The Fluoride Fiasco (The Iodine Rescue)

Heavy reliance on iodine as a medicinal agent, topically and internally is not new; it’s old, but began to fall out of favor when Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller as ‘investors’, blacklisted traditional and responsible treatments and medicines in favor of the new inorganic (money-making) drugs and mechanized medicine over 100 years ago. Iodine, as such, could not be patented; people could purchase it for a-penny-a-dose, without prescription, hardly an investors dream. So, even though you may not know it,
there is a history of people using daily amounts into the hundreds-of milligrams internally; that is not the recommendation.

Clear, concise, exact answers are great, but… The past few years have been prolific with new data on the subject, and while it’s clear that intakes in the range discussed below are safe and comfortable (except for those with an iodine sensitivity [rare]), the numbers for a ‘maximum effective’ dose and the reasonable upper limits are in flux; actually on an upward trajectory.

As recently as 2010, a good science-backed recommendation was 12.5 mg a day (the so called Japanese Daily and about the amount Dr. Lugol used); recommendations from the top folks in the field, those managing the studies, continue to rise, such that some of the latest research results indicate that daily doses of between 24 and 50 mg may be necessary for some people to eventually reach the healthful state of iodine sufficiency. The numbers that I am currently very comfortable with are in the range of 12 to 25 mg daily (I’m quite sure that these numbers are conservative); your research or intuition may well indicate double these numbers.

Dosing calculations:

Whenever not specified (regarding; food, supplements, medicines) you may refer to ‘Clark’s rule’.

Clark’s rule is used to determine pediatric doses (aged 2-17 years) based on the average adult dose. Lower doses are needed for children who are smaller and weigh less than adults.

Clark’s rule is used to correct for this and to ensure children receive a safe dose.

Clark’s Rule

The formula for Clark’s rule is as follows:

Adult dose x [weight of child (lbs) / 150 ] = Child’s dose

In words: We must multiply the standard adult dose by the child’s weight in pounds (lbs) divided by 150.

The Clark’s rule calculation regime is not necessarily applicable in the other direction (that is; to establish an appropriate dose for humans of markedly greater weight). Here, there may be numerous factors to consider before significantly raising the dose. In very general terms, my inclination is to consider a 225 pound human, equal to the benchmark 150 pound-er.

It’s not a rule

A sensible scheduling un-rule:

This is a very general guideline appropriate for the intake of food and nutraceuticals (not to be used in the case of physician-prescribed pharmaceutical drugs).

Unless otherwise suggested by a qualified health care professional; it is generally wise to skip 1-2 days per week, and one week or more each quarter (season). Basically, it is healthful and natural to: not do the same things in the same way every single day. On the face of the ‘humanity clock’, it is only in very recent times that we have enjoyed such unprecedented reliability of access.

99.9% of our ancestors lived with ‘unreliability’. We are the successful survivors of those who handled it best. Nature built numerous wellness-promoting dividends into the arrangement, and we unquestionably remain hardwired for irregularity, fluctuation and cyclic living.

If the regime of climate control, eating by the clock – food from ’round the globe, year ‘round, touching more plastic than earth; everything precisely dosed and timed Etc., ever perfectly suits our ultimate well-being, it will only be after another two billion years of evolution. Today we can enjoy great benefits to health, by mixing-it-up a bit. This teases another very interesting and important discussion; which I’ll leave for another time.

The idea is; when it comes to self-prescribed pills-potions-and powders, with attention to safe upper limits, do strive for some beneficial variation, both in dosing and scheduling. Never count calories.

