The general GMO issue, a short look

The general GMO issue, a short look:

Monsanto, is a company known to manipulate statistics to its own advantage, and cycle its employees into critical governmental regulatory roles, (there’s at least a handful of them hanging out at the White House lately) building a major part of its income on graft. Numerous top level government officials have also been high ups in Monsanto and other AG Chem corporations, in some cases, moving back and forth between the government office and the chemical company seat.
No chemical compound is ever totally pure. In the case of Agent Orange, one of Monsanto’s income producing giants during the Vietnam War, dioxin was a critical impurity whose effects are still being felt.

There are now fourth generation Agent Orange/Dioxin victims being born with severe physical deformities and mental diseases in Vietnam and Cambodia. Reliable testimony and clear documentation shows that the chemical giants producing the stuff knew that it was profoundly poisonous to humans. Do you think we should trust these guys with the world’s food supply and our health? Remember there is no government oversight of GMO insanity, and if there were, the ‘oversight’ [undersight] would be provided by the same overlords that instructed the U.S. solders to mix-up and apply the herbicide casually, with no protective gear and no exposure limitations.

Who thinks it’s a good idea to knowingly induce people to eat substances that are;

The most serious potential food security threat ever faced. (Food security equals overall security, national security).

More heavily laden with systemic and surface poisonous chemical contamination.

Pesticide, 8

Glyphosate (Roundup), Planet-Killing application


Proven to cause life threatening allergic reactions.

GMO, 17

GMOs Kill!


Likely to lead to organ failure and as yet indefinable imbalances in the living systems of consumers.

Through unavoidable cross-contamination make organic produce a thing of the past, and in fact make it virtually impossible to grow any plant (Or animal, Human included) that is not genetically deranged.

Have been shown very likely to be able to cause the “Manufacture” of pesticides inside the gut of the consumer.

Lead to dramatic increases in the release of poisonous agricultural chemicals into the environment.

Pesticide, 6

Read the label...


Produce genetic cross mutation of all seed baring plants to the extent that virtually all foods become effectively sterile and cease to reproduce…

Dustbowl, 1

Return of the Dustbowl

Allow for the complete extinction of all common food plants via an ultimately unavoidable single epidemic blight able to kill all plants of all species due to their common contamination with an “Introduced” runaway gene.

The comforting news: Monsanto suffered several significant stock price devaluations last year (2009) and already in 2010. One promising day last summer, Big M’s stock fell more than 12 points, a 52 week low.

The less comforting news: Monsanto is now heard lying (advertising) on NPR.

We need to address this insanity
from home, in everyone’s home town, with every visit to the grocery store and natural food store/health food store, and every time we dine out.

I hope we can do it, we have realized amazing results in the past by demanding something better.

I have been trying for several years to generate interest in making the local retailers feel the hurt of selling GMO junk, but haven’t worked hard enough and don’t have nearly enough solid allies.

In my mind, the biggest offenders are the natural food stores, because they (more so than the likes of Safeway and Subway) should know better, AND DO BETTER.

There can be no excuses. It’s really a runaway train and we must stop it. It’s is up to us, the regulators don’t regulate (The GMOers are self regulated / Unregulated). Face it; the government will not help unless and until we force it. There has been an active anti-GMO movement for years, but Monsanto is still running the show. We need to band together, and we need to make our demands felt at the retailers and endeavor to buy nothing that Monsanto produces.

Think about it, if we all refuse to purchase any product with any amount of GMO lased ingredients at any food outlet, especially the natural food store, things will change.

GMO, 7

Please say NO!

It is dangerous and irresponsible to bring such crap into the house or into the body anyway.
Currently, Prescott’s biggest natural food store is heavily stocked with tons of junk, some shamefully junky junk. Most of the shelf space excluding the produce is actually lined with JUNK.
It has come a long way from the days of ‘real health food stores’ like the original Super Carrot where we met Margaret. Patty and Karen maintained high quality standards. Anything GMOed cannot fit into a policy of High Quality Standards!

The junk of concern for the sake of this discussion is the stuff containing:
Canola, usually as canola (or rape seed) oil, sometimes canola meal in pet food.

Conventional soy and its derivatives, (oil, TVP, protein and most lecithins).

And the pervasive conventional corn creations HFCS, (High fructose corn syrup) corn oil, corn syrup, crystalline fructose, ascorbic acid, (vitamin C) citric acid, lactic acid, gluten, dextrose, and glucose and modified food starch

Cottonseed is also usually GMOed; it will show up as oil or meal.

Remember the five biggies CORN, CANOLA, SOY, COTTONSEED and MILK. If any of these are in a product and NOT organic, you can bet they are GMOed.

