish I could say that spitting out toxic fluoride all over the Planet is the only stupid mistake we have made; the only chemical crime we’ve committed…
And I truly wish I could say that fluoride circulating in our bloodstreams and residing in our bones Etc., is the only elective/unnecessary serious environmental pollution-born mess we’ve made, but; while it is one of the worst , it is not the first, won’t be the last, and in fact is but one of [almost] too many to count.
Again, I hate to be the barer of such disappointing news, but it is important to know, and someone has to say it…
At this point, our one and only environment is poisoned to a degree far beyond precedent, and as an unavoidable consequence, each of our individual environments (our body/minds) are poisoned to a degree far beyond precedent. The sheer number of concentrated elemental chemicals, chemical compounds and unholy chemical and organo-chemical cocktails (mixes of chemicals released separately, then mixed in the environment, and chemicals that have combined with organic matter) sticking to virtually everything in our world is too overwhelming to fully appreciate, and is frankly, too overwhelming for our bodies and most/all other living systems sharing the planet to process healthfully. I’m just telling a truth that few are willing to talk about and that many, apparently don’t realize; it’s the truth never-the-less. This is why, even though you must become iodine-sufficient and detox from the toxic halogens in order to have a fighting chance; after reaching iodine sufficiency there will still be work to do to keep your head above the surface of the self-poisoning mess which, we of a certain age-range, have both created and been born into, and which the young ‘ns have, unfortunately, just been born into… This is why, even though bringing the body into iodine sufficiency may make some folks feel brand new, and is critically important for everyone; it is likely that all of us will spend the rest of our lives hiding from the toxic aspects of our created and inherited world and using the tools we can discover and develop to hold onto some degree of balance. We should of course, allow room for the possibility of unforeseen – not yet scientifically identifiable, substantial, even dramatic improvements in our situation. So, we keep working on it; and hopefully [but not likely] we will wise up. Hopefully we share a strong desire to halt, and then reverse the toxify-ing trend. Any hope of redesigning our behavior such that the air, water, food Etc. on which we rely, delivers poison in lower doses than our break-even threshold, will demand sharp, creative minds housed in healthy bodies.
Certainly, moving through life is much happier and safer when in a state of iodine sufficiency; conversely, trudging through life while iodine deficient, risks a full spectrum of disease conditions and discomfort (which might otherwise not have to manifest), and insures a much more dangerous/at-risk journey.
Now, just to reiterate the snot out of one important connection:
Because our only world is saturated with toxic fluoride, chlorine and bromine (toxic halogens) and because these particular poisons are powerful endocrine disruptors / hormone antagonists and because none of our body-systems can operate reliably, or in harmony with all other body-systems if the delicately balanced hormone system is perverted, there really is no wise choice other than to address F-, Cl, Br poisoning (which you almost certainly suffer from) and iodine deficiency (which, by extension, you almost certainly suffer from).
It’s a seriously bad situation, but we can make it better. We won’t make it better by just taking what ‘they’ serve. We’ll make it better by ‘acting’ (getting active), demanding, by being the activists that the situation requires.
Here is one example from our history…
We baby boomers were reared in a world of leaded paint, leaded gasoline, leaded …, and “get the lead out” had a very important meaning beyond anything to do with speed. In spite of corporate lies and government ‘allowances’, society and regulation has actually made big improvements in the lead arena.
You know that lead is a rather effective neuro-toxin which damages human brains, notably young developing brains, and inhibits the part of the brain that controls impulses to violence and ‘reason’ (that’s why it makes me nervous that law enforcement people and military people tend to have higher-than-average lead exposure- from firearm use). Well, up until decades ago we had kids chewing on lead-painted window sills and toys (Lead has been used in paints since at least the 4th century, and has been banned from ‘household’ paints in the United States since 1978.) And then Tetra Ethyl Lead (Tetraethyllead, or TEL) was patented as a gasoline additive way back, I think, in the 20s, and eventually phased out starting in the U.S. in the mid-1970s because of its proven cumulative neurotoxicity.
The lead in gas really did a number on us by causing huge, wide-spread exposures
The rise in lead in the environment caused a rise in violence one generation later. Turns out that lead damages developing brains, inhibiting the part of the brain that controls impulses to violence.
After lead in gasoline was banned, a generation later crime rates dropped.
The lead is still in the soil but at least it’s not as rich in the air.

