You are Everywhere, Everywhere is You


Pertinent to a discussion of dietary choice, is that just one meal out of a week’s worth of meals which is “Planet Friendly” easily, because it is so satisfying and rewarding, turns into two smart meals, then three, and so on. And likewise, one person who eats more “Climate Friendly” and healthfully, inevitably grows into two, and so on. No preaching necessary, it just happens. Like setting afloat a raft full of medicine headed for an ailing tribe down the river, with every thoughtful meal choice, we will bring our world, all her children and even our own future, that much closer to the healthy, happy state that we long for and that our children certainly deserve.

It’s so convenient; it’s great that we can start right now. From whatever point we are at, we can start bringing things back into balance with our very next meal or snack. Whether you are the first of your inner circle to make the commitment, acting with a comrade, or whatever the intricacies of your situation, please know that you are, from the moment that you decide to take a stand, a ‘Seed of Hope and of Help” for all that we know. The ripples of your thoughtful ways touch everyone, everywhere, for all time. The vital seed that you are, can only grow, and will grow till it gives renewal and rejuvenation even beyond your ability to see or know. And in turn the fruits of your thoughtfulness produce and become more new seeds of change. And as the circle goes round and round and the life force flows from all – though all, it keeps getting better. And isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? Isn’t that the way it should be? You are the beginning! You are the future! Isn’t it great?


I am honored to be downstream from you, and I pledge to do my best to be worthy of my position upstream from you.

I Love You!


Cool stuff about connectedness:Today’s Earth air recipe (Approximately)
78.1% Nitrogen
20.9% Oxygen
0.93% Argon
0.04% Carbon Dioxide
Really small amounts of:
and some other gases…

Each and every breath we exhale today will have well diffused around the world in a year from now. From that one breath you’ll re- inhale some of the same atoms the next year, and every breath you inhale from then on will contain on average 17 argon atoms from that original breath, times on average, about 24,000 breaths per day, Because these atoms do NOT decompose, we inhale the atoms of everyone else that exhaled more than a year ago, no matter where they were at the time. This has amazing implications. Such as…
We are breathing dinosaur breath
We are breathing Jesus/Mohammed/Buddha breath
We are breathing Abraham, Martin and John breath

And all Jews, Muslims and Vegetarians are breathing air containing molecules that have been inside pigs, and eating food with carbon, nitrogen and oxygen atoms that have been cycled through everything from poop to flowers, from fire to ice.

We all contain “Parts” of Attila the Hun, Judas, Hitler, George Bush, Stalin, Rattlesnakes, and the likes of Thomas Jefferson, Sitting Bull, Mother Teresa, Butterflies, etc. And, residing in all of our bodies are hydrogen atoms that were formed in the Big Bang some 14 billion (Or so) years ago. And, “sister atoms of hydrogen from the same creative event are part of the structure of the bodies of beings on some other inhabited planets all throughout the universe. That’s some serious connection!

Consider “Thought Waves”. Science knows that the nervous system, including brain activity is chemo-electric, therefore all thoughts have a radio frequency component… Thoughts (Thinking) create the transmission of radio signals. And the fact is that radio waves never die. Not with time and not with distance, they just get weaker as they reach farther from the source.
The radio transmissions that result from thinking are “Thought Waves”. Everyone transmits them and everyone receives them, whether we “Think” about it or not… And at some level, everyone interprets them when received.
You cannot hide from the thought waves of everyone else, and you cannot keep a thought to yourself. That illustrates a critical responsibility, don’t you think? That’s Connectedness!

Consider the “Fully Wired” communication consciousness of your own body. Absolutely every one of the 100 Trillion cells that call your body home, inform, and are informed by, all the others, at the speed of light, all the time.

Consider also the anabolic-catabolic (Nutrient-Waste) cycles. These also well illustrate intimate connectedness, for instance; we and other animals eat food, one result is that we poop. Then in one example, the poop fertilizes food plants, and we eat again… Then we poop again, and so on. It has been said that the bathroom is only two steps from the kitchen, or a “pile” is just two steps away from dinner. That’s an intimate connection.

Hydrologic cycle
Hydrogen atoms in water are constantly shuffling from one molecule to the next, pairing with a particular oxygen atom for only a millisecond.

Up to half of the smog in California today may have been generated in Asia last week.
Even if you wake up in Manhattan, open the balcony door on the fourteenth floor above 52nd street, and step out, your first morning breath of outside air will bring with it thousand of atoms that were part of the molecules of essential spruce oil expired through the needles of Colorado Blue Spruce trees living on the slopes of Pikes Peak. Some of the spruce oil molecules may still be intact and will have a “Natrual-izing” effect on your body, whose DNA has grown up in the wild. Ancient wilderness inside you, in the middle of NYC. Even if the main identifiable scent is Eau de Smog you actually bring into your being a pleasing gift of the natural world manufactured by evergreen trees 1,000 miles away. Then, as you exhale, you will send out innumerable molecules of carbon dioxide, your contribution to the 5 billion pounds of CO2 expelled by humans every day. Much of this gas, in turn becomes food for Spruce trees all over the world. You have a mutually supportive, intimate relationship with trees (And plants and animals of all kinds) that you have never seen. And moving again, backwards in time, the CO2 that you give to the world today was manufactured in your body mostly from carbon in the food you ate recently, and those same carbon atoms have cycled through plants and animals all the way back to, well, all the way back.

If you are at all sensitive to tobacco smoke, maybe you have noticed that there actually is no “Invisible Force Field” dividing the smoking section from the Non-Smoking section… The so called Non-Smoking section may in fact be that, a section, but it certainly is NOT a Non-Smoke section.

Noise Pollution:
Ever have the contents of your glove compartment begin to vibrate in unison with the contents of your head as a shiny red low profile sedan or monster pick-up truck pulls up next to you at a traffic light and actually rocks your car rhythmically with to power of stray sound waves? You may give thanks that you can’t even hear the rumble, rocketing out of the un-muffled tale-pipe, but more likely your attention is drawn to the unsolicited noise pollution being shared with everyone in the county. That’s why you couldn’t hear to exhaust noise. Unless the Noise pollution is your particular genre of “Music” and you like exercising your eardrums at 160 decibels, heavy-on-the-base, you may not appreciate this degree of “Sharing”. At that time you are downstream of someone who forgot to be thoughtful. Now, if you are like many of us, try as you might to suppress it, thought-waves spontaneously begin to broadcast out from your abused mind. What message do they carry? I hear ya’.
Might as well smile and laugh. Laughter is the best medicine and smiles produce the best thought-waves.
Personally, I am on the waiting list for the first working model of the ‘total automotive de-energizing wand… Point it at the thoughtless noise polluter and the car becomes silent and immobile… Aah, that’s better.

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