The Fluoride Fiasco (The Iodine Rescue)

Just to cloud the picture, most of the studies focusing on the effects of fluoride use sodium fluoride, which clearly is extremely toxic, though less so than the more common forms (it’s the so-called pharmaceutical-grade). The fluoride compounds poisoning our water and used in many applications with which we come into contact are even more powerfully toxic than the sodium fluoride used in studies.
We know, unequivocally, that fluoride is profoundly ruinous to the animal (human) body/mind. Science understands this, and has so far demonstrated some of the mechanisms by which it is so harmful.
In the presence of fluoride:
~ Hormones can’t function properly and there can be no natural hormone system BALANCE. Nothing works right when the hormone system is deranged.
~ Enzymes are denatured. Evidence of this was cited long ago and it is now well understood that: Even weak concentrations of fluoride literally alter the shape of metabolic enzymes (critical for all life-processes), such that they cannot properly catalyze the actions and reactions of the life process. Nothing works right when enzymes ‘don’t fit’.
Enzymes are life-potentiating catalysts, and trigger specific reactions in the body. Nutrient-proteins and enzymes (which are protein strands), are able to be extremely specific in their actions (which is absolutely essential), by assuming and maintain very exacting individual shapes (identities). It’s the ‘one-key-for-one-lock’ scenario… It either fits and does its job right or it doesn’t fit and something unintended happens. Fluoride changes the shape of enzymes so that the system doesn’t work. That’s bad enough, but on top of that, an enzyme (or other protein) which is malformed, is perceived by the body as a threat and by the immune system as an invader; the body then reacts with the mobilization of histamines and other such biochemical warfare which happen to be inflammatory agents. One of the reasons that the population is riddled with chronic inflammatory conditions and serious autoimmune conditions, in which the body attacks itself, must be the prevalence of fluoride in the environment and the inevitable high concentrations in our bodies.
We know of at least three ways in which fluoride harms bone/teeth integrity:
~ Fluoride displaces calcium. Simple enough.
~ Fluoride disrupts the ‘osteoclast-osteoblast communication’… osteoblasts (cells that help form bone), and; osteoclasts (cells that help eat away old bone). You can understand why it is critically important that this process not be disrupted.
~ Fluoride confuses and adulters the nature of collagen-ic tissues. Bone is a collagenic substance. In the presence of fluoride, the process of collagen management may be so deranged that hard tissue can be laid down where soft/pliable tissue should be, and soft where hard should be. This is a bit oversimplified, but it’s a mess to be sure; in the case of bone material, often, after years of exposure, some bone that should be resiliently hard becomes brittle and fracture-prone and some may become chalky or spongy.
Are you getting the sense that fluoride is a threat to life? By now, we should recognize that phrase as an understatement.
Building on the ‘threat to life’ theme, consider:
Fluoride in drinking water is clearly liked with sperm damage and various threats to reproductive health in both genders.
Fluoride is so incredibly anti-life that it appears that even very low concentrations of the poison cause sperm to lose their attraction to ovum’s (eggs) (sperm chemotaxis, the process by which sperm are attracted toward an egg,)… I’d say that’s a threat to life at a basic level. BTW, based on some of the same standards used to evaluate the reproductive viability of other animal species, the Human race clearly fits the official profile of an ‘endangered species’.
Over Sixty animal studies have found that fluoride adversely impacts the male reproductive system… Many, but not all of these studies were done with non-human animals, but don’t sigh in relief, some of the most discouraging studies were, in fact, large population human studies. Indeed, studies of human populations have reported associations between fluoride exposure and damage to the male reproductive system. In one example; an FDA scientist reported that populations in the United States with more than 3 ppm fluoride (considered a ‘safe’ level by the EPA) in their water, had lower ‘total fertility rates’ than populations with lower fluoride levels …

Numerous studies in the U.S., Russia, Mexico, India, China and other countries have shown reduced male fertility, reduce testosterone and reduced sperm mobility in HUMAN populations with known high fluoride exposure levels.
… The town of Kizilcaoern, Turkey dubbed “Das Donder jungen Greise”, (the village where people age before their time) is known for men who, while in what should be their prime chronologically, loose interest in women and the ability to interact sexually, this is a graphic example of the dismal effect of fluoride toxicity (and it’s extreme hormone disrupting property). The drinking water in Kizilcaoern contains 5.4 ppm fluoride.

All reproductive / sexual glands are hungry for iodine (which is displaced by fluoride) and poisoned, damaged and confused by fluoride in male and female humans. Iodine deficiency / fluoride toxicity is the main reason for much ‘female trouble’ and the related, often dangerous, costly and inappropriate surgeries, hormone treatments Etc.
When you’re talking about a poison which negatively affects the ability of a species to procreate, you’re talking about a serious issue, don’t you think?

