You are Everywhere, Everywhere is You


Who could argue that the world becomes a better place, the CLIMATE (And all that the word climate infers) improves every time a person chooses to place him/herself downstream of guilt-free berries, beans, broccoli or barley instead of the planet killing factory farm tragedy?
Take a look at Raj Patel’s ‘The $200 Hamburger’. He is a world renowned World Bank economist by the way, and he admits that the ‘$200.00’ price tag is grossly conservative, as each burger, in reality, costs us all far more than 200 bucks.
Raj Patel: The Value of Nothing-The $200 Hamburger

A closed-loop system:

This wonderful world really is a tight-knit, closed loop system. What we do at the dinner table, we really do to all of us and to the whole of our world. And whether we support sustainability and repair, or pollution, degradation, meanness and disease, and even if our support stems only from a solitary meal eaten in privacy behind drawn shades and paid for with our own hard earned money, we do indeed share the fruits (sour or sweet) of our choice with everyone and most certainly with the future.

Demand and then Supply:
Yet another applicable way to consider the upstream – downstream model with regards to dietary choice is how it fits with the supply and demand system, more aptly called “Demand and then Supply”.
In this illustration, everyone and everything, and the future is downstream of your choices, your demand. If you choose to eat (Demand) very high quality food, then high quality food must be produced (Supplied). To service your wise demand, more sustainably grown, soil-enriching, environment-repairing, wellness-creating food will be produced.
And every unit of “Planet-Friendly”, “People-Healing” food that is produced displaces a unit of the contrary stuff, simple.

Likewise, every time someone chooses to grab a burger, dress a steak or chug a cold cow’s milk, that demand must be satisfied and that commodity replaced. Downstream of that choice is a big business machine happy to torture, murder, pollute, decimate the environment and spread disease, operating a system that is the poster child of UN-SUSTAINABILITY for the profit it makes on each and every bite.

What a profound responsibility it is to be in this web, but we cannot opt out even if we should want to. Anyway, who would want to opt out when we can do so much to help, through sustainable participation, compassionate participation?
This inescapable responsibility need not feel like a burden. On the contrary this “connection thing” is a most fortunate opportunity. At this momentous time, the world desperately needs help, and we can offer that help, we can start helping in a very big way right now. At this moment, every man, woman and child, and every aspect of the natural world, truly the very planet and all that can be the future, needs my help and your help. We share a grand opportunity to turn the tide of hopelessness into; not just something a little less gruesome, but into a life better than anyone alive today has ever known, in a world sweeter then history remembers. We really can make that big of a difference, that much of an improvement.
Good choices are highly contagious.


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