Additionally most Hawaiian papaya.

Some tobacco, (crossing the food-line, but people do ‘take it in’ and it still infects the environment, so it bares mentioning).

And more recently sugar beets. Already, zillions of acres in the U.S. have been planted with the GMOed tubers, although some legal backlash may prevent the beet thing from totally kicking in, but if GMOed sugar beets do become the new ‘bad joke’ in agribusiness just imagine, then almost all of the sweetener used in almost all of the stuff that Americans eat will automatically be GMOed by way of GMO-corn-fructose and GMO-beet sugar. That’ll be the scariest thing on Halloween!

This is only my casual rant and so not intended to be a complete list of the GMO invasion into the food market, but covers almost all of the GMO food insanity legally allowed since the last time I checked. GMOs also are hidden in some pharmaceutical meds and supplements. O.K., I’ll mention one more:
Aspartame, the artificial sweetener (known as NutraSweet and Equal). I know that’s certainly NOT food, and it kills people in ways that have nothing to do with the fact that it is derived from GMOed microbes, but some folks do eat it so I thought I’d throw it in. If you have any, please throw it out.

If you haven’t eliminated GMOs yet, I can tell you that it’s NOT a difficult undertaking really, just read the labels and don’t buy the Franken-food. You won’t miss anything [worth missing]. You’ll be doing yourself a personal favor (and I suggest you deserve the very best), very importantly, your message will be heard by the retailer. Without even speaking, you will be shouting “I don’t buy GMOs, I won’t buy GMOs!

That’s what it will take, that’s the least it will take to give our grandchildren any chance of living the good life. And I suggest that they all deserve no less. There are no excuses.

Think about this: A company can produce a packaged food (or junk food) product, and if ‘salt’ is an ingredient, it must be listed on the label… salt, which is in your tears, your sweat and in the water which covers most of the Earth… its presence in a food must be disclosed on the package, BUT the Twinkies, or any number of food items (up to 85% in grocery stores and easily 20-30% in most local and chain natural food stores) could be loaded with GMOized crap and the package will make no such indication. That’s the law. It is actually illegal (only in the U.S. I think) for the manufacturer of some foods (which are free of GMOs) to indicate the GMO-free status on the package.

According to many estimates, GM ingredients ‘infect’ more than 70% of processed foods sold in the US. Yes, lots of them are found on the shelves of natural food stores.

junk food, 2

GMO laced un-food


The production of GMO-contaminated foods is by no means confined to large conventional food manufacturing corporations. Disturbingly, the practice is common among many of the self proclaimed ‘health conscious’ producers as well. Actually, many of the familiar ‘health-food’ brands are now owned by the same mega-corps that have given us cigarettes, Fruit loops, Trichinella-ridden greasy sausage and pesticides anyway.
This is a shameful and sneaky scheme by the producers and a careless and backwards disservice by the pseudo-health food stores who comply with the apathy and ignorance (on the subject of GMOs) of the general public. It’s indicative of how pervasive these menacing substances have become, and says nothing good, nothing even excusable about the policies and management of the retailers. The realization of this sad situation should, at the very least, be the wake-up call that gets us all off of our bottoms, to take aim and deliver the overdue silver lance to the heart of Monsanto and their wanna’bees.

The call, to which we have so far been nearly deaf, actually comes from the future where our children and grandchildren are trying desperately to experience life as happy and healthy on a formerly perfect planet which has become, not the playground, but the ‘toilet’ of runaway corporate insanity and unprecedented government UNDERsight.

What could we tell future generations if we let Monsanto become World Monarch?

Make no mistake, the Monsantos are effectively designing a world in which our children will pay for every drop of rain that falls, where plant diversity doesn’t exist, and where it is against the law to grow any plant (Food, flower or shade tree) unless the seed is purchased from them, and if the plant yields a viable seed (which they will be engineered NOT to) the seed must be destroyed or submitted to the company as it will be the property of the corporation.

Now, even though the move for dominance of the world’s food, medicine and water supply has advanced to a threatening stage, while the people have been busy lining up at the McDonald’s drive-thru for hormone-enhanced milkshakes, there is a counter-movement underway, it is growing in vitality, and ready to welcome every thinking person to do more… to get the job done.

I’m not suggesting that the movement to make food ‘free’ again is the only necessary remedy to heal a shaky future, but like some of the other biggies, if we don’t get this one right, ultimately the others won’t matter.
We’re not going to let that happen!

One aspect of the GMO fight that may be comforting is that: ‘We The People’ can do what needs doing completely peacefully.

Very shortly after you and I both (Enough of us) completely stop buying anything GMOed, the retailers will stop ordering and stocking it, then the Monsantos will have to sell us something else.