Fluoride is a pro-cancer agent:
One Dr. Dean Burk, Chief chemist at the National Cancer Institute, stated before the U.S. Congress (July 1976):
“In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death, and causes it faster than any other chemical.”
The Taylor Study, conducted at the University of Austin demonstrated that: A fluoride concentration of 1PPM increases tumor growth rate by 25%
There’s tons more (that I know you never got wind of from FOX, NBC, Etc.); here’s one example:
In spring of 2013, DuPont was sued in a wrongful death case when a court-appointed science panel connected DuPont’s C8 (perfluorooctanoic acid) to kidney cancer, thyroid disease and testicular cancer and more.
DuPont’s Fluoro-C8, is the key ingredient in Teflon, which has been used primarily as the infamous synthetic non-stick coating on cookware for decades. In 2001, the C8 chemical was found in Ohio and West Virginia residents’ drinking water near DuPont’s Parkersburg, West Virginia, plant. Some 80,000 area residents filed a class action lawsuit against DuPont for contaminating their water with C8 and sickening the lot. DuPont promised to remove C8 from the area’s water supply. I don’t know, but I doubt that they did. A court-approved scientific panel was hired to study C8 regarding its ability to cause disease in humans. Yeah, I’ll bet you never heard about it.
Increasingly pro-corporate legislation is making it harder for citizens to use class actions against corporate polluters.

More recently a court-appointed science panel has testified that C8 has probable links to various cancers.
Millions of people may poison themselves slowly by bringing such alien materials into contact with their food and breathing the vapors from ‘T’ coated hot cookware. These poor folks in Ohio and W.V. really got hit hard by drinking and bathing with Fluoro-C8 tainted water. But related exposures don’t stop there; not by a long shot… These days Fluoride based Teflon-ish slurries and slimes are used in and on an ever increasing host of common consumer items. It’s used in paints, carpeting, all kinds of upholstered stuff and FOOD PACKAGING, you can buy spray cans and apply it where ever you like. If you’re not convinced that it’s gone too far, be aware that many folks, infants and children included, rub up against it all day and all night long, as it has become the ‘fabric protector’ on many brands of clothing and bed linens. Let’s be sure and protect the fabric…
And more:
Austrian and Japanese researchers established that a concentration of just 1 PPM fluoride causes disruption of the body’s ability to repair its own DNA. Inability to repair DNA leads, as you might imagine, to circumstances with the scariest names in medicine. Austrian researchers proved long ago that as little as 1 ppm fluoride concentration can disrupt DNA repair enzymes by 50%.
Fluoride has been shown over and over to be a strong pro-mutagen, a broad spectrum mutagenic poison. One that even in ‘week’ concentrations precipitates pathogenic mutations in so-called ‘high life-forms’ (humans), so-called ‘lower life-forms’ (insects and plants); we can well reason also that it is mutagenic (we know it is deadly) to the very most foundational life-forms on the Planet (soil microbes, providing ‘life’ to the medium which grows our food) as well.
Any measurable amount of fluoride ensures that the vital nutrient IODINE will be deficient. When iodine is deficient, the body/mind is ‘all mixed up’.
We know that fluoride precipitates ‘wasting diseases’ and ‘chronic pain syndromes’:
Because fluoride confuses and adulters the nature of collagen-ic tissue and disrupts its normal formation, very bad things can happen to the body’s connective and supportive structures… Obviously there should be strong boney tissues, supportive tendons, connective ligaments, dynamically resilient muscles, flexible joints and so on; holding everything together in healthy harmony. Collagen takes many forms and it is (should be) the ‘glue’ which holds the body together while facilitating its fluid movement and reliable strength. Throw a wrench (toxic fluoride) into the recipe and the cake may fall. Fluoride has a ‘bizarro world influence’ when it comes to collagen, in which things take on characteristics exactly opposing their natural state. Muscles may weaken and not self-repair well, joints may not bend freely, elastic tissue may lose its stretch and ‘memory’ Etc. This can produce a human with the negative attributes of both an under-stuffed Straw Man and a rusty Tin Man.


