You are Everywhere, Everywhere is You


We act based on what we believe. There is an important difference between believing and knowing. We may “Believe” what someone of authority declares… But that is not “Knowing”, and that’s food for another discussion. But to the point, is that as we have become “Modernized” we have been thinking less from a place of instinct and more from a place of suggestion.

In fact, our thoughts are very much (Actually Mostly) the product of advertising/programming. Therefore, since actions are born of thoughts, our actions are very much the fruit of advertising. I thought that it might be helpful to illustrate some of the ways that we might have come to think of ourselves as separated from one another, from the whole of this existence or from what we call the environment.

Now, allow me to get all the way back to the original point. The bodies that we run around in, the houses that we live in and the spots of earth where they [our homes] sit, are all downstream from lots of other people, places and environmental influences. OK?

Also, we and our spot on earth, and all the stuff that we create as we live our lives are upstream from someone else. Yes. And in fact, we can say:
“All of us are at once, upstream and downstream from all of us”.
Truly, since life is a web of absolute interconnectedness, everything that each one of us does has some effect on everyone else on the planet, and has an effect also on the future. That circular/linear nature of the “web of connection” illustrates how our choices, whether they be good or not-so-good, can and will come back and nip us in the backside.

It just makes good sense to “Tread Lightly” and to not make messes that are hard to clean up, particularly on a global or time-expanded scale. It just makes good sense to not be wasteful with un-renewable, or hard to replace resources. It’s a no-Brainer that we should be conservative when consuming products that use large amounts of energy or generate gross amounts of pollutants in the production process. And it takes only a pinch of common sense to understand that we should have a heck of a good reason before releasing any amount of any kind of poison into the environment, for any purpose what-so-ever.

But, should we ever forget that we are all related parts of the same whole, we might just carelessly flush the poison, waste the water, or even consume meals that represent rain-forest destruction, inexcusable water consumption and water pollution, major air pollution, topsoil erosion, disease generation, desertification of vital-fertile land and that may directly contribute to mass starvation, unnecessary waste, avoidable harm Etc.

Mindfully trying not to alienate those of us who are not at all concerned with animal (Non Human) welfare, I won’t mention the torture; inhumane exploitation and “Fractionated Lifespan” leading to gruesome murder that end up as some of our meal choices… OOPS, I guess I just did. Please excuse me. But after all, the point is: All things are connected!

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