The heavy element LEAD pops up numerous times in this fluoride story.

Tetra Ethyl Lead (Tetraethyllead, or TEL)

Lead officially has a toxicity roughly the same as the powerful poison Fluoride. The two (Fluoride and Lead) are quite friendly with each other (the presence of fluoride invites more lead into the body.) And lead is another element with useful properties understandably exploited by industry; industry which has profited from its wide use, then shared the actual cost with everyone, as the poison is spread through the common environment. Also, Industry/corporatized government chose to saturate the commons with lead, knowing full-well that such a move would poison everyone, make life miserable for some and kill others. Sad similarities between the stories of abuse by lead, and abuse by fluoride are obvious. The timing, trajectory and particulars differ, but the stories are linked, and either or both can help demonstrate the lengths to which some morally-deficient people and organizations will go, to hide an abuse and make a buck. With that said, I feel like this is a good place to share a snippet of the rather heavy lead story.

The birth of the lead story predates the major conniving which ballooned into the Fluoride Fiasco…; back when horses and mules still carried some of the loads of commerce and personal conveyance, but were disappearing rapidly, soon to be replaced almost entirely by the ‘horseless’…

A Benz was considered the first [limited] production model horseless carriage using gasoline as fuel, and it first appeared in 1886.
But to really deliver the new technology to the people, it took Henry Ford and his Ford Model T (Tin Lizzie, Tin Lizzy, T Model Ford, Model T, or simply, the T); it was produced from October 1, 1908, to May 26, 1927. The ‘T’ put ‘every man’ behind the wheel.

Before long, gasoline engines were getting more powerful and being built to operate at higher a compression. The higher compression brought with it the problem of “knock” or “ping”, which was both annoying and damaging. Auto and airplane manufactures were supportive of a solution. A chemist, Thomas Midgley developed a fuel additive which eliminated ping problems. Now, before the search for the performance-enhancing additive began, it was already well known that adding ethyl alcohol to gasoline would eliminate the knock. Ethyl alcohol was/is non-toxic; that’s good, but could not be patented (owned, patented and sold at inflated prices); that’s considered bad from the perspective of investors.

As a researcher, this Midgley guy was on the payroll of General Motors Research Corporation and tried many additives; some worked well but produced an objectionable scent… I didn’t know that old car exhaust smelled good anyway… After a long search, lead was one of the last elements he could think of to try; it was attractive because it was cheap. Poison as heck, sure, but cheap. (Poison at the manufacturing stage, at the points of use, and poison after burned and released into our air.)

Lead has an affinity for living tissue and the property of depositing and accumulating in human blood, bones, and brains. This property is not news now and it wasn’t then. Lead poisoning, resulting even from casual exposure, had already long been known to cause many serious ills, including nerve spasms, hallucinations, aggression, impulsive behavior and hyperactivity, seizures, tremors, speech impairment, blindness, miscarriages and spontaneous abortions, male/female fertility issues, unstable blood pressure, kidney failure, brain damage, madness, coma, and death (the list reads rather like the side effects that come with one of the many drugs promising to soften your smile or stiffen your stick, advertised continuously on TV today). Typically, the effects were caused by ‘low-level chronic exposure’, not just – and maybe more so than by large, acute exposures. In the 1920s Lead was somewhat ubiquitous in consumer products (lubricants, food containers, water tanks, house paint, pesticides, Etc.). Even though medicine and science understood its high toxicity, business tended to ignore lead’s poison-quotient and white-wash its reputation; a practice which is now standard corporate/government procedure.