It seems unnecessary but perfectly reasonable to take two weeks to gradually build up to the targeted 12-25 mg mark. Undoubtedly it is best to use divided dosing, breaking the 12mg+ up into at least two doses. Assimilation is thought to be enhanced if taken with food, but there are exceptions. For people able to dose two or three times a day, I believe that we do well to take one dose without food. The very best way to take the ‘naked’ dose is along with MegaH/MegaHydrate and plenty of water (not cold). Obviously, the first aim of nutrition is ‘assimilation’, and since assimilation is enhanced when particle size is reduced, surface tension is minimized and a strong negative electrical charge is coupled to the substance, MegaH/MegaHydrate paired with your iodine should maximize the payoff.
The properties inherent in MegaH/MegaHydrate assist the process in a number of other ways as well; for one, it will assist in the detoxification which occurs as we become re-iodized (and dump the toxic halogens, Etc.), such that stored toxins are not just ‘loosened’, but comfortably and effectively ushered out of the body, and all the delicate tissue which the released poisons contact on the way out will be well protected by the tremendous antioxidant activity of the MegaH/MegaHydrate. This aint no Vitamin C honey… Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Not to dis vitamin C; V-C as an inexpensive antioxidant and detoxifying agent is good to use with iodine in multi-gram doses, especially if not using MegaH/MegaHydrate.
It’s probably good to iodize drinking water, just a pinch, at least sometimes; maybe a milligram per quart or gallon, so you’ll be getting a micro-dose with each sip.


ATP Cofactors (high potency B-2/B-3)
Some folks are using ‘ATP Cofactors’ (product name); A specially formulated high potency vitamins B-2/B-3 combination, containing100mg of Riboflavin and 500mg of Niacin when up at high doses of iodine. (If fatigue or autoimmune thyroid conditions are present, the product may help modulate ATP – energy- production in the cells). MegaH/MegaHydrate directly feeds/activates ATP.

Magnesium: preferably as magnesium malate supplement, and/or a good highly absorbable ‘ionic’ liquid magnesium:

Good food sources: Dark green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and whole and unrefined grains.

RDA, 410 mg

Target to assist iodine program, 400 –1,500 mg/day (food and supplements); low end if life is great; high end if nerves are fried, stress is high, detox in uncomfortable or living with chronic pain.

Selenium: 100-200 mcg/day (micrograms, NOT milligrams)

Adequate selenium is required for thyroid function regulation and iodine metabolism; it only takes a pinch, but you must have enough
Best food source is Brazil nuts; the selenium comes, obviously, in the whole food matrix and with a good complement of magnesium.

Brazil nuts, dried, un-blanched, 1 ounce (6-8 nuts) = 544mcg
Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) 55mcg
Target to assist iodine program, 100-200 mcg day
So two brazil nuts a day will do ya’
There is a slim window with selenium supplementation (the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences sets the upper limit of daily intake at only 400mcg). So don’t go NUTS.

Vitamin C:
Good old vitamin C is often used and generally recommended on an iodine replenishment program; at least half-a-gram a day. Many serious ‘iodiners’ are using 3-10 grams (3,000-10,000mg). Be sure to use a non-GMO vitamin C (good luck; It is now much easier to access NON-GMO Vit C than it was just a few years ago, thanks to folks who make a fuss; guilty). Plane old ascorbic acid is fine for folks who are not overly acidic.
Here are some Non GMO Vitamin C products (tabs and powders) sourced from various materials and offered by several different retailers:

Source Naturals, Non-GMO C-1000

Cardiovascular Research Vitamin C Tapioca (2000 MG) 150 Grams Powder

Truly Natural™ Vitamin C

Organic by Nature, Pure Planet, Amla-C Plus, Vitamin C

Synergy Company, Pure Radiance C!

China-free Ultra-fine Vitamin C Powder

(NutriBiotic, Ascorbic Acid with Antioxidant Bioflavonoids, Crystalline Powder, 16 oz is clean [I think] and affordable).

You could say that MegaH/MegaHydrate helps all pro-wellness processes work better. It is the first thing I always recommend for everyone, no matter what and offers a way to remedy our most fundamental nutritional deficiency. It is truly the number one LF/EF. But don’t feel pushed; usually this is the last thing I would subtract from a wellness program, but if you just can’t afford, or can’t bear to add another pill to the mix, keep in mind that the several adjuncts listed above are sometimes specifically indicated along with the iodine program. With a good diet as your base, they would not be necessary most of the time, but in some cases (particularly the ATP Cofactors could be a key), so consider leaving out MegaH/MegaHydrate for now; but you do deserve the best of everything so go for it when you can.


