What About Turkeys?

What About Turkeys?

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If you still eat animals, you can help “Free the Turkeys” by simply not eating a turkey’s body this thanksgiving.

If you don’t eat animals you are already saving the lives of (On Average) over 100 life-loving animals every year, and you can spread the word this thanksgiving to help free more Turkeys.

Why would you want to eat the dressing, but spare the bird?

Why would you bother to set a Turkey free?

Consider that your Thanksgiving Turkey’s natural lifespan is
10 – 12 years

Elapsed time from birth to slaughter of the turkey on your table;
9 – 15 weeks (That’s WEEKS).

Ratio of “living time” gifted to your turkey by The Creator, to the “living time” allowed by the factory farm industry supported by turkey eating consumers;
Fifty to One (50:1).

Percentage of “Living Time” stolen from the birds by those who eat them;

Turkeys’ Neurological capacity to feel pain;
Same as humans, cats and dogs.

Natural behavioral tendencies; Turkeys are social, playful birds; they enjoy the company of others. They relish having their feathers stroked and like to chirp, cluck, and gobble along to their favorite tunes. Anyone who spends time with them on farm sanctuaries quickly learns that turkeys are as varied in personality as dogs and cats. When not forced to live in filthy factory farms, turkeys spend their days caring for their young, building nests, foraging for food, taking dust-baths, preening themselves, and roosting high in trees.

Number of humans slaughtered by glutinous birds each year in the U.S.;

Number of turkeys slaughtered by (For) humans;
Over 20 Million each year

Number of Americans who snuffed out Big-Bird’s life because they were starving, and had no other option;

Turkeys’ right to Life (Living out full life span), Liberty and the pursuit of happiness;
Obvious, unalienable, undeniable, God-Given.

Right of humans to deny these rights to Turkeys (The United States’ first proposed national symbol, later replace by the Eagle [who is protected by law]); Illegitimately invented, indefensible, non-existent in reality.

Why humans (Usually via contract) commit (Participate in);

Rape – Artificial insemination, and injections of near lethal doses of growth stimulants and other hormones, antibiotics, various other drugs Etc,

Terrorism – Subjecting non-threatening sentient beings to; Daily conditions so threatening that birds remain in constant fight-or-flight mode, and hormones related to extreme desperation continually saturate the bloodstream,

Torture – De-beaking, toe-trimming, wing cutting (All without the use of anesthetics), separated from family members, forcing birds to spend their short lives crowded wing-to-wing, beak-to-butt, standing in urine and feces, choking and gasping in an atmosphere deficient in oxygen and replete with poisonous methane and nitrogen compounds and saturated with deadly infectious microbes… struggling in conditions severe enough to kill high percentages before slaughter time, And some undergo the increasingly popular practice (Banned in many counties, but legal in the U.S.) of “Flank Battering”, delivering bruising blows to the live birds body to “Tenderize” the meat, Then transported to the killing facility, tossed and squeezed into trailers driven unprotected through any and all weather conditions, hung live, upside down on body piercing conveyor hooks… and then,,, well it gets worse.

Murder… Actually premeditated Pedacide (Slaughter of individuals in childhood), turkeys who would naturally live 12 years are inhumanely killed while still youngsters (At about 3months old) and processed for your feast.

Additionally, handling fowl is the easiest way to contract salmonella and campylobacter, which sickens or kills many people every year.

Environment… Factory farming animals to produce food is the single industrial practice with the greatest insulting ramifications on the environment and therefore the future… The near future is the era where our children and grandchildren would like to live in a world with safe water and breathable air. Some people think that it’s just not fair to steal the future from our kids for no good reason. With regards to the wasting and polluting of water, the poisoning of the air, the wasting of resources, the release of greenhouse gasses, the clearing of rainforests (The Earth’s Lungs and Medicine Chest) Etc. industrial “Factory Farm” methods, which produce virtually all the birds killed for Thanksgiving feasts are the worst offenders. Concentrated Factory Farms provide the genesis for very threatening infectious diseases. Such operations for producing fowl are the birthplace of “Bird Flu” as one example.

There is no way to produce a 35 lb., 3 month old turkey without forced feeding, caged immobilization, and huge pharmaceutical input… This cannot produce a healthy bird, and eating such “Abuse” certainly does not produce healthy people…
By the way “Organic” Turkeys are still the product of disease producing abuse, commercial “Free Range” is only a deceiving term, and while “Organic Meat” may deliver fewer poisons it’s still murder.

Eating commercially grown animals is a practice which (Because it is so wasteful and polluting) simply is not sustainable on a planet with limited resources and an ecosystem in delicate balance, and such behavior does indeed directly take food away from other hungry people and reduce our ability to provide food and a clean world for those who are now the children we so love.

More and more people just can no longer reconcile the hypocrisy that allows for “Giving Thanks for the Plenty”, when that “Plenty” has taken life from another, fostered the acceptance of killing (By the Billions Every Year) and so damaged our one and only Home Planet as to threaten the well-being of everyone in future times.

It seems to many, who have considered the facts, that there will be no way to excuse such selfish behavior when the grandchildren ask “Why did you so carelessly contribute to the ruination of our only life-giving planet, and what was it like to live in a time when people participated in such horrific and careless consumerism which was responsible for torture and murder of those in their care?”

This is the unholy legacy that turkey eating people bring into their bodies and share with family and friends…

We sincerely wish that everyone has a happy healthy Thanksgiving.

…Thanksgiving is an appropriate time to exercise compassion and not interrupt the peace and happiness of others.

Happy Thanks-Giving,
Right to Life for All Society


United Nations.-FAO,


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