You are Everywhere, Everywhere is You


So, life for Steak is hell… until, at about the young age of 15 months, (That’s right… just over one year out of a natural life-span of 25 years), the bearer of your meal is kicked, beat, and electrically prodded into the slaughter house where the hell becomes indescribable… There really are no sad, mean, desperate, or unholy enough words to adequately express the horror, and this in no fun to write, and I hope no fun to read. Let’s just say that desperation runs high. It feels like “There Is No God”.

The smells, the sounds, the “Energy” in that place cannot produce anything with any redeeming value what-so-ever, and obviously at that stage of the process, the bodies of those “Commodity Animals” moving down the murder conveyer are flooded with “Terror hormones” and “Fear hormones”.

What might be to you, a burger or a steak is the culmination of cleared rain-forests, chewed down to the dirt public land, poisoned cropland, wasted and polluted water, mountains of infected manure, tons of noxious greenhouse gases, new and virulent strains of disease organisms and the legacy of terrorism and torture so perverse that it defies comparison.

If you have eaten a burger or a steak lately, and if not, the next time that you do, please think about how it feels to be DOWNSTREAM of that.

How does it really feel as you sense the assimilation of all the destruction, misery, planet-poisoning, Etc. into your body?
How does it feel, really, to make that Poly-Poison, that hyper-misery part of your being? Even though it has been carefully disguised with a tasty soft-soap alias (Such as; Burger, meaning the ground of flesh of 200 sick, desperate cattle all mixed together), color stabilizing chemicals, condiments and then fire, you can still feel what it really is, as you take a bite, chew it thoroughly, swallow and follow the progression of its essence, as it intimately merges with, and becomes YOU.

If you allow yourself to think about it, you realize that slab of flesh embodies a huge amount of wasted resources due to the extreme inefficiency of growing animals for food (Cycling virgin food through animals yields a ridiculously miniscule return on investment).

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