Worldwide, in 1922 the League of Nations recommended a ban on interior lead paints due to health concerns; Europe complied, the United States, animated by corporate greed, acted as if above science and reason and did not sign on. Midgley himself (and others) received numerous letters from distinguished scientists around the world, urging him to stay away from the “creeping and malicious poison” of tetra-ethyl lead; by then, researchers working with lead concoctions had died from exposure. Environmental pollution estimates suggested that, each gallon of leaded gasoline burned would emit four grams of lead oxide, resulting in buildup along roadsides and in tunnels, as well as in the air. Still, the concerns were ignored in the U.S.

Late in 1922, the US Surgeon General wrote to GM (the internet was down that day) about the obvious and growing concerns that environmental lead would become a serious menace to public health. Midgley responded with a complete dismissal just before heading to Miami for some “fresh air” to treat his own case of lead poisoning.
You’ll remember that GM is now well known for breaking all auto recall records, most notably over the decision not to spend .57 cents per car to fix a known ignition switch design fault, which the company knew would kill and injure many people. Anyway… Back in time again…

The lead-based additive came to be known as Ethyl.

General Motors, Standard Oil and Du Pont formed the Ethyl Gasoline Corporation. Charles Kettering was the president, and Thomas Midgley, vice-president. The poison officially went on sale in 1923. Shortly after numerous Ethyl factories went on line, the mind-dumbing effects of lead became evident in the workers. Reports detailed symptoms of; disorientation, impaired judgment, staggered gait, slurred speech, weak limbs; and one of the plants came to be known as the “House of Butterflies” owing to the insect hallucinations frequently experienced there (insects; I don’t know why). Before long, Ethyl handlers began to turn up at doctors’ offices, hospitals, and morgues.

Somewhere in that timeframe, the Surgeon General launched a series of public inquiries regarding the health risks of leaded fuel. The details of over a dozen Ethyl-related deaths and hundreds of manufacturing injuries were revealed, but the Ethyl corp. blamed the workers and washed its hands.

They kept right on putting it in the gas, and we kept right on driving our guzzlers. As a result of the ‘don’t worry’ don’t make a big deal’ and ‘don’t ask questions’ attitude, research on clean additive all but stopped and/or was blacklisted.

By 1963 Ethyl and other lead-based anti-knock agents were blended into virtually all (98%) of the US gasoline supply, cycling thousands of tons of toxic metal through America’s engines. Who knew that the ‘Tiger in the Tank’ had such deadly fangs…The lead-peddlers enjoyed complete, unquestioned federal protection. The lead guys even successfully sued an unleaded gasoline maker who offered a high-octane alternative which performed exceedingly well without the addition of dangerous chemicals.

Clair Patterson; one good guy:

In spite of the clear facts, the US Federal Trade Commission (Big Business’s Puppet) stated that leaded gas was “entirely safe to the health of motorists and the public […].”
In the late 1940s, a graduate student named Clair Patterson, was developing a new way to measure the age of rocks. His method relied upon the measuring of lead and uranium isotopes in rock samples; confusingly, each sample he tested was contaminated with about two hundred times more lead than expected. He moved his experiments to a contamination-controlled laboratory, and found that the source of the lead contamination was the atmosphere itself. By 1953 he was able tell us that the Earth is 4.55 billion years old; a number which still stands today. Then he went after atmospheric lead.

Dr. Patterson showed that automotive fuel was the source of the contamination, and began to publish materials discussing the toxic metal’s ubiquity and its probable ill effects. In order to demonstrate the increase of lead in the environment, Patterson proposed taking core samples from pack ice in Greenland, and testing the lead content of each [time stamped] layer; we do it all the time now for Climate Change research, but he did it first.

Smoking Gun:

The results showed that airborne lead had been negligible before 1923, and that it had climbed precipitously ever since. In 1965, when the tests were conducted, lead levels were roughly 1,000 times (One Thousand freaking times) higher than they had been in the pre-Ethyl era. He also compared modern bone samples to those of older human remains, and found that modern humans’ lead levels were hundreds of times higher.

