Why are these products ESSENTIAL?

It’s all about the Hydrogen, the negatively ionized Hydrogen (H-)
It’s all about the H-, which is to say that “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LIFE-FORCE“.


It is this vital element which diminishes rapidly after harvest and which can not be maintained if a food is fractioned, heated, or stored.


Many years of extensive and intensive “Longevity Research” and the dedication of one of the worlds most Gifted researchers and Humanitarians has resulted in one of the most meaningful developments in the field of Longevity / Wellness.

How important is this?

Well, it’s right up there with Air and Water…

In FACT neither Air nor Water are serving you like they should without the help of “This Element”. Why should this one particular form of this one particular element be so critical to the proper functioning of the human system? Very simply, because you and I have been physiologically designed to use this nutrient as our primary operating Fuel. It can not be substituted, and it cannot adultered.

This primary fuel

This primary fuel must be present in the living system for Life to “Happen”, and it must be present in significant amounts for life to “Feel Good”.

Exactly what is this special element?

Simple science explains that the entire known universe is made up mostly of the simplest, most basic / foundational element. Some 90% of what makes our world “Happen” is the original / primal element Hydrogen.

The Sun

In fact even our local star The Sun is composed mostly of this same element. Obviously, there would be no life on Earth if not for the Sun, and there would be no Sun without Hydrogen… There is a particular form of Hydrogen which is associated with “Life”, the way it is found in the fluids of all raw fresh plants, and in the highest concentration in the healthiest plants.

This “Fuel of Life” is Negatively Ionized Hydrogen, or H-. Flanagan Technologies has devised a way to suspend high concentrations of “H-” in a supplemental form so that we may make up for our body’s dismal deficiency and keep up with its increased demands. And now, through our agreement with Dr. Patrick Flanagan, MegaHydrate and MegaH the only products of this kind are available directly to you.

As you study this Gift you will understand how and why it so profoundly increases your level of physical, mental, and emotional Health no matter what point your starting from, Sluggish, Very Fit, or anywhere in between, but don’t think that It stops there, Oh no…

It’s for the Whole You.

Yes, you will see how this is so important (Absolutely Essential) that life doesn’t exist without it, and that life is a struggle at best without enough. You can see and you will experience Life as the Joy that you deserve it to be.
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Billy Saunders

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