The Fluoride Fiasco (The Iodine Rescue)

Ever since the U.S. scorched Japan, and forever irradiated various atolls and islands in the Pacific and much of the U.S. southwest with thousands of nuclear tests; widespread contamination with, and human exposure to deadly fluoride has grown exponentially. Fluoride pollution/exposure has, we can say, “exploded”.

Virtually no amount of fluoride is healthful, yet industry keeps spitting it out all over the planet, the government says, “fine”; most cities dump it in our drinking water, and many dentists paint it on the baby’s teeth and many naïve people brush with it, rinse with it and medicate with it. It’s a crazy world. We don’t know what it feels like to ‘think straight’, we can’t think straight because we’re all tox-ed out (drugged) on fluoride. We are suffering under the affects of the drug, fluoride.

We don’t know what it feels like to ‘think straight’

When you sense yourself thinking irrationally, feeling too spacey to pay attention to what is going on, just not caring, or get the feeling that you are smarter than your actions indicate… keep in mind, “THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON FLUORIDE”.

I guess they thought…:

What better way to dispose of endless tons of the toxic stuff then to distribute it in ‘weak’ concentrations throughout a huge and fluid body; one which is constantly being consumed… “No one will notice”.

They dump it into our water; we drink the water, bathe in it, irrigate food crops with it; the residue gets stuck in our bodies and ends up also in wild waters, land, air, plants and animals everywhere… The water is always being consumed, so the ‘fluoridate-ors’ can keep dumping it in, and the poison disappears; well, not really.

Let Industry Pollute, the Feds don’t give a Hoot:

Not just Nukes, if fact most of the fluori-poison in the water now is industrial waste from aluminum and fertilizer production.

Already, by 1909 Alcoa was producing 16,500 tons of aluminum per year and releasing 132 tons of hydrogen fluoride air pollutants annually. Aluminum cookware was introduced in 1922 in the US. Aluminum production increased accordingly, and production of the toxic waste product, sodium fluoride got a boost. In 1925, Andrew Mellon became US Treasurer. The US Public Health Service was under the direct jurisdiction of the Department of the Treasury. Andrew Mellon was a founder and major stockholder of Alcoa, the main producer of toxic fluoride waste materials. By the mid-thirties, superphosphate plants were pouring 25,000 tons of fluorine into the air and adding 90,000 tons to the topsoil each year.

