The Fluoride Fiasco (The Iodine Rescue)

I’m compiling this discussion about the fluoride issue because of some recent questions and an apparent resurgence of interest on the subject. Thank goodness. The outrage and the remedy are long overdue.

Way back in the early seventies, I knew that fluoride in the water acted as a mind control drug and poly-poison. The facts were (are) irrefutable. This is an easy one. It’s numbers, it’s cause and effect, it’s crystal clear. So don’t ask me why such insanity continues, you won’t like the answer, and you already know it anyway.

A telling quote from Charles E. Perkins (research scientist with over 20 years experience with the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology of fluorides) makes the point succinctly.
“I say this in all [the] earnestness and sincerity of a scientist who has spent nearly 20 years research into the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology of fluorides. Any person who drinks artificially fluoridated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person.”


Actually my first indications that there might be something sleazy going on behind the scenes originated with articles printed in ‘Prevention Magazine’. Well-read copies that I inherited from my Grandmother were enlightening, and spurred my further investigations into many aspects of well-being. Some of the first ‘Prevention’ mags that I read were issues from the 50s and 60s, they were goldmines of enlightenment. To be clear, way back then, Prevention was a good read. The last time I opened one, it was a propaganda rag at best, mostly packed with ads for pharma drugs, cars, and junk food, not at all nutritious for the mind. Not safe to read. Anyway, the mention of the fluoridated water issue led me to look deeper into the matter. Innocent, I knew nothing, and approached the investigation with no bias, no preconception. Back then such queries required trips to the library and calls to utilities. The best science said [says] that there is no place, no requirement in the human body for inorganic fluoride and that, in fact, fluoride is a powerfully toxic substance. ‘Poison’ is an understatement. Over the years, I [we] learned much more, all distressing, about the action of fluoride in the body and in the general environment.

The mind-numbing and body debilitating effects of fluoride were discovered and studied way back in the 19th century by the medical profession (specifically, Homeopathy) and the body of evidence proving its extreme toxicity has grown immensely over the past century and a half. Please understand; there is no question. There can be no argument among intelligent – informed people. Yet your well-meaning dentist pushes well-meaning parents to fluori-poison the children, the health and beauty aid manufacturers market fluori-poison products for direct contact with oral tissue and inevitable ingestion, agri-business corporations spray and spread the stuff all over our food, and release endless tons in the manufacture of soil-killing phosphate fertilizers; from there it also leaches into the soil and water ways, and municipal utilities use taxpayer funds to fluori-poison the freaking water. Get that; the 80% of Americans serviced with fluoridated tap water have a deadly ‘controlled drug’ and toxic waste delivered right into the home under a program offering no opt-out option.

Consider the fact that every tube of fluoridated toothpaste sold in America carries this notice: WARNING: Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately. That stern warning is not printed on the tube because the minty-fresh peppermint oil is dangerous.

In 1987 and 1990, the Journal of Dental Research documented that a single tube of children’s fluoridated toothpaste is enough to kill a 9-year-old child.

How could this happen? (Shouldn’t we have noticed?)

Mass desensitization:

In sad reality, two things that are common today, and that exist only to stuff the pockets of soul-less corporate players and the politicians in their control actually alter the functionality of the human psyche in such a manner that people generally, are at once, dangerously apathetic, disconnected/desensitized and suffering from an impaired power of reasoning.

~ 1. Eating animals, which requires heartless incarceration, the application of extreme torture and then murder, hardens the innate, humane sensibilities of those who choose to consume what factory farms and slaughter houses supply. If the consumers looked into the supply chain of burgers, broilers and milk, they would be horrified, when they do look, they vomit. So society has learned not to look, not to question. A spinoff of the ‘herding culture’ that most Americans participate in, is a profound ‘desensitizing’; there is no other way for most humans to order the terrorizing, torture and murder of fully sentient beings with fully developed nervous systems and families. Prime rib doesn’t ‘grow on trees’ as we say, we know it is the result of horrendous acts ‘too gruesome to talk about, too horrific to contemplate’, so we don’t. The people have suppressed their finer instincts , stuffed their humanity so that they can look down at a plate of ‘wings’, ‘breasts’, ‘bleeding flesh’, lay it upon the tongue and actually savor the flavor. That’s not natural; yes, it is common, it is, in the developed world, an average behavior, but it is not natural; it is learned, not innate!
That is ‘Desensitization’!
I site this not for the ‘preaching-vegan value’ or condemnation of our brothers, but to illustrate one of two very important avenues through which society has reached this state of profound desensitization, which is a very dangerous state indeed. The point within the point here is that had not most members of the population and society at large been born into the modern version of ‘the herding culture’ and thus are now so profoundly desensitized, it would not have been so easy for the corporatized government to slip a deadly industrial waste product, a ‘controlled drug’ for God’s sake, into the shared water supply and then into consumer and medical products as well, without the people demanding solid, scientific proof of validity, and in fact being outraged at such insane proposals. In fact, and real psychology accepts this (but doesn’t openly talk about it), without the extreme desensitization resulting from participating in ‘blood sport’ (eating animals); junk food, GMOs, socially accepted drug abuse, endless war-making, the tremendous success of gory entertainment Etc. would not have so easily been introduced / accepted. People have been taught, and have taught themselves through practice/repetition NOT TO PAY ATTENTION, not to look closely at what they take as food.

