You may have heard that statement before.
The renowned Quantum Science researcher and inventor, Dr. Patrick Flanagan said it decades ago and more recently made the contribution which, along with the PSB (Photon Sound Beam), Brings us all into the future today!

These two “inspired” gifts excel synergistically and represent highly evolved tools for advancement and have proven exceedingly effective at improving the experience of “living”, both for very fit people and for those with health challenges as well.

The PSB (as current users know), is a user-friendly, non-diagnostic instrument designed to facilitate activity of healthful body and mind functions (which may be sluggish in the modern human); and in cooperation with the body’s innate intelligence, support and restore balance (homeostasis).

MegaHydrate is applied in another way, taken internally (although it can be applied externally).

And again HOMEOSTASIS is a designed-in goal of the product as it works to optimize the body’s Biological Terrain (foundation).
It does so in part by providing an abundance of THE essential element. The very element and in the specific form which our bodies;
1. Require in large quantities, but aren’t otherwise receiving, and,
2. The most needed, most in demand element which is rapidly and continuously exhausted by factors common to our high stress lives in an imperfect world.

MegaHydrate is the most powerful known antioxidant food. It is a “pure” antioxidant that does not turn into a free radical itself, taken daily, MegaHydrate delivers far more Hydrogen ions than by eating pounds of raw fruits and vegetables
With MegaHydrate working from within, you may dramatically enhance the enlivening potential initiated with the PSB.
For years testimonials from all over N. America and abroad have reported many very positive results from regular use of the genuine Photon Sound Beam.
MegaHydrate is the single most essential supplement, period!
Since late ’97, (MegaHydrate’s initial release), It has performed well beyond our richest expectations on its own, and is fast becoming the “one” to never leave home without.

MegaHydrate is now relied upon by tens of thousands of perfection seekers around the world.
For some time now, we have witnessed the application of these two in tandem, and what we expected is true indeed!
MegaHydrate and the Photon Sound Beam used as a complimentary system have proven to be more than the sum of their parts.

The PSB takes the guesswork out of Electro-Therapy (Energy Therapy) while providing valuable results and,
MegaHydrate takes the disappointment out of supplementation by providing what you can’t live without.


ZETAGRATION = the integration of the way to activate and the way to supply more ZETA potential.

ZETA potential = Life-force and represents a basic law of nature. It is vital (necessary) to all forms of plant and animal life.

Low ZETA potential = a breakdown of cellular nutrient/waste exchange and poor health.

High ZETA potential = excellent nutrient absorption & waste elimination, good digestion, assimilation, metabolism, rejuvenation, health, energy and well being.

For a more detailed explanation on the functions of MegaHydrate & the PSB refer inquiries to;
Dr. Billy Saunders c/o Wholistic Wellness Associates
928-776-0596 / 800-811-1482 E-MAIL; vegan3@peoplepc.com
THANK YOU! EssentialH.COM ~ www.DrBillyHealth.COM ~ www.PhotonSoundBeam.US

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