We should remember that back in the 50s people thought the government could do no harm (at least not to her own people), and that all the new-fangled gadgets tempting suburbanites would bliss-ify life. People were x-raying their feet at the shoe store, pumping the kids full of new (potentially deadly) vaccinations, raising a new generation on nutrient-deficient TV dinner un-foods – replete with new color/flavor additives, chain-smoking ‘doctor recommended’ Camels and Luckys, Pregnant ladies were drugging with thalidomide which eased nausea but produced deformities, we were all told (sold) of a ‘better life through chemistry’ and that “in the future atomic energy will give us endless electricity to cheep to meter”. I swear, that’s what we were told.

~~~ Please don’t get stuck right here because the comment on vaccinations may be off-putting; you may miss something important and helpful deeper into the text. It’s not a black & white issue, and demands much more than a one-liner. Space constraints don’t allow for full expansion of every issue herein mentioned. The qualifier (potentially deadly) stands, but is not a blanket condemnation, and is not intended as a scare tactic. Again, in fairness, the subject is replete with nuances; there are many degrees between the unquestioning pro-vax and (so called) anti-vax positions. ~~~

50s, 1

50s, 1

Poor souls were mining asbestos unprotected; filling cavities with mercury, gals were varnishing their lungs with second-hand hair spray in huge quantities. Geniuses at Bell Labs had invented the ‘transistor’ and all new things were good. Life was magic; cars had automatic transmissions and got 8 MPG on leaded gas; and Big Brother was looking after the details. All was well, well…

I’m thinking that we weren’t paying close enough attention.

We should remember that the foundational example/ message within the fluoride fiasco which is begging for expression, is that democracy is not a spectator sport, and that simply voting, doesn’t get the job done. Heck, in the 1960 presidential election, voter turnout (of voting-age population) was a whopping 63.1 percent (it has never been higher since). We must pay attention, we must QUESTION AUTHORITY. Or else…
The fluoridation scam should function as a prime example of what can happen when a society fails to fully participate in the democracy with which it has been blessed… in this case; one result has been that a chemical weapon was turned against the country’s own people.

Somebody is digressing…

To be clear, the poisoning of the planet via fluoride started decades before the Bomb effort, as the usual, unfettered, void-of-conscience, corporate expansion and its ‘privatize the profit / socialize the costs/damage’ formulae allows…; it is the great, underhanded sneakiness and the diabolical planting of the idea that chronic ingestion of the toxic waste is ‘not only harmless, but healthful’, and the deliberate contamination of our water supply (all of which led to the acceptance, by the citizenry of such insanity and which also advanced the ‘condition of insanity’ in the population), and the deliberate use of the toxin in dentistry/medicine that was born of ‘The Bomb’.

And on and on and on it goes… There is much more interesting history to know, but let that be the focus of another discussion.
For now, until we can stop the insanity (and forever really, ‘cause the stuff aint going away), we need to make the effort to reduce personal exposure and remedy the number one nutrient deficiency (a powerful disease producing condition) caused by exposure to fluoride, Iodine deficiency. It’s a very serious situation, a condition affecting virtually everyone in the U.S. and most of the folks word-wide.

Would we all feel much better, experience fewer illnesses, recover quicker, actually be mentally sharper and more emotionally stable if we somehow reduced our exposure to fluoride, flushed some of it out of our bodies, and fixed our certain (fluorine-caused) iodine deficiencies (became iodine sufficient)? Unquestionably, yes.

Remember, the poison fluoride, acts as a poison directly and indirectly.
Fluoride is one of the toxic halogens; it is associated with numerous disease conditions, including cancer.

Fluoride accumulates in the thyroid and the pineal glands. It actually ‘hardens’ the pineal gland (some say, this has spiritual implications). The pineal gland is a key in producing serotonin and melatonin. Do you think that life would work better if serotonin and melatonin production were properly modulated and thyroid function were normalized? The answer is YES. It can be life-changing. This is only one example of where ‘F’ goes, and the damage it does; gram-for-gram, most of the F ends up in the bones, sometimes leading to crippling ‘skeletal fluorosis’, not pretty.

Fluoride exposure/ingestion causes iodine deficiency

So fluoride exposure/ingestion causes iodine deficiency. The flip side is, luckily, that iodine saturation forces out fluoride. So, as we become iodine sufficient, we dump a lot of the poison F, and no longer absorb F as readily. Many people have a sense of how much nicer life can be when the thyroid is happy. With regards to what is now known about the interactions of these two halogens in the pineal gland; as iodine flushes out fluoride it normalizes/enhances the function of the pineal gland. When fluoride is pushed out of the thyroid and pineal glands, basically everything works better. Actually, in such a state, where one is not toxic with fluoride, but is properly saturated, that is, biochemically satisfied with the nutrient iodine, many diseases won’t develop, various ill conditions may automatically resolve, measures of intelligence may score higher, life is likely to be a nicer experience.

