The Fluoride Fiasco (The Iodine Rescue)

The point:
Stay the heck away from fluoride and any products or treatments which use it. If you think that you need a milligram more than what is already stored in your body, you are mistaken, but if you insist, don’t worry, you will inevitably pick up plenty even from the best food and water as the environment is now saturated. If you see someone poisoning the kids with ‘dentist recommended’ fluoride treatments or ‘fluoride tainted’ toothpaste, consider enlightening them, for folks drinking tap water, suggest a fluoride trapping filtration system or other option, and suggest that they call their representatives every day until the poisoning stops.

The other point:

Let the twisted ‘fluoridation scam’ serve as a valuable example, a warning, let it demonstrate that the powers-that-be are poisoning you and your children and the whole of our only planet from within and without. And if that’s not criminal enough, we pay for the poison, and the masses generally accept it without challenge. This has nothing to do with conspiracy theories; personally, I am not a conspiracy theorist, just an observer, an evidence based observer. Fluoride is NOT a nutrient. Fluoride is a neuro-toxic poison, a physical poison, a mind-control drug.


Fluorine interactions:

A dynamic and delicate balancing act is continually going on inside the animal (human) body between the ‘halogens’.
The halogen elements are fluorine (F), chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br), iodine (I), and astatine (At) [astatine doesn’t really figure into this discussion because it is virtually nonexistent and so transmutable that only about 1oz. exists on earth at a given time].

The five [four] naturally occurring Halogens are highly reactive, non-metallic elements, and as such can be harmful or lethal to biological organisms in sufficient quantities. One in particular is vitally important in human nutrition/physiology, Iodine. Iodine is an essential nutrient.

Good Halogen, Bad Halogen:

The villain in this story is fluoride/fluorine ((more specifically, fluorine compounds such as sodium fluoride (NaF), fluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6), or sodium fluorosilicate (Na2SiF6) and others)), criminally added to utility water, dentistry and ‘health care’ products, junk foods, pharma drugs Etc., and found even in otherwise healthful foods because of the ongoing ‘planet-poisoning’ practiced by agribusiness with the chemicals (derived from sources like nuclear reactors) which the industry relies on. There exists between fluorine and iodine a particularly antagonistic relationship such that the greater one’s exposure to fluorine/fluoride, the less iodine is able to function, or even exist in the body. The poisonous fluorine that the dentist and the water treatment overseers insist on putting into your body, effectively depletes your body of essential iodine. Iodide deficiency causes serious disease and is now, thanks to the aforementioned practices/policies, rampant worldwide and estimated to affect at least 96% of the U.S. population.

Both chlorine and bromine have a similar iodine competing/depleting effect; both are also illegitimately added to foods, water and various consumer products.

Chlorine, of course is ubiquitous in utility tap water, and many people bring it into the home in the form of laundry and sanitizing products (never recommended); and chlorine compounds are used in the processing and manufacture of many foods and consumer products. If bleach is used in the home, unhealthful levels of chlorine will be in the bodies of people living there, guaranteed. Swimming in chlorinated pools and breathing the air, especially at indoor pools are chlori-poisonous activities.
Chloride is a nutrient, Chlorine is poison.
You can choose to keep bleach and other chlorinated products out of the home, but if your house is serviced with utility water, and not protected with a chlorine trapping filter, please hold your breath and walk away when opening a hot steamy dishwasher and keep the shower cooler and well ventilated as the steam will be saturated with chlorine.

As mentioned, the halogens/halides are very reactive chemically. One more example from the chlorine family is ‘Perchlorate’.

Perchlorate (chlorine compound) is a nasty environmental pollutant primarily dumped into the commons by defense contractors, military operations and aerospace programs; it is a key ingredient in rocket fuel; also used in fireworks, flares and explosives. Virtually all humans tested, test positive for Perchlorate; most contamination comes from rocket fuel, and it adds up to quite a lot of contamination…100% of human milk tests at measurable levels – 99% of cows’ milk tests HIGH for Perchlorate.

It’s now in ground water, drinking water and soil, and so, contaminates conventional and organically grown food. Inevitably it concentrates in animal flesh and milk because of the multiplying effect from cycling many units of contaminated feed through animals to produce each unit of meat/milk

Perchlorate majorly interferes with (prevents) iodide uptake/transport at the ‘sodium-iodide symporter’ in the thyroid gland which unfortunately has a 30-fold higher affinity for perchlorate than for iodide. Not good numbers.
Remember, chloride is an important element for the body, but chlorine is toxic.

I’m happy to report that one of the reasons that Sucralose / Splenda is poison is because it is a ‘Perchlorate’, poorly disguised as a food. ‘Chlorinated table sugar’ (Sucralose / Splenda).
I’m pleased to take the opportunity to remind the reader of this fact (which the producer, McNeil Nutritionals, LLC doesn’t explain in their marketing propaganda), because of the tremendous damage done by ingestion of the poison and, frankly, the shame I feel for radio, TV (and other) personalities promoting the poison.

