You are Everywhere, Everywhere is You


The precept of universal connectedness is, to some of us just too obvious to put into words. I mean, the simple fact that everything / everyone is connected, is overtly self-evident, like “Water is Wet” or “Fire is Hot”. But as I have found while working with people on issues of health for many years, some of us just don’t look at the world in that way… Until we choose to “Think About it” or are forced to think about it.

In the Thinking-ness of people, the further back in history we look, and/or the more towards the eastern cultures or the aboriginal societies we travel, the more we can see that the people possess an inborn knowing that “All Is Connected”. To suggest otherwise would be to postulate the absurd, the ridiculous.

In modern times, and much more so in the west, the average person is likely to suffer, to some degree, from the popular but erroneous concept that somehow sees as ‘separate’, the various parts of a whole.

I have found time and time again, over many years that some people simply never considered that a sour stomach could have anything to do with a pain in the head, or that lower back pain might stem from constipation, or that the entire body for that matter is represented by (And Accessible Through) reflex areas on the soles of the feet, the palms of the hands and through acupuncture points along the energy meridians which are located all over the body.

With such a ‘segmented’ picture of one’s own self, it’s not a long stretch to think also of the world as just an array of separate ingredients, almost as if the lines drawn on maps by governments somehow isolate the soil, the air or the human-ness of the people on one side from that/those on the other. We in the west have for some while now, been living in a society with a mindset which furthers, fosters and even teaches the fallacy of separate-ness. We may be slowly coming back around to a more Wholistic understanding, yet a good example of a bad idea is the field(s) of medicine, which some 100 or so years ago, was taken over by corporate investment interests. After it was reconfigured into “The Business of Medicine” the new system helped to dramatically alter the way in which people viewed themselves and the world. The AMA take-over effectively buried the Wholistic understanding of the body, and with it the operational model called “Terrain Theory” * in favor of the much more lucrative allopathic system and its self-supportive “Germ Theory”, which breaks the being (person) up into separate, unrelated parts.

Have I digressed with this brief historic snippet or the paralleling of thinking styles to medicinal formats? No, not at all.

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