The Fluoride Fiasco (The Iodine Rescue)


Fix it:

Treat fluoride like the poison that it is; avoid it as much as possible and plan on supplementing iodine at significant doses for at least 6 – 24 months to become ‘iodine sufficient’.

Mind + Iodine – fluoride = raised intelligence

Iodine, 1

Iodine, 1

Take a typical human, reduce his fluoride load, increase his iodine intake; make him smarter and happier:

Worldwide, over two billion people are clinically iodine deficient (that estimate is based only on a bare minimum-lowest threshold requirement; just enough to prevent visible goiter in the average human; this is way below a Reasonable Dietary Allowance which would add at least a couple billion, making it most of the world population and nearly 100% of U.S. humans).

Studies show that iodine deficiency is the leading preventable cause of mental retardation and assorted ‘intellectual disabilities’.

Even moderate deficiency, especially in pregnant women and infants, lowers intelligence by 10 to 15 I.Q. points. As an iodine deficient species, we are certainly not living up to our full potential. In the U.S. and many other places, ‘iodine deficiency’ is better described as the state of iodine deficient/fluoride overdosed (too little iodine – toxically saturated with fluoride).

Prenatal Iodine Deficiency Leads to Poor Educational Outcomes 9 Years Later

Iodine smoothes mental functioning. Low iodine is associated with lower IQs relative to iodine sufficiency. The Bleichrodt study (1994) in children demonstrated a 13.5 point negative IQ in iodine deficient children.

Remember, iodine deficiency is the [a] main cause of decreased intellect, and that’s easily preventable, fixable.

But iodine is not just for kids; sufficient iodine enhances mental functioning for everyone. One way is by chelating (binding to, and flushing out) heavy metals. Dr. Jorge Flechas says that, iodine prevents lead from lodging in the body if iodine is supplemented in the amounts required to push out fluoride, a culprit responsible for lead accumulation in the body in the first place.

Yes, the thyroid loves iodine, low thyroid function decreases brain circulation, which dumbs the intellect, manifesting as cognitive impairment, depression, memory loss, spacey-ness, sluggish mind, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, ADHD, and a variety of psychiatric disorders. The brain stores high levels of iodine. Interesting research suggests that iodine is the primary brain-selective nutrient in human brain evolution. Discovering more about iodine’s role in human evolution should be very interesting…

Iodine deficiency = intellect deficit.

We have long known that supplemental iodine is very effective as a parasiticide (kills bad bugs). As iodine kills parasites in the gut, more serotonin (a feel good hormone), most of which is actually synthesized in the intestines, is available to the host, instead of going to feed the bugs.

Biochemical interactions in the body/mind are tremendously complex and only a fool would claim to really ‘get it’. Let’s be honest; science has so far only had a glimpse of the bio-electro-chemical-hormonal map which animates the human being, but for the sake of this discussion, I think we can know with some certainty that fluoride is poison and iodine is a profoundly healthful, essential nutrient and a valuable, under-rated medicine.

So far, iodine, except as an ingredient in a phama drug, or until some Monsanto-like monster strong-arms a patent out of Washington, is not patentable; it is a naturally occurring element. It’s inexpensive, readily available. I would suggest that we would all be wise to become iodine-sufficient, iodine rich; then we will be wiser (well, smarter), and life will be richer.

We know this:

Iodine is an essential nutrient and an unparalleled medicine, virtually everyone you know is deficient.

The thyroid, of course, but also the breasts, sex glands and the all important pineal gland are begging for iodine. Every single one of your trillions of cells uses iodine. Iodine kills infectious agents (fungal/yeast, bacterial, viral, parasitic, Etc) effectively, but seems to be kind to beneficial bacteria… It’s a nutrient… Of course, iodine detoxifies us of the toxic halogens (crowds-out fluorine, bromine Etc.), but as it normalizes metabolism, it helps detox non-halogen poisons (heavy metals etc.) too.

Iodine ‘potentiates’ White Blood Cells; and thus keeps the immune system reliable/effective.
Iodine is a mucolytic agent (dissolves thick mucus, used to help relieve respiratory difficulties).

Tissue in a diseased state is deficient in iodine; the lower the iodine concentration, the worse the disease state.