Just consider how insufficient is a treatment program designed for any; hormonal issue, any cancer, any learning disability, ADHD, weight issue, depression, sociopathic tendencies, autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia, Etc., Etc., Etc., if it doesn’t aim to correct the toxic halogen / iodine problem. What’s the point…

Numerous modern pharmaceuticals (e.g. Prozac, Paxil) contain “organofluorines.” (A chemical compound that contains both carbon and fluorine). In some cases an organofluorine drug may not significantly increase one’s exposure to fluoride because the organofluorine is a strongly bound compound and may not allow for the splitting into basic elements. On the other hand, we know that some drugs do indeed metabolize into fluoride (urine and blood sampling after ingestion prove this). Because organofluorine drugs contain high quantities of fluorine, any drug that metabolizes into fluoride will likely be a very significant and reoccurring exposure source. Some, which are known to break down into fluoride ion, are: fluorinated anesthetics, Cipro, Niflumic acid, Flecainide, and Voriconazole. Certainly, there are others, and will be more in the future.

Many popular and heavily advertised drugs are fluorinated drugs (Paxil and Prozac, etc.), the chemical structure of the drug includes the toxic element fluorine.
Consider this line from right out of the ‘Physician’s Desk Reference’ (used by doctors to prescribe medications), [the commonly used fluorinated antibiotics] “Floxin, Levaquin, and Cipro can cause nightmares, psychotic reactions, paranoia, agitation, manic reactions, aggression and hostility, hallucinations, and even depersonalization, all symptoms associated with acts of homicide and suicide.”

Fluoride makes us nuts!

In fact, in their own clinical trials, pharma companies found homicides, homicidal acts, homicidal ideation, and aggressive behavior to be a side effect of the fluorinated medications. And it was demonstrated that children with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) taking the fluori-meds experienced hostility episodes 17 times more often than un-drugged depressed patients.
In 1990, about 220 fluorinated pharmaceutical drugs were on the market. Currently, over 1,500 are under development…
Think about it;
Fluoride exposure can definitely cause or predispose one to psychological disorders. With that in mind, the use of fluori-drugs for the treatment of the same, might look an awful lot like a dangerous, downward-spiraling, self-perpetuating vicious cycle, but it does bring in the bucks. One might further think that with all the creativity and unlimited funding utilized by big pharma, we could do better. The fluori-antidepressants are but one example; there are many drugs within numerous drug classes using fluorine/fluoride in the mix, and it is typical for the condition for which the drug is prescribed, to actually be a condition caused and/or aggravated by fluoride exposure. ‘Round and round and round we go. Anyone getting dizzy? Not to worry, there is a fluori-drug for that…

Another interesting side to the fluori-drug story is this: In the early 80’s, the catch-all diagnosis of ‘fibromyalgia’ began popping up in clinics everywhere; this was about the time that new fluori-drugs were being introduced and pushed. Diagnoses of fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, irritable bowel syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivity syndromes blossomed. Soon, two things happened; pharma-drug pushing on television in the U.S. and New Zealand exploded, and terms such as fibromyalgia became household words; hmm.


What about the Bugs?

Regarding the application of fluoride and fluoridated agents for oral ‘health’ – and a typically overlooked area / system vulnerable to harm:

As I’m writing this addition (spring, 2010), I feel certain, based on intuition, observation, anecdotal evidence and come on, good old ‘just think about it-ness’, that fluoride exposures via OTC and prescription hygiene products, dental office applications Etc. negatively effect (the balance and character of) oral, esophageal and gut microbiota (and by extension, the microbiome of these sites – don’t spin your analytical wheels over the overlapping distinction between the microbiota & microbiome). Obviously; as with consuming Chlorinated water/food; consuming fluoridated water/food and using fluoride-hygiene, restoration or preventative products will pervert any healthful microbiome balance; then, from the damage at initial concentrated contact sites, the derangement negatively effects ‘bug balance / bug health’ (in a trickle-down manner) host-wide (the web of connection is extensive and intricate); while, at the same time, to the degree that Chlorine and Fluoride go systemic still intact, the diverse microbe colonies may also be ‘directly’ disrupted far from the upper G.I. It seems that nature has designed animal (including human) microbiome populations to be very diverse and to maintain a synergistic balance which is (and will likely remain) beyond complete scientific comprehension. This innate balance is an essential foundation of wellness, and frankly, of life. This reality underscores the folly of the promiscuous use of ‘antibiotic’ (against life) agents of any variety; from phama antibiotics through common household and personal sanitizing products Etc., without first demonstrating a true need, and an understanding of the trade-off, as well as a plan to minimize the (excuse the expression) collateral damage and assist the host in recovery (re-balancing, re-implanting).

In case the suggestion lacks clarity; let me put it this way;

Human exposure to fluoride, at concentrations typical to modern interventions, including legal and mandated utility water treatment levels, it must be assumed, can cause dysbiosis (an imbalance of helpful and harmful bacteria) in the gut (and elsewhere in the body)

Fix it…

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