Because iodine can evict disruptive fluoride, iodine sufficiency leads to much less ‘confusion’ from the troublesome ‘F’ which can apparently mimic, and possibly displace various essential minerals, such as calcium, for instance, as well.

Some symptoms and conditions which may be related to thyroid damage and fluoride poisoning include:

Aches/pains; fibromyalgia, neuropathy, chronic fatigue, often not relieved by extra sleep or rest, headaches, aches and stiffness in muscles/bones (arthritic-like pain) In lower back, neck, in jaws In arms, shoulders, legs, tingling sensations in fingers and feet, arthritis, bony, painful lumps where tendons and ligaments attach to bones. Calcifications of connective tissue on X-ray, especially with pain and reduced range of motion

Bones / Teeth; deformities (arthritis, fractures), brittle bones, osteoporosis, brittle teeth

Breath; asthma, asthma-like symptoms after showering, or other exposure to fluoridated/chlorinated water

Cancer *

Cognitive – mental – emotional: depression, agitation/aggression, irritability, memory loss, ADHD, lowered I.Q., trouble concentrating/focusing, nervousness

Colic in bottle-fed and weaning babies

Diabetes – worsening symptoms

Digestive /eliminative disorders; including GERD, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pains blood in stools, bloated feeling (gas), constipation, tenderness in stomach area

Eye/visual problems, temporary blind spots in field of vision, diminished ability to focus (possible retinal damage), moving black spots (scotoma, or floaters)

Fatigue, weakness, listlessness, muscular weakness

Functional and other; gum disease, elevated cholesterol, connective tissue damage, premature aging, chronic / unresolved dehydration, nerve damage, cosmetic fluorosis, chemical sensitivity / hypersensitivity, dry throat and excessive water consumption, feeling of nausea (flu-like symptoms), mouth sores (also from fluoridated toothpaste), boils, cists, dizziness, tendency to lose balance, cold – temperature below normal, feeling cold, feeling cold soon after a hot bath or shower, edema, hair loss

Heart disease

Kidney / urinary; disease, failure, incontinence, infection

Muscle spasms (involuntary twitching)

Sexual/erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness – pain – infection, tender and fibrous breasts, serious breast and ovarian issues

Skin problems (dry, cracked, rash, acne, psoriasis, lichen, excessive wrinkles Etc), skin rash or itching, especially after showers or bathing, pinkish-red or bluish-red spots (transient).

Thyroid diseases – underactive (hypothyroid), overactive (hyperthyroid or Graves disease), goiter and nodules

Transient food intolerances

Weight gain, overweight…

Weight gain, overweight
As a powerful suppressor of the thyroid gland, fluoride is automatically a major factor in the increase of obesity in the developed world. Generally, some of the effects of fluoride poisoning accumulate slowly, but surely. In cases of overweight and obesity, reduction diets are virtually guaranteed to fail, at least long term, if one does not become iodine sufficient and detox from fluoride. Among the diets which do drop weight in a sustained way while the body is still toxic with fluoride are those which create life-threatening illness. People enlightened enough to simply eat a plant-based WHOLE FOOD diet (PBWF diet) instead of ‘dieting’, and to detox from fluoride / become iodine sufficient, will tend to achieve ideal weight and easily maintain it. Although with regards to weight, fluoride poisoning most typically supports weight gain/obesity as one would expect, but additionally, fluoride is so fantastically toxic that a broad derangement of the entire hormonal system occurs, such that ‘Failure to Thrive’, a condition marked by underweight, fatigue and weakness sometimes results. In real terms, what is seen commonly today is an awful combination of ‘obesity’ and ‘Failure to Thrive’, in which the person carries too much weight and is undernourished at the same time. This condition, which describes the average U.S. citizen, may not be cured as long as one is toxic with fluoride and deficient in iodine.
(See P.S. Iodine deficiency weight gain: at end of article)

* In the present social environment where the business of mainstream medicine promotes the ingestion, application and ‘medicinal use’ of fluoride (and the other toxic halogens), and discounts the therapeutic/nutritional importance of iodine; and in this environment in which the ‘business of medicine’ very actively promotes the ‘fear of cancer’ and a host of lifestyle factors which create the condition, it is critically important to be aware that fluoride (and the other toxic halogens) toxicity and/or iodine deficiency can be direct causative factors. Distilled down and stated plainly; “Fluoride exposure and iodine deficiency quite directly open the door to cancer”.

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