You are Everywhere, Everywhere is You

You are Everywhere, Everywhere is You

Originally published under the title:
‘Upstream, Downstream’

We Are All Mid-Stream

Everyone lives downstream from someone and something else.

Everyone lives upstream from someone and something else.

Within the Circle of Life, it’s the ‘Circle of Living’ we are talking about which places all of us individually, not in the center of the circle, but in the middle of the path.

You (we) are here

You (we) are here


This can be a gift and a curse, and it represents both an inheritance and a responsibility.

You are the product of, and you are subject to; people, other animals and conditions that come before you in the flow of life, and the flows of time, water, air, ideas, developments, politics, Etc.

Other beings, individuals, generations and sure, the water and air, are to an extent, the product of, and at the mercy of you as well.

Environmentally speaking, everyone’s back yard touches someone else’s back yard.
The universal “Connect” cannot be severed. We are all parts of the same whole.

We not only create circumstances that others inherit immediately and long term, but because the connected-ness is both circular and linear, we also inherit circumstances from others and of our own making. Good and/or bad. Like it or not. And we make these contributions (Adjustments to the Whole) with every move that we make, with every decision; certainly every time we exercise our individual “Consumerism”.

As a recipient of your share of the factors set forth by others upstream from where you are on the land, in the atmosphere, in time, or with regards to the water that washes and hydrates your body, you probably appreciate some degree of thoughtfulness upstream. You must surely prefer that the people upstream from you and your loved ones, consider with some sense of responsibility, the ramifications of their actions, that is, that they (We) think first about what circumstances will be generated as a result of their (Our) choices.

Likewise, it is safe to assume that everyone downstream of your personal world will very much appreciate your prudence and careful consideration when making decisions such as;
* Whether to burn the autumn leaves, thus choking the air with hydrocarbons, or more thoughtfully, composting them, creating healthy soil. * Whether to buzz around town in a Hummer or a Prius, Etc.

It seems imperative to first understand and accept the concept of “Connectedness”. Then we can act thoughtfully… Or not. Either way connectedness is an absolute reality.

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