The Importance of Earthing

This earth-to-body connection is valuable for the body (and mind) in terms of neutralizing free radicals, draining away noxious charges and spent currents, and shielding us from the damaging effects of electro-magnetic pollution.

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Connected (Earthed) Home


A reasonable analogy is the comparison of an Earthing Pad to a window:
~ The window lets in fresh air to provide your body, via the lungs, with life giving gasses, and takes away the spent and poisonous gasses of exhalation.

~ The Earthing pad lets in free electrons (antioxidants and life activators) and Earth energies while taking away the inflammatory (Suffocating) effects of “Dis-Connection”.

In either case, you could simply go outside, breathe deeply and walk barefooted in moist grass if you didn’t have a window or an Earthing pad.

But we need exposure to fresh air and the numerous benefits of natural grounding for many hours daily in order to maintain balance (Good Health).

In addition, while you are in grounded mode, the surface of the body also acts as a living Faraday Cage helping it to resist the attraction and absorption of biologically aggravating EMFs and ELFs which now pervade our environment in this technologically advanced but “Elementally Suppressed” world. Additionally, when we are grounded and relieved of noxious static accumulations we can accept natural ‘orienting’ influences from our environment.… To quote Dr. John Christopher, “Walk or jog barefoot on the lawn to get rid of the static electricity in the body and to allow new electrical vibration to come from the atmosphere. This is pure universal electricity that operates all the parts and organs of the body. It cannot come if static electricity is present. We should be grounded to keep a continual flow on hand”.
The fact is that humans and other animals can be truly ‘well’ only if we are conduits, conduits for known and some as yet unidentified energetic influences. In a sense, wellness is not so much about storing anything in our bodies, it’s about the flow. As energy runs through us, we take in some fresh, extract what serves us and expel the spent.

Life is about “The Flow”. The physiological functions of animals’ bodies become stuck, stagnant and blocked when the flow is retarded. We must flow in order to be well. We must be grounded in order to flow!
The flow of electrons from the Earth through one’s body is a natural process which has not been much appreciated within western allopathic medicine, but is well understood and considered indispensable by virtually all peoples worldwide living in more natural settings than those settings which are the norm in American cities today. People in all cultures around the world have, until very modern times, revered the natural connection to Mother Earth, and understood this connection to be a key component of healthful living. In fact studies investigating the un-natural “Elemental Insulation Effect” on species other than Human, have demonstrated a pronounce failing of Physical, Mental, and Emotional systems in all mammalian animals when prevented from direct physical and/or conductive electrical contact with The Earth for even short periods of time. It has been shown also that a restoration of the connections to the elements of our natural environment can quickly restore balance (wellness).

Chronic and systemic inflammation is now understood to play a key role in virtually all serious illness. It appears that runaway inflammation is ‘the’ key causative or contributory factor in illness. Preventing invisible, internal inflammation is a challenge in the modern world. We can reduce our intake of pro-inflammatory foods, we can ingest antioxidant supplements, we can take botanical preparations with ant-inflammatory action (which should be used with care when taken long term at therapeutic doses) and we can of course take anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals and deal with the side effects and cost….
Why not both prevent and remedy damaging inflammation in the most natural and cost effective way?
Of course, Earthing with a grounding device is not the same as walking barefoot on moist grass or ‘living on the Earth’ as our ancestors did.

The major benefits of Earthing are a function of both the quality and the duration of your connection. A direct interface between your skin and the moist surface of the earth is highly recommended, but virtually no one will maintain the direct connection 24/7, even though we are exposed to stressors which are harmful and pro-inflammatory every hour of every day.


Please do walk on the grass and in the surf and sit with your bare feet on the bare Earth (walking in rubber-soled shoes or walking barefoot on carpet, wood or vinyl floors doesn’t count), but additionally find ways to be connected for as many hours of the day that you can conveniently manage.
This is where the popular ‘Universal Earthing Mat’ and the bed sheets and bed-pads make all the difference. Now, with just one or two of these innovative products you can effortlessly stay Earthed one third or two thirds of the time or more. This makes a dramatic and long lasting difference.
Earthing is about much more than simply controlling runaway inflammation, yet it does indeed have a tremendous positive impact on the syndrome. And this is profoundly important as chronic inflammation common to most modern humans (and our pets) is undeniably a ‘limiting factor’ such that no matter how much we do everything else right, we can only be a healthy as our inflammation status allows.

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The Importance of Earthing

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In addition to the indispensable Earth-connection, for the sake of overall, well-rounded, lasting, reliable, high level wellness, please regularly interface with the environment which has ‘trained’ our very DNA for many millenia…

Surround yourself with, and expose yourself to natural elements;

Fresh air, sunlight, moonlight, starlight, wind, rain, water, trees, rocks, Etc. in safe ways and at sensible levels… It’s all nutrition.

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