As the story goes, and again, standard operating procedure, Ethyl Corporation offered him lucrative employment in exchange for more favorable research results, but Dr. Patterson declined. After passing on the pay-off / sell-out offer, Patterson found himself ostracized from government and corporate sponsored research projects, including, get this, the National Research Council panel on atmospheric lead contamination; and he was the preeminent expert. The Ethyl guys were hooked up with a Supreme Court justice, members of the US Public Health Service, and the mighty American Petroleum Institute. Nevertheless, Patterson was unrelenting, and the resulting rise in scientific and public awareness eventually led to the Clean Air Act of 1970, and a staged phase-out of leaded gasoline. But before the phase-out would kick in, and not to be cooperative, realistic or responsible, Ethyl and Du Pont sued the Environmental Protection Agency, claiming that “actual harm” must be demonstrated rather than just “significant risk,” the legal (though illegitimate) effort prolonged lead additives’ use by more than another decade; this shameful tactic ruined countless human lives and shortened and ended many lives in those ten + additional years.

Bad guy:

Robert A. Kehoe was an American toxicologist; and the foremost medical apologist for the use of lead as an additive in gasoline and the medical spokesperson for Ethyl Corporation and other industries that profited from the production of leaded gasoline.
When early on, numerous scientists raised doubts about its safety and workers at TEL plants fell ill, Kehoe challenged his opponents asking for proof that use of TEL was unsafe. There was clear evidence, but for people invested in status quo sometimes ‘evidence’ is spelled p-r-o-o-f. This avoidance-based ‘show me’ attitude shifted the burden of proof to the doubters (those doubting lead’s safety). This ‘denier’ approach came to be known as the Kehoe Paradigm. The alternative approach – called the Precautionary Principle, utilized by reasonable people would have required proof that TEL was safe before it could be used. The stupidity of the Kehoe Paradigm (Kehoe Rule) assumes (or pretends to assume) that in the absence of clear evidence of risk there is no significant risk at all. The same baloney faux-science was/is used by the tobacco industry, big pharma, pesticide peddlers, asbestos manufactures, nuclear promoters, Climate Change deniers and various other ‘Flat Earth-ers’. The Kehoe Paradigm could have been used to cut one’s self in two by the first person to take a nap across rail road tracks. The Precautionary Principle cautiously/reasonably assumes that there is a possible risk until proven otherwise. And there were alternatives to the use of TEL which had been falsely denied by the industry. The denier approach made it critical for the industry itself to fund and control the research in lead toxicity. This was accomplished with lots of money and the one-sidedness and pre-determined outcome arraignment at the Kettering Laboratory under Kehoe’s direction. The Kehoe Paradigm worked for the lead industry by repeatedly and rhetorically characterizing any criticism as fraught with uncertainty. Kehoe’s laboratory dominated the conversation for decades, attesting to the safety of leaded gasoline and dissing any criticism.

The clean up years:

Lead was banned from residential housing paint in 1978, from plumbing in 1986, and from solder in food cans in 1995 (get that, it took something like 100 years after we all knew lead is toxic, to take it out of our of food cans, where food is often stored long-term and in intimate contact with the material). By 1986, Ethyl and its wanna’bees were ‘virtually’ eliminated in the U.S. The Clean Air Act of 1970 looked good on paper, but, as mentioned, industry found ways to keep the phase-out moving slowly, and I think that up until 1996, you might still find some leaded automobile gas if you looked hard enough.

Even though the pace of clean up was slow and very long in coming, it has made a tremendous difference. Americans’ blood-borne lead levels have since dropped by 78%. Lead’s effects, will linger much longer however and there is evidence that lead damage can be trans-generational. An estimated seven million tons of the poison were burned through gasoline in Ethyl’s sixty-three years of auto use; and since lead does not decay, every particle that was spit through a tailpipe still lingers in the air today, save a smaller portion that settled onto the ground and into the sea. We still burn some; as it is still used in aviation, and in cars cruising third-world roads. And still some industrial processes cough out lead.