Ya’ know, if (when) the gene-pervert-ers would turn their formidable talents, capital resources, ingenuity and political influence towards sane, humanitarian and productive developments we could really go places. Good, safe, happy, healthy places. I think they need a little push.

Already there are internal GMO labeling programs in some nat. food stores and co-ops, (actually there have been for years) and there are a growing number of virtual GMO free communities, disappointingly our town is not one of them. Of the half-dozen or so natural/health food outlets and all the standard GROSS-ery stores in our little town, only ONE is listed with the ‘Non-GMO Project’. That is an embarrassment to our community, but the sensibilities of the management of ONE ROOT TEA & HERBOTHECARY, the local nat-foods co-op can be our starting place. Wherever you may be, it can be your gift to the future, your gift to the farmers, your little effort towards the right of all people to access REAL food and to know what they are purchasing and to grow food from saved seed (concepts to which the Monsantos are absolutely 110% opposed) when you boycott GMOs, when you support GMO free suppliers, when you enlighten your friends, when you ask retailers and manufacturers to ‘drop the GMOs’ and when you share your concerns with your representatives.

~ The GMO-free Monterey County initiative states:
“Together, we, the citizens of Monterey County seek to pass a county ordinance that would make it unlawful to propagate, cultivate, raise or grow any genetically-engineered crop.” GMO-free Monterey County is a campaign of Green

~ The Non-GMO Project
The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit collaboration of manufacturers, retailers, processors, distributors, farmers, seed companies and consumers.
Their statement: “Our shared belief is that everyone deserves an informed choice about whether or not to consume genetically modified products, and our common mission is to ensure the sustained availability of non-GMO choices.” They go on to say” We are committed to practical solutions and offer North America’s first consensus-based Standard, third-party Product Verification Program, and uniform Seal for products made following best practices of GMO avoidance.”

The Non-GMO Project

My [Billy] point is that as long as GMOs are being planted anywhere, (especially outdoors) there is no way to ensure the sustained availability of non-GMO choices. Just consider what happened to Percy Schmeiser

GMO news Percy Schmeiser right livelihood award

Some of the examples above are about labeling (and testing/verifying) programs, which I feel is too little, although reasonable people remind me that comprehensive labeling [of GMO polluted foods] is a necessary first step (A first step towards eradication, I hope they mean). I understand that awareness needs to grow and choice needs to be supported and that we won’t have effective opportunities for choice without labeling, yet I can’t help but imagine making all GMO food disappear (through law and REASON), then putting the Monsanto board members on the next rocket to Mars.

It is doubtful that any of us are naive enough to think that the scientific field of genetic modification is ever going to disappear as long as humans are milling around on Earth, but the ‘folly’ of GM-ing needs to become a brief blip in recent history as soon as possible. Absolutely every effort made in the sub-fields of GM food and GM animals can best be qualified not as science but ‘junk-science’ (Folly). The chemical giants really rushed into, and the people have been pushed into a grand experiment which may yield something helpful in the future if the present applications of the infant technology don’t backfire too loudly first. Of course, the world will never be the same because the Monsantos have already abused and invaded our air, water, soil and bodies well beyond what any retribution could balance.

A few examples of GM resistance around the world:

All of Europe enjoys mandatory labeling of GMO foods. GMO FREE IRELAND

Long ago Japan told the Monsantos “Not here, thank you, The American people are Guiney pigs; we won’t do that to our citizens. We will watch what happens to them for ten years [or longer] before considering it”.


The common folks as well as the leaders throughout Africa are smart enough to stay away from GMOs; meanwhile the US is guilty of putting intense pressure on United Nations, the European Union and individual countries to support the export of GM food aid to six African countries facing severe hunger.
Offers of starvation relief and medicine appropriations, loans or discounts have repeatedly been wrapped together with the insistence of full acceptance of GMO grain and beans and an opening of those nations to sully their soils with poison GMOs and the extra heavy doses of pesticide that are part of the process of growing them.
Yah, that’s smart, sell starving, super poor people GMO seeds, then they can grow some food, apply 15 times more pesticide then used on conventional varieties, next the poor, starving people will have to purchase the poison from Monsanto, and then purchase more seed from the same crooks again next year because the plants won’t produce viable seeds, and if any do [produce viable seeds], the farmers are contractually forbidden from planting, selling or giving away the seed anyway. Oh, if the farmers can’t afford the [15 times more] necessary chemicals, or next year’s seed, maybe the ‘Great White Father Monsanto’ will give them a loan… That is exactly the scenario that has driven tens-of-thousands of farmers in India to suicide. What a sinful irony it is that most often the desperate Indian farmers have used Monsanto pesticide to kill themselves. Should anybody be doing business with those bastards? Ridiculous question!