More recently, McNeil Nutritionals (love the company name) has been promoting new versions of this splendid poison- Splenda Essentials, which incorporates some vitamins and antioxidants into the poison Perchlorated sugar… Kinda’ like putting a drop of perfume in a pile of dog poop, but not as healthy. Sweet.

Bromine exposure comes typically from commercial bakery, certain junk-food drinks, bromated vegetable oil (BVA) as an additive, fatty junk food Etc.; aside from food sources, bromide is used in swimming pools and spas (from where people breathe the vapors and absorb the poison through the skin); bromide is used as a flame retardant that is applied to many products; mattresses, clothing, all kinds of upholstered stuff, furniture, computers, cell phones, car interiors, and as a treatment chemical on numerous consumer products. Oh, it’s out there baby. Just one state-California dumps over 20 Million TONS on food (and other) plants in a year. Hello; it doesn’t magically disappear after spraying; it saturates the common environment. As a result, 100% of humans tested are toxic with bromine.

Fluoride is not a ‘natural’ substance per se’ (in nature, it’s difficult to get at, and it certainly doesn’t have a healthful effect on the body in amounts beyond just a pinch); it is the byproduct of the aluminum, fertilizer and nuclear industries, use of fluorine gas and other industrial enterprises. Its release into the environment and addition to anything that goes into or on our bodies would be prohibited by a responsible government; its addition in products manufactured for ingestion or bodily application would not be allowed by reputable companies.

The release of fluoride into the environment and its addition to anything that goes into or on our bodies would be prohibited by a responsible government; its addition to products manufactured for ingestion or bodily application would not be allowed by reputable companies!

What, Where, Since when:

Over the past 70 years, the levels of fluoride in foods have increased, in some cases, dramatically. The reasons for this increase include:
The mass fluoridation of water supplies, the use of fluoride-based pesticides, the manufacture of phosphate fertilizers, the use of mechanical deboning processes, and, the use of non-stick coatings and industrial ‘dry lubricants’ such as Teflon.

Fluoridated food:

Virtually every food contains at least some fluoride. Plants take it up from the soil and the air. Animals (Humans) who eat animals may take in much more fluoride because livestock animals eat huge amounts of ‘fluoridated’ plant material and it accumulates/concentrates… Better to eat low on the food chain.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Fresh or unprocessed foods available in the U.S. have fluoride concentrations that generally range from 0.02 to 2.00 ppm. Processed foods routinely provide much more fluoride, due, in part, to the ‘multiplier effect’ caused by the processing of foods and beverages using fluoridated water. Fish that are consumed with bones, and bone meal supplements have been shown to be a very rich source of fluoride in human food…The bones of land animals also contain very high levels of fluoride; this is a concern for pets who chew on bones.

Poultry and fish can be particularly concentrated in fluoride due to mechanical de-boning methods and other modern ‘lightning speed’ processing techniques in which all different body parts get mixed together into a final processed product. Most fluoride settles in the bones and is liberated and incorporated into the matrix at the processing plants. Chicken in particular comes not just with loads of fluoride, but often a heavy compliment of arsenic (added to feed as a growth stimulant and to pink-en the flesh); the two make a powerful ‘negatively synergistic’ poisonous combination; each increasing the toxicity of the other.

Organic food much safer than commercial:

‘Beyond Pesticides’ has identified approximately 150 fluoridated pesticides. The three most widely used are herbicides: Trifluralin, Fluometuron and Benefin (Befluralin) (EPA, Aug 97). The category “Fluorine Insecticides” includes Cryolite, Barium hexafluorosilicate, Sodium hexafluorosilicate, Sodium fluoride, and Sulfluramid.


Organics were doing fine before the feds got involved, thank you very much…
The US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) revised rule on National Organic Standards (NOS), proposed in March 2000, was finalized in December. The standards were first proposed in 1997 and included proposals to use sewage sludge, irradiation, antibiotics in livestock, and genetically modified organisms. USDA withdrew the proposal after receiving almost 300,000 comments from the public; the most ever received on any US agency proposal in history.

Here comes the BUT:

In the final NOS, the four practices listed above were cut, but, those concerning fluoride were ignored. Get this’; the new standards allow the use of highly toxic sodium fluoride in organic agriculture.

Important information about organic standards abuse and who you CAN’T trust:
When you eat an organic apple or pear, you may expose yourself to measurable levels of streptomycin and tetracycline; two antibiotic drugs that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) (what a joke!) allows to be used on these two ‘ORGANIC’ fruits. This is supposed to be ORGANIC (clean-natural) food, people.
Such sloppiness helps to make disease bugs stronger and smarter, creating super-bugs; while reducing the vitality of the host (you) and screwing up the delicate balance of gut flora. The feds have proven time and again that they are not up to the task of regulating organics.

Most of the foods/beverages really high in fluoride are junk food and non-food anyway and baby food (which is usually junk). But there are exceptions… One notable exception is tea.

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