Environmental lead pollution was a bitch on children who are much more apt to absorb the neurotoxic metal than adults; it is undoubtedly to blame, in large part, for children’s behavioral problems, learning difficulties, hyperactivity, and breathing complications. Now, a number of recent studies have shown a strong correlation between atmospheric lead levels and crime rates. A study published in the peer-reviewed journal, Environmental Research, which used data spanning more than fifty years, reported a “very strong association” between the exposure of young children to lead, and crime rates twenty years later when they became young adults. Variables for a wide variety of locales, social conditions, and models of government were accounted for and the correlation stands. There has been a well publicized sharp decline in US crime rates beginning in the early 1990s; this dovetails perfectly with the reduction of leaded gasoline in starting in the early 1970s; other countries show the same or similar declines, also delayed by roughly twenty years. Tending to validate the obvious conclusions are studies like one from, Pittsburgh University, where researchers found that juvenile delinquents had lead levels four times higher (on average) than law-abiding adolescents.

Full circle (considering this report is primarily about toxic halogen contamination); Thomas Midgley, the father of leaded gasoline continued concocting ways to poison the population by inventing chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), the refrigerants and aerosol propellants which ripped a huge hole in the Earth’s ozone layer and spread toxin fluorine and chlorine all over us before they were banned. Midgley certainly made big contributions to chemistry and received an impressive array of awards for his contributions, many of which were disastrous.

Ethyl, a necessary evil (till we found other ways), heck no!

BTW, in the early years of Ethyl’s availability, basic refinery advances boosted the octane of fuel by up to 30 points, while the Ethyl additive only boosted it by maybe nine points. Whatever Ethyl’s convenience-related benefits, it saturated the planet with an insidious poison, and the true magnitude of its past, present, and future harms are yet to be realized.

Think about it; if you had an elemental poison that you wanted to spread throughout the common environment; what better way than to arrange for it to be automatically exhaled out of cars and airplanes all ‘round the country; you don’t have to deliver it, people can’t opt out, and they pay you for the stuff. I’m not suggesting that the initial ideas for this lead-mess were as diabolical as the fluoride thing, the lead-mess may have started out as a reasonable ’better life through chemistry’ effort; but it has killed many people, sickened many more, still persists in the environment and our bodies; it was completely unnecessary, illegitimately orchestrated and required lying and the same old corporate strong-arming common today in order to carry out. If it were a reasonable idea in the beginning, it became the work of the devils the moment they knew how effectively the toxin would saturate the common environment and the bodies of everyone living here (the Planet); and in truth, as mentioned earlier, lead’s extreme toxicity was well known before the whole thing started. At the end of a long discussion about the fluoride fiasco, does this sound familiar?

So I’m not suggesting that Tetraethyllead was part of a conspiracy to poison the public; no, the conspiracy was to cover up the known fact that the effort would poison the public; they we going to make money on an additive, poison or not. The conspiracy was carried out by people obviously suffering from impaired moral standards; and they couldn’t have been thinking strait as, most of them (I assume) had children of their own. All of the thugs should have been locked away in lead lined cells.

No, the sky is not falling but it is heavy:

As I mentioned, leaded fuel is still used in aircraft.
According to the latest data provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), piston-engine aircraft generate 57 percent of the roughly 964 tons of air-lead pollution generated annually, or about 550 tons.
About half of lead emissions from piston-engine aircraft linger near airports, the balance is dispersed wherever airplanes fly.


A few points well worth remembering:

The toxicity of fluoride is officially listed right up there with arsenic and lead.

A telling quote from Charles E. Perkins (research scientist with over 20 years experience with the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology of fluorides) makes the point succinctly.
“I say this in all [the] earnestness and sincerity of a scientist who has spent nearly 20 years research into the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology of fluorides. Any person who drinks artificially fluoridated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person.”

Get that; the 80% of Americans serviced with fluoridated tap water have a deadly ‘controlled drug’ and toxic waste delivered right into the home under a program offering no opt-out option.

Consider the fact that every tube of fluoridated toothpaste sold in America carries this notice: “WARNING: Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing [that means a pea-sized speck], seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately”. That stern warning is not printed on the tube because the minty-fresh peppermint oil is dangerous.
In 1987 and 1990, the Journal of Dental Research documented that a single tube of children’s fluoridated toothpaste is enough to kill a 9-year-old child.