We can either get on board, and work to make our food free [GMO-Free] again or sit down and write a letter of apology to the grandkids for the apathy that handed ‘LIFE’ over to Monsanto.


GMO, 22



You don’t think that leakage (drift) of insidious ‘modified’ genes has infected the general crops around the world?
Here’s a clip or two:


Earlier last fall, the European Commission’s Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed confirmed the presence of GMO flax, known as “Triffid,” in flax imported from Canada. This comes as a surprise, as Triffid has been illegal in Canada since 2001, when flax farmers and the Canadian Grain Commission successfully lobbied to have it banned from the market. Although Triffid was never sold commercially in Canada, it has now shown up in 34 countries. It is still unclear how this contamination occurred, and many Canadian flax farmers worry that their livelihoods are at stake. (Read more here.)
Mexico and Middle America
Corn was first planted in Mexico some 9,000 years ago and the country is now home to more than 10,000 varieties. Mexico is considered the ‘cradle of corn’. Mexican maize is a phenomenal example of genetic diversity; it took countless ‘people-of-the-land’ untold effort, over thousands of years to develop what is now universally invaluable. All of that dedication will be rewarded with nothing more than a few lines in history books if Monsanto (and the U.S. government) has its way… If you and don’t stop the insanity.
Despite a decade + long ban on growing artificially modified corn in Mexico, some of the altered strains have shown up among the native crops. A study by a three-nation commission under the auspices of the NAFTA commission is urging greater caution. Greater caution, what a joke.
True, genetically modified corn has been sold to Mexico (grown in the U.S.) since the 1994 passage of NAFTA, (That’s politico-speak for U.S. coercion) Mexican government regulations limited its use to animal (non-human) feed. But, as some scientists predicted, (and we all might have expected) it now pops up in some of the most isolated cornfields in Mexico, growing alongside the native strains. Goodbye diversity, Hello Great Father Monsanto. Pretty much every lie that Big M has told about feeding the starving world, improving nutritional profiles, increasing productivity, lowering investments for farmers or costs for consumers, or the safety of the technology, has long since been exposed as genetically modified BS.

Please consider helping the situation by boycotting (as much as possible) all GMO contaminated items, asking retailers to ‘label and separate’ and to work towards “getting back to REAL food”, consider boycotting stores that don’t ‘get it’, if you have a better choice… Be kind, and offer clear explanations, be prepared with referrals to more resources and info. Please bring the issue to the attention of all your friends.

One of the most helpful resources is Jeffery Smith’s site:
The Institute for Responsible Technology The Institute for Responsible Technology



Click here to download the NON-GMO shopping guide…

Some very helpful videos:
Quick, concise, 4 minutes:
GREENPEACE – Genetic engineering

GREENPEACE – Genetic engineering from Feinheit on Vimeo.

More detail:
GMO Trilogy – Unnatural Selection (part 1 of 5)
This explosive exposé reveals what the biotech industry doesn’t want you to know – how industry manipulation and political collusion, not sound science, allow dangerous genetically engineered food into your daily diet. Company research is rigged, alarming evidence of health dangers is covered up, and intense political pressure applied. Chapters read like adventure stories and are hard to put down: * Scientists were offered bribes or threatened. Evidence was stolen. Data was omitted or distorted. * Government employees who complained were harassed, stripped of responsibilities, or fired. * Laboratory rats fed a GM crop developed stomach lesions and seven of the forty died within two weeks. The crop was approved without further tests. * The only independent in-depth feeding study ever conducted showed evidence of alarming health dangers. When the scientist tried to alert the public, he lost his job and was silenced with threats of a lawsuit. Read the actual internal memos by FDA scientists, warning o…all »Here is a good article ` Monsanto: The World’s Poster Child for Corporate Manipulation and Deceit – Part 1 ` from Jeffery Smith and the Huffington Post


GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) 100… GMOs as food homicide



The Campaign

The Center for Food Safety

Check biotech


GM Watch

GMO Compass

Indian GMO Research Information System

The Institute for Responsible Technology

The Nature Institute: Nontarget Effects of Genetic Manipulation

Organic Consumer’s Association

The Organic & Non-GMO Report

Hormones in Milk, and Rat’s Milk for People


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The Future of Food
The World According to Monsanto
King Corn


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GMO issue, a short look…


GMO, 28



Some very useful tools and resources from Jeffrey Smith:



Petition to President Obama to Support Mandatory Labeling of GM Foods


Campaign Kit: Download, freely copy and distribute these tools

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