Iodine ‘educates’ cancer cells to self destruct.

Iodine is an overall hormone balancing agent.

Excess cholesterol (foreign cholesterol) causes the body to dump iodine; while an iodine deficiency makes cholesterol intake more problematic; both sides of that knife are sharp, and rusty. In a system replete with iodine, foreign cholesterol isn’t as sticky and blood vessel clinging.

The thyroid concentrates iodine more than any other part of the body but ALL hormones need iodine… Consider this twist: HRT (hormone replacement therapy) is most often a bad joke (doesn’t address the ‘cause’) and creates new imbalances… In the case where thyroid hormones are given for underactive thyroid, the exogenous hormones introduced, actually increase the need for iodine and ‘use up’ iodine (Iodine is an essential ingredient in all of the thyroid hormones. T4 contains four iodine molecules; T3 contains three iodine molecules, and so on).
Remember that an iodine deficiency (and related toxic halogen overload) is [virtually] always the causative factor in the first place.
Thyroid HRT has seemed a necessary trade-off for many, and doctors ignorant about iodine, prescribe thyroid hormone enthusiastically, and patients generally feel better; but it is always a trade-off. So here’s the thing; When a person with underactive thyroid is supplemented with sufficiency-inducing iodine, hormones generally normalize – that’s good, toxic halogens begin to flush out – that’s good, of course as iodine sufficiency is achieved, everything improves and no hormone supplementation is needed – that’s good, or, if it is needed, it is only at a reduced level and can often be weaned off of.

And we know this:

This already lengthy article is not the venue to discuss specific conditions in-depth, and we can only talk in general terms because of numerous peculiarities specific to each individual and because of the fact that ‘treatment’ recommendations cannot be responsibly broadcast to an unknown (WWW) audience. Yet one area of major concern (and counter-productive worry) for many, is breast – ovary health. The concerns are so great and the misinformation offered by allopathic, governmental and charity-based sources on the subject so counter-productive and dangerous, that it is fitting to touch on the subject in this discussion because, in spite of unique factors, the fluoride/iodine connection tends to be a constant aggravating factor in these and related conditions
(“The fluoride/iodine connection tends to be a constant aggravating factor in these and related conditions” is an extreme understatement):