Be sure to exclude dead salt from the diet and include live salt (Celtic salt). It’s not a potent source of iodine, but a ‘live’ salt is an essential food, and critical for making the most of iodine nutrification and toxic halogen flushing. BTW, an interesting twist to the diabolical fluoridation scam is that some countries are now adding fluoride to their iodized salt; so if the trace of iodine, most of which evaporates (and what’s left may be only 10% bio-available) before use anyway, were going to do any good, the fluoride will more than cancel it out and deliver the extra poison to boot. How do they think this stuff up? Use live salt liberally.

Whichever iodine products you choose, carefully read the potency info and calculate the number of drops or tablets it will take to provide you with the 12+ mg a day. Try to divide that into at least two separate doses as discussed above.

A detox does occur (nutrition is going in and poison must leave) which people generally do not find uncomfortable, many don’t even notice. But it’s good to know that a healing detox is happening.

It’s really a nutrition program, but because of the underlying deficiency, and high levels of toxic halogens, many systems are under-functioning and, very importantly, powerful poisons are lodged where iodine should be. Many, much appreciated improvements may be noticed; often relating to skin issues, chronic pain, digestion/elimination, energy/stamina Etc. “Being more comfortable in the body” is something I hear expressed. And why not?

Remember, there is a greater demand (by the body) for iodine than ever before (as far as we know) because, in large part, of the extreme degree of pollution from the toxic halogens. As far as we can tell Iodine has always been an essential nutrient for humans, but is needed in amounts many times greater since industry has been dispensing toxic halogens like they are cool-aid (yeah, that analogy works; in fact they put toxic halogens in sweet junk drinks). So, the idealist in you or me might not like having to supplement yet another pill or potion, just to get by (and have any chance of realizing our potential); but we do.

While it’s good to eat iodine rich foods; you’re not going to eat enough kelp (the richest source I know of, and loaded with a good balance of minerals in a natural matrix) to optimize your iodine stores. Seafood (the polite name for fish) is too dirty to consider, and seaweed is becoming iffy- er everyday. Generally, seaweeds pick up much less pollution than fish but sometimes pick up some of the poisons that concentrate in fish; arsenic, toxic halides Etc. and it’s the ever increasing radiological pollution that has stepped on my enthusiasm for eating seaweed; I’m not recommending any Pacific weed for that reason; since Fukushima, I feel better about western, North Atlantic Weed. So, yes, eat iodine rich foods, including the cleanest seaweed you can get, but don’t even count the food born iodine towards your 12mg+ intake. This is the world we live in; this is the world that demands we supplement iodine.

For all higher life-forms living on Earth, the fact is that the activities of industry/government have raised the RRDI (realistic recommended daily intake) for iodine 100 fold – plus.

The MRDI (meaningless recommended daily intake, set by the government), is 150 μg (150 micrograms). The range for the RRDI (realistic recommended daily intake) is approximately 15 milligrams. People in Japan are taking in about that much from food (without supplementation), and many folks on a comprehensive iodine replenishment program are supplementing 350 times the MDRI (50ish mg) and more.

From its [their] point of view, it would seem that the Corporate-Government-Pharmaceutical-Complex has missed the mark on this one. Because the generous and promiscuous dumping of toxic halogens into our common environment and individual bodies has increased our requirement for iodine by, on the order of 100 times+; if that careless entity would additionally have made iodine available by prescription only, Big Pharma and the congress-people who they pay-off could be cleaning up on iodine sales. After all, iodine supplementation really is required for the real condition of iodine deficiency/toxic halogen overload… By some freak of planning, iodine is still available over-the-counter… Their benevolence underwhelms me…

If the mcg / mg thing is confusing, just remember that there are 1,000 mcg in a mg. If your piece of mind needs further verification when doing the math, go to:
The Calculator Site or another online calculator.

Out with the bad; in with the good. Treat yourself to the best life has to offer, you deserve no less.

Thank you,

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