The Fluoride Fiasco (The Iodine Rescue)

There are both radioactive and non-radioactive isotopes of iodine. Iodine-1-29 and -131 are the most important radioactive isotopes in the environment. FYI, the good stuff is I-127.
Both iodine-129 and iodine-131 are produced by the fission of uranium atoms during operation of nuclear reactors and by plutonium (or uranium) in the detonation of nuclear weapons and tests. Reactors vent the stuff every day, every day. Weapons facilities are known to be environmentally sloppy and careless; and being military or military contractors, too often act as if above the law. Consider how the whole fluorite fiasco started in the first place.

Radioactive iodine dissolves in water so it moves easily through the atmosphere and into humans and other living organisms. It can enter the body by ingestion or inhalation and even via osmosis, through the skin. I-129 and -131 can settle on grass and feed crops, then cows can eat it and pass it to humans through their milk and meat. It may settle on leafy vegetables and be ingested by humans. Iodine radio-isotopes also concentrate in fish.
We could certainly say that it’s as easy to take in radioactive iodine as it is to ingest the good stuff.

Now, since both forms are drawn to the same sites in the body and compete for uptake, we should never allow ourselves to be iodine deficient (virtually everyone is), because radioactive iodine is everywhere in the environment thanks to the war-makers and the nuke-slayers. To be clear, nutrient iodine ‘directly’ protects against radioactive iodine, not other radioactive elements (though, technically iodine sufficiency is broadly protective because it helps keep us well and strong, therefore better able to handle all stressors).

Barring miraculous divine intervention, the world will never be less radiologically polluted than it is now, so nutrient iodine is a particularly critically important ‘nutrient of the modern and future world’.

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So the point is, that a human in an iodine deficient state will pick up radioactive iodine because it’s everywhere in small amounts, it is released every day from all operating nuke reactors (104 in the U.S.) and it is released in massive amounts when ‘events’ occur; a phenomenon which is becoming, and will continue to be more commonplace.

A human who is in a state of iodine sufficiency (properly saturated with nutrient iodine) will not [generally] absorb radioactive iodine. Additionally, as we become iodine sufficient (through supplementation and minimizing exposure to the toxic halogens [fluoride]), our bodies trade off the bad for the good. The most common environmental radioactive form, I-131 has a relatively short half-life, so it does most of its damage in weeks after exposure. With regards to protection from I-131and I-129, let me restate; we really need to reach iodine sufficiency and stay there, forever, so that the [not so] ‘small’ amounts of I-131 always present in the environment, the regular medium-sized I-131 farts and the big clouds from ‘events’ (so called accidents, meltdowns Etc.) will not find a space in our bodies.

Recommendations for iodine supplementation (Use at least one of the following iodine types)

Generally, the product should contain both iodine and iodide, we need both forms; different body parts absorb different forms. The body apparently cannot convert iodine to iodide as was previously assumed. The goal is to saturate the body; to become iodine sufficient. To this end, it is necessary to use the combo, and it will take time. And we need to use products offering Milligram (Mg) doses, not just Microgram (Mcg) (Mcg is 1/1,000th of a Mg) because you will be working your way up to doses in the range of 12 to 50+ mg daily. Most folks can do this just fine on their own but the assistance of a qualified practitioner knowledgeable in the fine points and latest research on iodine may be helpful if one is confused, has extenuating circumstances or needs help controlling the detox (unlikely). These are general but well-considered and prudent recommendations.

Unless you are a very unique individual you probably should start iodine supplementation yesterday, and stay with it!

The top recommended forms/products per Drs. Guy Abraham, Stephanie Buist, David Brownstein, and other authorities include:

~ 1. Lugol’s liquid (Lugol’s Solution); Iodine / Potassium Iodide, in water/no alcohol – 2% and 5% solutions available. This was recommended by Dr. Hulda Clark more than 20 years ago. It’s the ‘king’; the Grandfather’ of ingestible therapeutic iodine. Lugol’s Solution was developed by the French physician, Jean Lugol, who started prescribing significant doses in the 1820s for a wide variety of conditions. His success with infectious conditions was noteworthy indeed.
~ 2. Iodoral; it’s Lugol’s formula in pill form. Iodine / Potassium Iodide. Currently available in 12.5 & 50 mg potencies. Probably the best way to go for most folks; very easy to use.
~ 3. Biotics Research Iodizyme – 12.5 mgs per tablet of Iodine / Iodide
~4. Tri-Iodine by Vitaminlife – 12.5 mgs per tablet of Iodine / Iodide.

B-List recommendations:
~ 5. Iosol
~ 6. Nascent iodines (Magnascent, Detoxified, Atomic, Atomidine)
The b-list products can assist it the process as they are safe products made for internal use, but it may be best to center the program around Lugol’s and/or Iodoral. In fact, in the big picture, probably during at least a year or two of significant supplementation, we will do well to use both Lugol’s and Iodoral, the b-list versions can be used as adjuncts… ‘b-list’ does not indicate a lower quality product; the designation comes mostly from what are still unknowns in the field.

You can go to a pharmacist for Lugol’s Solution. Amazon, iHerb, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitacost, and other online retailers will be adding more iodine products as we progress. Also, you can go directly to Dr. David Brownstein’s site ( for Iodoral (sometimes) and for info and updates on iodine research.

How much:

The science continues to emerge almost daily.
Remember that:
The goal is eventual saturation/sufficiency
Re-nutrifying an iodine starved body
Automatically availing yourself of the numerous ‘medicinal’ properties

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