Fluoride ingestion/exposure is a self-perpetuating, back door-enabling process… Exposure to fluoride (as in drinking fluori-water, brushing with fluori-paste etc.) covertly poisons the brain/mind, thus making these goofy practices go un-noticed or unrecognized as harmful, ridiculous, deadly… so people apathetically and unconsciously take in more, and become further mentally impaired… (Fluoride is accumulative in the body.) The faculty of ‘reason’ fails even more; by now the people are sitting ducks for industry to put more of this deadly industrial waste into, without challenge; the brains/minds and bodies become sicker still… A vicious cycle which doesn’t stop unless/until one can overcome the government/industry induced fluori-stupor and again see clearly enough at least, to question.

Fluorine interactions:

A dynamic and delicate balancing act is continually going on inside the animal (human) body between the ‘halogens’.

The [notable] halogen elements are fluorine (F), chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br), iodine (I).
These four naturally occurring Halogens are highly reactive, non-metallic elements; one in particular is vitally important in human nutrition/physiology, Iodine. Iodine is an essential nutrient.

Good Halogen, Bad Halogen:
The villain in this story is fluoride/fluorine, criminally added to utility water, dentistry and ‘health care’ products, junk foods, pharma drugs Etc., and found even in otherwise healthful foods because of the ongoing ‘planet-poisoning’ practiced by agribusiness with the chemicals (derived from sources like nuclear reactors) which the industry relies on. There exists between fluorine and iodine a particularly antagonistic relationship such that the greater one’s exposure to fluorine/fluoride, the less iodine is able to function, or even exist in the body. The poisonous fluorine that the dentist and the water treatment overseers insist on putting into your body effectively depletes your body of essential iodine. Iodide deficiency causes serious disease and is now, thanks to the aforementioned practices/policies, rampant worldwide and estimated to affect at least 96% of the U.S. population.

Both chlorine and bromine have a similar iodine competing/depleting effect; both are also illegitimately added to foods, water and various consumer products.

Chlorine, of course is ubiquitous in utility tap water, and many people bring it into the home in the form of laundry and sanitizing products (never recommended).
Chloride is a nutrient, Chlorine is poison.
You can choose to keep bleach and other chlorinated products out of the home,
One more example from the chlorine family is ‘Perchlorate’.
Perchlorate (chlorine compound) is a nasty environmental pollutant.
Splenda / Sucralose is a Perchlorate, NOT a food.

Bromine exposure comes typically from commercial bakery, it saturates the common environment. As a result, 100% of humans tested are toxic with bromine.

The release of fluoride into the environment and its addition to anything that goes into or on our bodies would be prohibited by a responsible government; its addition in products manufactured for ingestion or bodily application would not be allowed by reputable companies.
Due to the high levels of fluoride in tea (Camellia sisensis’); (home brewed, instant and ready-made tea drinks), people who regularly drink tea increase their risk of developing fluoride toxicity and the related iodine deficiency.

Fluoridation is a triumph not of medical science but of US government and corporate spin.

The companies involved in fluoride production, for the sake of building the bomb(s) and the U.S. government, knew that fluoride exposure, even in minute doses was harmful, dreadfully harmful.
Protection from lawsuits was needed. The plan involved portraying the unquestionably toxic (in any amount) fluoride as something of benefit to human health. The atomic super-spin was in.

What better way to dispose of endless tons of the toxic stuff then to distribute it in ‘weak’ concentrations throughout a huge and fluid body; one which is constantly being consumed… “No one will notice”.
They dump it into our water.

In their own clinical trials, pharma companies found homicides, homicidal acts, homicidal ideation, and aggressive behavior to be a side effect of the fluorinated medications.

Treat fluoride like the poison that it is; avoid it as much as possible and plan on supplementing iodine at significant doses for at least 6 – 24 months to become ‘iodine sufficient’ and push out some of the fluoride.

Fluoride exposure is inversely related to iodine deficiency.