The breasts, the ovaries, and the testis love iodine, these sites store and use lots of iodine; rely on iodine to be well. An iodine deficiency ill-affects hormone production and balance, and likewise perverts hormone receptors in the breasts.
Estrogen balance is impossible to maintain when the body is deficient in iodine (in virtually every case, the body IS deficient in iodine because, in part, of fluoride exposure). Iodine sufficiency restores balance of ‘the estrogens’. That’s pretty important.
It seems critically important, if one has any concerns about breast/ovary health, to become iodine sufficient and stay there, especially if high risk factors are practiced (e.g. use of milk and other dairy [#1], eating meat, mentally/emotionally effected by scare tactics promulgated by ACS ads and ‘genetic pirates’ (bio-tech corporations) such as Myriad Genetics, which sells $4,000.00 BRCA tests and thinks it can OWN parts of your body, substituting Vitamin D pills for un-screened sunlight, high exposure to endocrine-disrupting Electromagnetic pollution [standing in front of the microwave, frequent radiologic diagnostic or security zapping, Etc.], low antioxidant intake Etc.). We all must deal with unavoidable exposure to ‘environmental estrogens’, including Xenoestrogens from plastics, pesticides, and we are all saturated with poisonous, and iodine-depleting toxic halogens, including fluoride Etc. so it makes good sense to reduce those risk factors within our control and BECOME IODINE SUFFICIENT post-haste.
We know that:
Iodine is supremely effective for treating fibrocystic breasts and ovarian cysts, and can likewise be used prophylactically for prevention.
Interestingly, the ‘referred connection’ between iodine-philic tissue / organs / glands, and the restorative power of iodine is such that; iodine applied via the vagina will soften fibrocystic breasts in minutes; Iodine and magnesium chloride (magnesium oil) applied together through transdermal means should be [is] effective and reliable to prevent and help reverse both breast and skin cancer, and all manner of other surface issues.
There is plenty of evidence that women would have a lower incidence of cancer and fibrocystic disease of the breast if they consumed more iodine (via ingestion, topical application and/or implantation), and the adjunct minerals; magnesium, selenium and zinc.
A decrease in iodine intake coupled with an increased exposure to competing halogens (fluoride, bromide and chlorine), has certainly helped to create an epidemic of iodine deficiency in the developed world; this is undoubtedly an important factor in the skyrocketing rates of breast cancer. It makes good sense that iodine (an essential nutrient), if deficient, can lead to the development of breast cancer, and that iodine, when sufficient will help to prevent and cure the same.
Dr. Tullio Simoncini states, “Every tumor of the skin can be completely removed with iodine tincture 7%, brushed many times (10-20) a day”.
Surely, many people (both genders) would do well to liberally apply iodine solutions topically all about the chest and neck; as well as becoming iodine sufficient through iodine supplementation (ingestion).
BTW; iodine overload, not likely… Iodine excretion studies show that when the proper form of iodine is consumed, the body eliminates the excess. No studies have indicated any buildup of iodine toxicity.
Let’s be clear; as the illustration of iodine’s usefulness in (and preventive influence regarding) such conditions suggests, iodine can dramatically affect [over-all] hormonal ecology. Iodine supplementation does affect hormone synthesis, activity and balance. In a population grossly suffering from iodine deficiency / toxic halogen overload, we should generally welcome iodine’s power in this area. Yes, detoxing the body from Fluoride, bromine, chlorine, and satisfying the body’s iodine requirements DOES EFFECT ONE HORMONALLY. Ultimately, this is a good thing of course, a very good thing, but it is well to keep in mind that the hormonal system, with all its components and complex interactions will never be fully understood. We all lack balance hormonally; logically it must be so considering again, toxic-halogen overload and iodine deficiency. Some very thoughtful people studying the issue may read the iodine / hormone connection as a cautionary note. Again, it’s worth restating that; virtually everyone is already hormonally imbalanced, and that [generally] adding iodine to an iodine deficient system tends to help restore balance. In the same thought we should remember that almost everyone you know electively ingests an ungodly foreign hormone cocktail daily, in the form of cows’ milk and assorted dairy products; and this is a consumer choice with no redeeming qualities, only harmful contributions. This particular input is even more seriously deranging to the delicately balanced hormone system than are other poor food choices and various environmental poisons, because it is a uniquely specific hormone serum (containing [so-far indentified] 59 active hormones; well 60, if the cows have been spiked with Monsanto’s rBST / Posilac), and because cows’ milk is designed for infants (only infants) of an entirely different species, and because it is THE ONLY food source of Insulin-like Growth Factor ONE (IGF-1).
This hormone (IGF-1) is considered to be a “fuel cell” for any cancer… (the medical world says IGF-1 is a key factor in the rapid growth and proliferation of breast, prostate and colon cancers, and will be found to promote ALL cancers.. we already know this) ~ (Science – January, 1998) (The Lancet – May, 1998) (Journal of the National Cancer Institute – January, 1999).
As you might imagine, adding growth hormone to a system which has not sympathetically/instinctively ‘called for it’ is very dangerous (the body appropriately produces hormones, very specific hormones, only in response to its needs). Talk about trying to fool Mother Nature… Is there foolishness involved? Yes. Obviously, feeding growth hormones to a body not internally set up to process the same, will grow things, but not healthy tissue; such activity is very dangerous, and profoundly disruptive to the hormone system to say the least; such anti-instinctive activity is guaranteed to create imbalance / problems. Well, that’s another story; the point is, if you are concerned about precipitating an adjustment to the hormone system, you might not need to fear the gradual addition of iodine (an essential nutrient, which all components of said system rely on, which ultimately balances hormones, and the nutrient which can push-out toxic halogens); instead, if one is looking to eliminate something which has a dramatic negative effect on this delicate system, a good choice [of something to eliminate] would be something which poisons and confuses it. As I said, everyone is screwed up hormonally; it is guaranteed because of halogen pollution (for one thing) (fluoride is the biggy… that’s where this discussion started), but that’s just a poison, and an influence that makes iodine assimilation difficult; some portion of that particular poison influence we can control, and some is simply unavoidable. Cows’ milk, on the other hand (which represents a voluntary intake, and is completely avoidable), goes way beyond just being a poison because it is a solution designed-by-nature, to be a delivery medium carrying a template of exactly how to grow an infant bovine into a baby bovine; that is (obviously) its purpose; it does this by delivering biochemical messages, very specific triggers locked up in the matrix of 59 bovine hormones… Put that stuff in a human, an adult human no less, and the ‘programming’ goes wacky. This story is not about dairy, but hopefully, the illustration will help some… This story is about the critical importance of becoming iodine sufficient, and doing whatever we can, to get the toxic halogens out of our bodies and out of our environment.
Not directly hormone related, but the fact is that: milk/dairy is also a rich source, the only source, of Casein; “casein [] promotes cancer, in spades. [ ] casein is the most relevant chemical carcinogen ever discovered”. Dr. T. Colin Campbell.
Milk/dairy; pasteurized, raw, organic, rbGH (Posilac) ‘enhanced’; doesn’t matter, it’s all loaded with a host of ‘sicken-ers’.
You can’t have cows’ milk without casein. You can’t have cows’ milk without someone else’s hormones, You can’t have cows’ milk without tumor-growing IGF-1.