As a result, people in the developed world tend to be profoundly ignorant about food, what qualifies as food and where it comes from (most U.S. grade-school children cannot identify vegetables…….) ). This works very well for the industry. The apathy and the ignorance about what it takes to produce a consumer product or service, and in fact an out-right refusal to be informed, bleeds over into all things which we live with and use every day. This mindset often places unrealistic, un-deserved faith in the fallacy that some government agency is duly regulating everything and keeping everyone safe. In essence, people are handing over the responsibility of their own well-being and that of their precious children to a fictitious entity, or worse a profoundly corrupt one. Much unnecessary harm comes not only to the people, but to the planet which sustains us because uninformed people have no idea what their consumer choices mean with regards to water, soil, air, resource depletion, disease generation, the economy, human rights, sweat-shop proliferation, war-making Etc., Etc., thus, they can’t make better choices and have no motive to appeal for better choices. Please, may I again stress that I note this important point not to judge, but to illustrate a behavioral standard which directly causes a self destructive psychological condition, the effects of which are pervasive and long lasting.

~ 2. Continuous ingestion of inorganic fluoride does indeed dumb down the cognitive faculties and poison the physicality of those who partake of (or who are exposed to) the poison. This toxic waste is accumulative in the body; it undeniably causes much harm individually and interacts with other elements and compounds to increase their ‘toxic quotient’. Fluoride also increases the absorption of other poisonous substances and heavy metals; lead, for instance, and directly depletes stores of essential nutrients. Get that; it is highly toxic on its own AND it pulls in the bad stuff and pushes out the good stuff; three strikes!

Fluoride ingestion/exposure is a self-perpetuating, back door-enabling process… Exposure to fluoride (as in drinking fluori-water, brushing with fluori-paste etc.) covertly poisons the brain/mind, thus making these goofy practices go un-noticed or unrecognized as harmful, ridiculous, deadly… so people apathetically and unconsciously take in more, and become further mentally impaired… (Fluoride is accumulative in the body.) The faculty of ‘reason’ fails even more; by now the people are sitting ducks for industry to put more of this deadly industrial waste into, without challenge; the brains/minds and bodies become sicker still… A vicious cycle which doesn’t stop unless/until one can overcome the government/industry induced fluori-stupor and again see clearly enough at least, to question.

The Stewed Frog:

Although fluoride poisoning can kill in minutes (In 1987 and 1990, the Journal of Dental Research documented that a single tube of children’s fluoridated toothpaste is enough to kill a 9-year-old child), it works exceedingly well as a sneaky, invisible poison. It represents a textbook example of the metaphorical ‘boiling frog’ scenario (if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will instantly jump out, but if it is placed in cool water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death). This property inherent to the fluoridating of municipal water allows for the almost unchallenged dumping of highly toxic industrial waste into a most basic element, water, which all mammals need to ingest every day. The human system retains far more than half of every dose of fluoride (as the body ages, or is compromised by illness it may retain a greater proportion) for the lifetime. Infants retain 90%. Tainted food is becoming an ever more potent source of the poison as crops pick it up from ag-chemicals, animal waste (in which it is highly concentrated) used as fertilizer, and from irrigating with, you guessed it, fluoridated water.

“The resolution to avoid an evil is seldom framed till the evil is so far advanced as to make avoidance impossible.”
– Thomas Hardy

The fact that this goes on, and has for many decades, should, one would think, give everyone pause, and a reason to consider carefully, all products and services marketed to, and provided for the masses. Mass fluoridation is not just a deadly practice, it is an important example!

An Important Example:

Some other known examples of unquestionably hazardous wastes, intentionally added to mass-market products, resources and utilities, which are obviously not there for our benefit include:
~ Radioactive waste mixed into bricks, concrete, porcelain products, floor and counter tiles. This has been going on for decades. There is currently a bill in congress which would greatly expand this foolish practice.
~ Pesticides blended into heating oil and road oil.
~ Depleted uranium built into the wings of commercial airplanes and many types of military vehicles and used in munitions which when deployed, explode, blanketing the area with radioactive dust which cannot effectively be cleaned up and will remain hazardous for thousands of generations.
~ Radioactive stuff is now in all manner of consumer products and this will be steadily increasing and will likely continue without end.
~ Factory farm waste spread onto cropland far beyond any claimed ‘fertilizer’ ratio such that the soil is biochemically burned and valuable microbes smothered and obviously the runoff ‘infects’ ground water, surface water Etc. Of course uncountable tons of the wastes are dumped into waterways every day but the agribusiness guys don’t generally claim that there is a benefit to that.

The point is…

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