Studies show that iodine deficiency is the leading preventable cause of mental retardation and assorted ‘intellectual disabilities’.

Iodine is an essential nutrient and an unparalleled medicine, virtually everyone you know is deficient.

Iodine is a classic example of: a ‘Limiting Factor / an Enabling Factor’. An LF/EF

Being healthfully saturated with nutritious iodine is important also because it protects us from one kind of radioactive pollution; radioactive iodine.

The world will never be less radiologically polluted than it is now, so nutrient iodine is a particularly critically important ‘nutrient of the modern and future world’.

We have correctly identified the ubiquitous distribution of fluoride as a negative externality.

If you are pro-life, pro-good health, pro-safe environment and pro-healthy kids, you must be anti-fluoride.

We don’t know what it feels like to ‘think straight’, we can’t think straight because we’re all tox-ed out (drugged) on fluoride. We are suffering under the affects of the drug, fluoride.

Iodine deficiency / fluoride toxicity causes or exacerbates many serious health conditions (physical, mental ,emotional) which cannot be cured with the intake of MORE drugs.

Iodine SUFFICIENCY prevents and reliably treats many ill conditions.

As an anti-cancer agent, iodine supports apoptosis (self destruction of cancer cells).

Iodine sufficiency is necessary for hormonal balance.

The National Academy Of Sciences (NAS) stated in 1977 that, for the average individual, a retention of 2mg fluoride/day would result in crippling skeletal fluorosis after 40 years.

Currently, many – if not most pharmaceuticals prescribed for mental-emotional-behavioral issues are fluoride containing drugs (fluori-drugs). Fluoride has a deranging effect on the psyche (and of course the physical self). Fluoride exposure; most certainly, direct ingestion of fluoride, is immediately poisoning, but very importantly causes iodine deficiency, and iodine deficiency negatively effects psychological, mental and emotional status, resulting in lowered I.Q., depressed cognitive function, ADHD, Etc… A diagnosis of such conditions will typically compel the doctor to prescribe… You guessed it; fluori-drugs… The fluoride intake (while it may temporarily mask symptoms: zombie-fy the mind) ‘harms the head’ directly, and further depletes iodine; and the iodine deficiency was a key part of the problem to begin with.

Fluoride is a classic ‘negative externality’ The mantra of the big polluters, fully supported by (98% of) our faithful representatives is: “internalize profits – socialize (externalize) costs”. This practice is a disease which infects over 300 Million at home and over 7 Billion ‘round the world today (and that’s just the humans), it infects the very blood and lungs of our only Home Planet (which IS the economy, stupid) and pulls the future right out from under our kids! This is where FLUORIDE fits perfectly.



