You are Everywhere, Everywhere is You


Then you might imagine just what you are downstream of when choosing to eat a hamburger, or if you prefer to eat a little more upscale, make it a fine cut of steak. It doesn’t matter much.

Upstream from a burger or a steak, it’s not very pretty, at least that’s what I think, and you are of course, entitled to think otherwise. Upstream there will be a one ton beast (That is not a derogatory term, but a word meaning large animal) with a pretty friendly disposition even though he / she (Could be either) has been mistreated [Gross understatement] since birth. Here’s the short of it; Shortly after birth, “Steak” (You can call him) was taken away from his mom and the spent most of his life standing in a filthy stall in a filthy building with hundreds of other “Steaks” and “Burgers” on a compound housing 50 – 100 thousand other prisoners.

The whole place stunk to high hell inside and out, zillions of flies feasting on literally tons, no hundreds of tons of Steak poop.

You would not want to draw a breath within miles of the compound. And the place is noisy 24 hours every day with crying animals and machinery. In one building, your Steak is standing in a stall ankle deep in poop and pee all the time, with his head stuck between bars, being force-fed a diet that upsets his gut and makes him sick and fat.

Day after day, conditions are beyond miserable, his instinct is to run, but he cannot escape, and the continuous overeating, cramped quarters, lingering sub-clinical illness and steady drug input so reduce his vitality and injure his “will” that self preservation instincts are all but completely nullified as time goes on.

The atmosphere in the cell-block is not at all what we think of as air, it’s suffocating. Just the breath from all the others is hot and choking, add to that the farts and burps (Huge amounts of poisonous gas are released from the guts of the sick animals) and emanations from standing waste.

The horror goes on every day, all day and night, no love, no expression of dignity, just “Feed” going in one end, and disease ridden poop and fluid coming out the other. The feed is made of rancid plant material of a nature that your Steak’s system is not designed to digest and includes the “Renderings” from other unfortunate “Grown for food, Animals”, such as various parts and fluids from pigs, chickens and other cattle who were too sick to survive till slaughter age.

All of the plant material in the feed was grown with criminally high amounts of poison chemicals (and most of it was genetically modified), insuring that the feed retains scary amounts of insecticide, herbicide, and inorganic fertilizer residue and the unpredictable secondary compounds that are born of the mixing of the various primary poisons.

And of course, the ground up ‘animal tissue supplement’, (The “Remains”) (Basically the stuff scraped up off the floor, and parts of terminally ill animals) put into the feed of your “Steak” (Who is by nature, is a grass eating VEGETARIAN herbivore) is from animals who also were force fed the same quality of feed so that all the “Nastiness” concentrates in the bodies of the fat animals, then in the bodies of people who eat them.

Additional “Inputs” include growth stimulating and gender confusing hormones (They may be injected, mixed in the feed, and in the U.S. are also administered via implants), insanely potent and frequent doses of antibiotics and various other pharmaceutical cocktails too.

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