You are Everywhere, Everywhere is You


Clearly some guidelines for how to make planet-preserving, climate-friendly choices might sprout from this discussion. If we just help get people to think about the reality of connected-ness, we might all be a bit “Cleaner” and “Greener” so as to not harm ourselves, abuse others, wreck the planet or steal the future and send our kids the bill.

Another way to appreciate the impact of the upstream – downstream phenomenon is to think about how it feels to have the “Stuff” of various different food choices flow into your body and around and through your cells.

Take for instance, your favorite berry, Blue, Black, Straw, whichever, sustainable-ly (Organically) grown of course; the culmination of the kind care of the grower, giving water, adding love, and the magic in the bush’s DNA turning sunlight into Chlorophyll and other brightly colored Carotenoids. Eventually the bright, sweet, juicy fruits are picked just as they are ready to fall from the branch. And think about how life affirming and healthy and “Clean” it feels to follow the assimilation into, and the circulation around your inner self as you make the vitality of the “Berry Delight” part of you.

That, for most of us is an experience of absolute enjoyment and an affirmation of high level health. It leaves us feeling not only nourished, but clean and alive. And to picture what that fistful of berries looked and smelled like when they were still upstream, plump and glistening on the bush… pleasing to the imagination.

Of course, this berry bush is grown in a sustainable manner, without the application of any poisons or growth stimulants which would foul the air, kill the soil and accumulate in the fruit body. And the energy input is all free and clean solar energy, plus what the farmer donates. We don’t have to disguise the berries in any way in order to like the way they make us feel. For most of us, it feels good.

And it is rewarding and satisfying to know that the production of the luscious berries has not strained the planet’s bank of resources. In growing and eating the berries, we will have actually contributed to the health of the Earth and ourselves as well.

It is good to be downstream of the berry bush!

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