After reading ‘The Fluoride Fiasco (The Iodine Rescue)’, some folks have wondered if my tongue might be forked because of statements like; “Get your nutrition from real food-pills are not food”; then I take a breath and say; “Take these iodine pills and call me next year.”
Is my position hypocritical, confused..? Not at all; confusing maybe, but not confused.
The fact is; supplementing, the way it is generally practiced (almost baseless ‘nutrition-ism’) risks negative blowback, such as the creation of biochemical imbalances.
Certainly, popping a Centrum or a One-a-Day (a mix of arbitrarily assembled, inorganic vitamins, minerals, colors, flavors Etc) daily, causes nutritional and other biochemical imbalances; guaranteed. And yet, living in a world which impinges on our body/minds in such profoundly, precedent-setting, chemically poisonous ways, such that imbalances result simply from breathing, drinking, eating, and just ‘existing’ in intimate contact with high concentrations of (mostly new compounds of) chemicals, begs for remedies. Centrums and One-a-Days are not the remedy.
We can’t yet stake claim to, and set up housekeeping on ‘New Earth’ (some still-pristine heavenly body circling another star), and there is nowhere on the skin or in the seas of this Mother to hide from the ever-metastasizing mess we have created here, so we try to find ways to adapt; to filter out, block out, flush out; keep our collective heads above the oil slicks, ahead of the radioactive fallout, below the smog, and somehow sooth the harshness of the numerous examples of the unintended consequences of our civilized folly.
It is indeed a precarious situation to find ourselves in.
It’s a bad sign when an individual or society must resort to taking drugs, (and according to American advertizing, we all should be eating more pills than food every day). Popping pills which happen to be marketed as supplements generally amounts to using compounds (which we recognize as nutrients), as drugs too. Americans spend, easily $70 Billion on nutritional supplements in a year and worldwide it’s about $200 Billion. Yes, our food (largely by choice) is deficient, yes, the dirtier the environment and the deader the soil, the greater is the body’s need for certain nutrients, and sure there is some benefit to be had from some small portion of this multi-billion dollar effort (the pills and potions business), for some folks, sometimes, even if a new imbalance is created. But the big driver behind this costly gulping is the advertizing which is generally based on nothing real, and when tied to anything that looks real, only cites ‘studies’ which are almost always designed, paid for, and the outcomes and interpretations dictated by, the corporations which ingest the billions that we trade for pills.
So, bottom line. Swallowing ‘One-a-Day’ is not good, drinking ‘Insure’ is not good, and eating ‘Nature Valley granola bars’ (or most anything with the word ‘Nature’) is not good. But that stuff is all obviously crap. What about a ‘Multi’ that you by at Whole Foods (a sham of a name)? Still, not generally recommended. In truth, most of the reasoning which directs people to pop nutrient pills is informed by drug company marketing (most ‘nutritional supplements brands are owned by pharmaceutical conglomerates). One of the most negative effects that such behavior has on well-meaning consumers is the associated thinking that taking ‘a good, comprehensive multivitamin’ is a license to dine on junk. Certainly, most of the supplementing that folks do wastes their money, often provides a false sense of security, generally creates biochemical imbalances and occasionally is helpful. We must accept that most of what there is to know about the intricate chemical makeup of food(s) is not known, and that isolated nutrients behave completely different than a whole food matrix containing the same nutrient(s)… It will be some time, likely on the far side of never, before we can identify all the nutrients which exist in foods. This helps explain why ingesting comparatively huge amounts of isolated nutrients to the exclusion of the many others (including those which haven’t yet been discovered and identified, but are surely in the whole food matrix) will usually create new imbalances.
Being an idealist, it pains me to say this, but being a realist, I must admit that there are exceptions; critically important exceptions.
Some of you know that a regular rant from my soapbox is about getting our nutrition from whole-food, air, sun, water Etc., and not from manufactured pill and potions.
With a certain appreciation for this ideal, our friends and regular readers know that there are a small number of nutraceuticals that I enthusiastically recommend for everyone; well, really just one or two (besides that which is needed get the toxic halogens out and get the iodine in).
Sadly, the reality is that we are all living-repositories for some very harmful chemical poisons which are insidiously disruptive. This particular contamination goes far beyond that which settles in, or cycles through our bodies from the ‘general, ambient’ industrial pollutants which are suspended in all the Earth’s air and water.
The toxic halogens represent a class of extremely disturbing poisons which harm the body in more ways than we can count; they are contaminants which we can no longer avoid, and once in the body, they stick like poison glue. Once inside, they corrupt our ‘operating system’ (hormone system), which automatically throws everything out of whack; as just one example.
We know of only one way to effectively reduce their concentrations (which is absolutely necessary). If we knew (about halogens in the body) what we do today, but lived in the environment as it was when today’s seniors were born, there would be no need for the halogen displacement protocol detailed in this article. But we live in the world we have created where halogen exposure, ingestion and contamination is unavoidable and it is so very harmful that we must address it. Thankfully we have a way, and that’s why you’ve read this far; or probably should have. You are deficient in iodine because of toxic halogen pollution; and, you need much more iodine intake because of toxic halogen pollution. Food sources of iodine are not rich enough to do the job (of taking you from iodine starvation to iodine sufficiency) so we pop pills and/or count drops; and we may add a few adjuncts (helpers) to assist iodine at getting in there and assure that the process works smoothly.


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