The breasts and the ovaries need plenty of iodine. In a typical adult in the developed world, much of the space in these tissues where iodine should reside has been taken up with fluoride and the other toxic halogens… This nutrient-for- toxin substitution needs to be reversed! Offering the body plenty of iodine will eventually put the nutrient where it belongs, and in the process, evict disease-causing halogens and heavy metals.
Not exclusively, (by any means) these areas of the body, but quite notably these areas act as the proverbial ‘canary in the coal mine’, providing warnings about the life-sustaining quality of our shared environment and our food choices; when diseased or mal-functioning, these areas signal strongly that they need detoxification (from poison halogens) and desperately need iodine nourishment. It means more broadly that, if we are to have a shot at wellness and any chance of providing wellness for our prodigy, a dramatic reduction in the release of toxic halogens by industry/government must be undertaken cooperatively by societies ‘round the world and everyone needs to become iodine sufficient.

Iodine is a superior medicine for a myriad of topical applications. White iodine liquids and salves are recommended for many issues on the skin, nails and for oral hygiene and oral post-op care (the oral/dental thing hasn’t been widely discovered yet, but I predict it soon will), related uses [I predict] will include, sinus clearing, iodine neti pot solutions/nasal washes and iodine-pulling.

Vaginal infections respond well to iodine irrigations and implants; a good example of how one might displace liver-stressing, poisonous anti-fungal treatments with a curative nutrient.

Applications of iodine will often re-grow hair on balding areas.

Generous dermal applications of iodine are used effectively to reverse breast diseases.

Obviously, it’s an antiseptic of the first order; a drop or two with soap and water for hand washing has got to be good after a trip to the grocery store or a similarly microbial-ly active place. Possibly a few drops applied to the hands and under fingernails prior to a visit to buggy environment would be an effective prophylactic.

Trans-dermal application delivers [some] into the bloodstream without having to go though the gut, and the skin generally likes it.

It stands to reason that iodine makes a good deodorant too.

Much of this wouldn’t make the journals, wouldn’t be worth mentioning if we lived in a clean world and ate clean food; but at this point, toxic exposures continue to increase while nutrient intake (or uptake) declines. Poisons (and specifically toxic halogens and other goitrogens), at levels new to us, are everywhere; and we are already iodine deficient. It’s double edged (multi-edged) sword.

Here’s a simple example; A compounded conversion takes place in the body with cyanide from cigarette smoke; the cyanide compound dumps (and demands of) iodine so severely that smokers’ iodine supplies are reduced down to 25% of their already deficient status; downwind-ers must be affected too.

Iodine is a classic example of: a ‘Limiting Factor / an Enabling Factor’. An LF/EF: No matter what the condition or limitation; no matter what medicine, therapy, program or intervention is utilized to regain wellness; progress can be made only up to a plateau flat-line, and further improvement without the introduction of the LF/EF is not possible. Conversely, when all other essentials are covered and the LF/EF is added, full potential may be achieved.

In addition:

Being healthfully saturated with nutritious iodine is important also because it protects us from one kind of radioactive pollution; radioactive iodine.

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